No Man’s Sky isn’t quirky, ”we are console developers"

Sean Murray of Hello Games proudly points out the console heritage, adding that No Man's Sky isn't a quirky kind of gaming experience.

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Pogmathoin1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

If it gives you the freedom to go anywhere, and keep it interesting, should be, minimum fantastic.

I love my fanboy followers who see me and disagree with me for no practical reason. The only thing that as sad as that, is your face, covered like a pizza, thinking you might score someday.... Pleasant!

ABeastNamedTariq1413d ago

I'm really looking forward to this. Blew me away. I can tell I'm gonna have some fun.

3-4-51413d ago

I definitely could see myself spending hours doing whatever in this game. I love the Art Style.

XiSasukeUchiha1413d ago

I can tell this will the changing point for PS4 or XB1 Just saiyan

Sarcasm1413d ago

Seriously can't believe only 4 guys are making this.

christrules00411413d ago

Easier coding allowed for them to look at it and say how the heck are we going to code this to now we can focus on the game.

Sarcasm1413d ago

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the new consoles are x86, so it saves them a lot of time. I can't imagine them doing this type of stuff on the PS3.

christrules00411413d ago

You repeated what I just said. Lol. At least we are on the same page. Coding for the PS3 was coding for the cell architecture and coding for the next gen consoles is coding for X86. X86 is so easy because devs learn to code for PC and PC uses X86. They have been using X86 for a long time.

I honestly don't expect games to get a whole lot better like the PS3 did last gen. The only reason that happened was because devs didn't really know how to use the cell architecture but right now I think they are getting like 85 to 90 percent of the performance that they can. Only time will really tell though.

Sarcasm1413d ago

That is true, the difference between what we get now versus what we get in the future won't be as wide as it was on the PS3.

The only thing is if they can harness more of GPGPU, but they can only stretch that GPU so far.

But you know I'm pretty satisfied so far already that they are even capable of doing most games at 1080p.

Angeljuice1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I loved the original Joe Danger, it gave me a taste of 'Kickstart' gameplay that I haven't had since my C64 died.

They're quality devs, lots of little creative touches in their games and high production values, you'd never guess they were such a small outfit.

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The story is too old to be commented.