Microsoft deploys new user security features


Microsoft has launched new features to enhance the security of Microsoft Accounts amidst growing concerns over internet privacy and government surveillance.

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Lord Anubis1593d ago

now if they can notify of suspicious activities like google and two step verification for all windows log ins. Also encryption for communications.

Gamer6661593d ago

They already have two step verification if you want to use it and the user account related communications are encrypted.

Two step verification cfg:

Lord Anubis1593d ago

thanks i just set up mine, it looks like they just rolled this out on April. However communications are not encrypted.

XiSasukeUchiha1593d ago

Same i agree as well get out NSA we dont need anymore junk mail lol

NatureOfLogic1593d ago

Why even risk being exposed? I'd stay far away from kinect until these spying issues are addressed properly.

Gamer6661593d ago

Wow, I hope you don't walk around town, use the internet, use ATMs, telephone, or anything else where you may be monitored...

You think the NSA is just watching people on the net?

yess1593d ago

I am sorry to burst your bubble.

Here you go.

JodyCones1593d ago

A hi-tech camera that can listen when off, read you, you're heart rate, night vision, etc. that is way more advanced than any other camera on your phone or computer. Facing you in your room or living room. Met to be "always on". Yeah the idea of that is not creepy at all....

Nujabes_1593d ago

Tin foil hat time again!

XiSasukeUchiha1593d ago

Honestly the kinect is spyware in a form of an item

Gamer6661593d ago

So cameras on computers are spyware then, and so is your phone, cellphone, internet connection, and everytime you walk downtown and an internet based camera sees you...

I am sure NSA monitors all of these.

Sayai jin1593d ago

Gamer666, it is either hard for people to understand, nieve, or just plain follish. Any electical items that are connected to a network, satellite, etc is monitored. Albeit, cell phones, landlines, tablets, ATMS, streat cameras (almost everywere now), computers, consoles, etc, are/can be used to monitor items. Every single online transaction is recored. The only thing one can due to minimize exposure to monitoring is to give up using their phones, computers, etc. You can still be monitored when you use your credit card to pay bills, go wlaking and picked up onn camera, etc.

Redgehammer1593d ago

I am conflicted. On one hand, my need side is totally impressed by the technological insanity of such extreme security measures; however, on the other hand, I refuse to give up my connection to the "almighty" network. The only thing I terrorize is the RED Soldier, with a BLU pipe bomb, to the face. Oooh I'm scary, but whatever, I'll stay online, playing games, emailing, IMing, talking on the @$&"@ phone. Maybe it's time to buy some postage stamps.

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