Michael Pachter: Wii U sold 149k during November

Michael Pachter has released his estimate for how many Wii U units were sold during November and it isn't pretty.

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Abash1441d ago

Geez during the holiday season that would be a crushing blow only managing to sell that much

Neonridr1441d ago

yeah, we'll have to wait to see the actual numbers. In the article they mentioned how Pachter has been way off with his estimates before.

Skip_Bayless1441d ago

Yea that's about right. So much for the articles and people saying WiiU will be the biggest seller in the holidays among the current-gen systems.

awesomeabe19981441d ago

They sold more than that the last two weeks.

Chrischi19881440d ago

They sold almost twice as much in just one week, but ok, guess Patcher has to patch his analysis first^^

NYC_Gamer1441d ago

Nintendo needs to step things up if they wanna continue to exist in the home console market

live2play1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


What else can you let us know? Is water wet or dry? If jimmy cracks corn, do i care? How much would a wood chuck chuck?

ritsuka6661441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

People believe this idiot guy?

All hope is lost for humanity.

LOL_WUT1441d ago

Wow that's pretty sad if true Nintendo is going to need more than what they showed at the VGX to turn this thing around. ;)

Theyellowflash301441d ago

Obviously they have more than Donkey Kong....have you Nintendo Directs?

videgamenext11441d ago

I think you need to chill the f out your comments are by far the worst ive ever seen on any blog site.

ZainreFang1441d ago

Good thing it's not true. It sold 274,179 on the week of Black Friday alone..

live2play1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

No really???? You mean it will take more than cranky kong???
You should tell nintendo because for the e3 direct they will show 1 hour of cranky rocking in his chair. They stopped working on smash bros, zelda u, yarn yoshi etc because they believe all they need is cranky

Because how stupis would it be to assume all they have is cranky right ? ;)

D_RoyJenkins1441d ago

Man, you Nintendo fans are so cranky

Chrischi19881440d ago

And you Ninendo haters believe every stupid thing, it just has to be bad for Nintendo, doesnt matter if its true or not.

Shnazzyone1441d ago

Good thing VGchartz already says he's miles off base.

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Dunban671441d ago

Are the NPD numbers based on sales at retailers or Nintendo s sales into the supply chain?

Same question re Pacthers estimate? Is he talking shipped by Nintendo or sold at retail- those numbers could be very different as we saw negative sales one quarter this year in Europe

Yep1441d ago

It's a prediction, and he's usually wrong with these.

VGChartz says 290,521, I'm going to say 270K.

Concertoine1441d ago

i was gonna say im pretty sure there was WAY more.

Yep1441d ago

Not even sure why news sites report on what he says. Typically, he's as credible as anyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.