New Digimon game announcement coming December 21

Gematsu: First trailer to debut at Jump Festa 2014.

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iamtehpwn1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Hopefully a Sequel to Digimon Adventure for PSP, about Digimon 02.

DarkBlood1599d ago

assuming we get any of these over here lol

iamtehpwn1599d ago

@DarkBlood, we probably won't, and it's a shame. I've been play Digimon adventure on PSP in Japanese and it's the game fans have been wanting for years.

-Foxtrot1599d ago

You know if they took the first Digimon game they did on the PS1 and improved the crap out of it...the game could be amazing.

Training your Digimon in a massive map, watching them evolve. It would be good if you could choose your starter Digimon aswell out of all the classic ones then get more over time.

WeAreLegion1599d ago

If you haven't tried it, Digimon Online is F2P and it's actually really fun.

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