YouTube Content ID Sweep Adversely Affecting Nintendo Vloggers

The latest Youtube Content ID sweep is going through and flagging videos on the network now, including those from Nintendo vloggers. Learn why here.

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XiSasukeUchiha1559d ago

Damn got to stop fun of yourself Youtube disrespect Nintendo vloggers a new low

805Junior8051559d ago

Please use proper punctuation. Jesus..

XiSasukeUchiha1559d ago

I Don't care bro please just read the article bro

grimmweisse1559d ago Show
C-H-E-F1559d ago

Ehh @XiSasuke

1) I love your username, Sasuke is the greatest of all time

2) You're not getting paid for Internet punctuation so type at your own leisure.

3) Nintendo did warn the people months.. but did the people listen??

wonderfulmonkeyman1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

It's like Youtube took it upon itself to pass portions of SOPA...


Aren't there any serious pushes against these upcoming changes to Youtube?
If not, WHY?

miyamoto1559d ago

Nintendo warned every body months ago.
This is how they treat their fans' free advertising efforts.
Nothing personal though its only business.

KonsoruMasuta1559d ago

First, Nintendo only stopped you from monetizing videos, not posting them.

Second, they reversed that same policy months ago.

Yep1559d ago

This isn't a change in Nintendo policies.

nikoado1559d ago

This seems to be affecting a huge variety of games from loads of different companies and not just from Nintendo. It's all on youtube's end. I wonder what the youtube alogrithm is searching for?

Also, it looks like let's players who got copyright claims against them today are now getting pretty much any new video they post automatically flagged.

plsburydoughboy1559d ago

Please read the article before making sweeping generalizations. Youtube's content ID matcher penalizes videos Nintendo commissioned, because it's not a person looking into it. It's an algorithm. GameXplain, Nintendomination et al will get ID matched everytime, and Google has to sort it out later.

miyamoto1559d ago

LoL at the damage control!

So it just "magically appeared" in YouTube's system with out no one enabling this so called algorithm, is that what you are saying? really?

Tell me who else would put those claim for copyright for their own IPs, YT, Google?

Come on! How much "insanity" can you Nintendo extremists go through just to suck it up?


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HmongAmerican1559d ago

I actually like it. No more spoil game and everyone will have to buy their game.

KonsoruMasuta1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

If you don't want the game spoiled, don't watch the video! How hard is that?

And the videos help people come to the conclusion to buy the game. First thing I do before I buy a game is look at gameplay!

mydyingparadiselost1559d ago

If a game is spoiled by a video it's probably not a very good game in the first place.

grimmweisse1559d ago

Then don't watch the videos, it is really that simple! Clicking on a video that might spoil it for you, means you went out of you way to actually click on the link. Your fault! Stop being an impulsive clicker!

SilentNegotiator1559d ago

Do you want articles and wikipedia pages banned too?

plsburydoughboy1559d ago

Again, to make things clear, this is not removing any Nintendo fan videos.

Knightshade1559d ago

And when it's a video review that shows the game in question and Youtube kills it, what then? Every review I post gets flagged by Youtube, almost invariably.

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_QQ_1559d ago

For people who can't read, this isn't just on Nintendo Videos.

thebudgetgamer1559d ago

If they can't read how will they read that?

SilentNegotiator1559d ago

I wish I could understand what people were writing. But atlas, I am an illiterate. Woe is me! Confound my ignorance to the digestion of literature!

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