Xbox One: Hard Drive Full at 362GBs

IGN- To test its capacity, IGN installed 20 games on the system before we reached capacity at 362GBs out of 500GBs. Results may vary.

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FlameHawk1348d ago

Lol no wonder they didn't want to show how much GBs your Xbox One has, so much GB already gone.

zeal0us1348d ago

I expected to be at least 460-480gbs but 362gb come on

Sephiroushin1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

What you were expecting is almost impossible to achieve, in fact its impossible...
When a "500GB" HDD is manufactured it will tell you that on the box ("500 GB") and its in fact a 500GB, what the box do not tell you is that its an "unformatted 500GB" HDD, if you want to use that 500GB HDD you'll need to format it, and it actually becomes a ~465GB HDD, that w/o the OS or anything else...

OT: I cannot believe the OS + included apps takes around 90 GB of it, that's massive !

TomShoe1348d ago

They better get working on that external drive solution, and fast.

Army_of_Darkness1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Maybe MS lied and its actually 400GB HDD! Oh my!? or maybe the OS is just that powerful??! LOL

NatureOfLogic1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

I know PS4 allows over 400GBs, plus you can read and manage your space unlike Xbox One. Overall, Xbox One is just a beta box right now. I'm sure It'll be fixed in 2014 like most of the lacking or missing features. Imho, Xbox One is clearly not ready. It's not worth the current asking price imo.

Seriously MS this is 2013 ffs. For $500, you shouldn't hide the HDD space from the user.

M1ST4K31348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

@Sephiroushin you really think a formatting table takes 500-"~465" = 35GB of disk space!? Oh boy... that's SO wrong...

What you might argue is that when they tell you 500GB they are (conveniently) using the scientific notation of 1 Giga = 10^9 and not the one used in Computer Science (1 Giga = 2^30) (Every HDD is marketed this way...)

So, scientific notation:
500 GB = 500 * 10^9 bytes
To get the real value you divide this value by 2^30:
500*10^9 / 2^30 = 465 GibiBytes (gibi is used to know that 1k = 1024 instead of 1000)

Or you can see it this way:
500 * 1000 * 1000 * 1000 bytes
Computers see:
465 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 bytes

And now I fly away leaving you guys a wall...

TL;DR: A different unit dimension is used when HDD are marketed to make them seem "bigger"

I_am_Batman1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

It's just the difference between GB and GiB. I'll switch from giga to kilo to explain the difference.

1kB = 1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes
1KiB = 1 kibibyte = 1024 bytes

So giga is decimal while gibi is binary.

Now the important part: The hard drive is labelled in gigabyte but most systems display the volume in gibibyte.

So when it shows 465GB it actually means 465 GiB which equals 500 GB.

Edit: Damn too slow.

EL Lanf1348d ago

@M1ST4K3 You are correct however MS is one of the few major OS producers that actually take giga to mean 1024 x mega rather than 1000 x mega. As far as I'm aware, Apple's various OS's and some other do use the recent (and lexicologically accurate) definition of 1000 and refer to 1024 as gibi rather than giga.

It's really false advertising on MS's behalf if they use mixed standards.

thehitman1348d ago

Its probably all the software that comes with the OS. Not sure how much pre-installed crap they put on it but it seems like a lot. Sony also has a bunch of pre-installed stuff I wish I could take off but doesn't effect me too much. MS is 2x as bad though with the space management. Worst part is you cant change your HD w/o voiding your warranty with the xb1 lol. Talk about all in one /s.

assdan1348d ago

You're an idiot if you thought that. A 500gb hard drive doesn't actually provide 500gb EVER. I would expect a minimum of 400gb though.

Mosiac771348d ago

If I paid $500 for this system I should have the right to see how much GB of space I have left. MS are getting me mad already. They better give me the option to see the amount of space I have left or they can forget me supporting this system when it comes to buying software for it.

UltimateMaster1348d ago

It's somewhere around 125Gb, it could be more, but someone already made a test and saw that it was around that size.

indysurfn1348d ago

Microsofts own website has a chart in the answers section showing what a unformatted drive is after formatting. The answer for the 500GB is 465Ggib in capacity. I 465gb-362gb=103gb No Microsoft operating system is 103GB Even the large ones fit on a dvd, some of that has to be pre loaded content, and or reserved space. Is it instant ads? An insane amount of preferred Apps? Surprise free games? Surprise free movies? A huge reserve to insure 3rd parties have what they want for content downloaded automatically? All of the above?

Back-to-Back1348d ago

"460-480gbs" Spoken like someone who has never used an MS OS.

500gb hdd has about 460gb useable space. Then you take into account MS adding their OS on top of it. Its a heavy OS, but thats why MS needed their HDD to be upgradeable like the ps3/4

Volkama1347d ago

There is hardly anything pre-installed, most of the apps download and install the first time you use them.

Who knows what takes all that space, hopefully IGN were smart enough to take a fresh system and not one they've been using?

External storage definitely needs to happen soon. Right after they give me my dolby digital and chat adapter for headsets.

mewhy321347d ago

Wow. That's a lot of space used up before you even start using the thing.

tee_bag2421347d ago

A 500 GB HDD loses 35GB after a format no matter what. So we're left with 465. So if its full at 362GB that means the OS is 103GB !!! Holey $hit. That's more bloat than a 4 x full Windows 7 installations!

wampdog291347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

@Sephiroushin and zeal0us:

Actually, on top of that, there is something MANY people do not know about quoted hard drive sizes. It's actually funny that Microsoft is mainly a software/OS company and yet they STILL report the manufacturers quoted hard drive space. HDD manufacturers report HDD space as being 1000 bytes equals 1 Megabyte instead of the actual 1024 bytes equals 1 Megabyte. Continuing this real-world logic into Gigabytes would show that there is 7% less space than what is reported in a "500GB" HDD. The real world number comes out to 465.54GBs. So, a completely unused, 500GB hard drive only has 465.54GBs of real-world space. Then, you have the OS and other software and drivers as well as preloaded apps and other sectioned off space (maybe things like virtual memory for example).

Of coarse, this is only under Windows... every other OS uses even numbers in 1 Mbyte = 1000 bytes

KwietStorm1347d ago

I can make a wild guess why you got all those agrees, but it's so illogical to expect 480gigs free on a 500GB hard drive, that it's laughable. 362 still sucks though.

nukeitall1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Remember when the PS3 didn't have cross game chat because resources weren't set aside?

Well PS3 still doesn't have that feature!

Point being MS probably reserved the space for something. Maybe for caching, bigger apps, video recording and so on. Heck, maybe IGN is just wrong....

For now the vast majority ain't going to hit the limit, and an update is coming for external hard drive so what's the big deal?

Well except for fangirls....

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vigilante_man1347d ago

PS4 has 409GB left after install and system patches. Must be the 3 OS's even though they are run in virtual machines you still need the OS files. Windows 8 must take a few gig, even stripped down.

This is fine as long as you can change the hard drive to 1TB+.

There again, 20 next gen digital games is a lot. Guess that's why we have bluray capacity for games.

I currently have about 40% of my games digital on PS3. Guess I may do the same on PS4 until I get a 1.5TB-2TB drive.

ThePope1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

They could have said 480 of 500gb and you witch hunting fool's would be like; That's super weak, no wonder they didn't...insert some lame recycled hate. News flash people that own the Xbox One love the system and this won't change that. Get over it. I know, I know your thinking but, but, 1080p!!!!!!! You guys are like a bunch of children in a room all shouting at the top of your lungs. "Xbox, be awesome" oh wait it already is that...

bsquwhere1348d ago

Wha..? Am I having a stroke? What did he just say? ^

pacosanchez881348d ago

"'xbox be awesome' oh wait it already is that..." wow, just wow.

ThePope1348d ago

Read it again. I mean't every word. Holla.

Back-to-Back1348d ago

@ThePope sounds like someone doesnt understand how HDD's work.

LastRequest1347d ago


Or apostrophes and contractions.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1347d ago


Firstly im the pope
Secondly Never go full retard.

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lpc1348d ago

Microsoft Maderchod kuttay liars hain

whome1348d ago

maybe dat cloud takes up alot of space. or its a special program for the nsa to use.

Magicite1347d ago

my 1tb hdd has 930gb, so logically 500gb hdd should have around 465gb. My WIN8 OS takes around 35GB of space (all apps, but no games, included).

TrueJerseyDevil1347d ago


It is "The CLoud" that is taking up 90gbs