Microsoft unaware of NSA mass surveillance of Xbox LIVE, done without consent

XMNR: The latest accusations of spying Monday from the classified documents taken by Edward Snowden put the gaming world in the spotlight. According to the documents, not only did the NSA and its British counter-part have agents scouring the World of Warcraft and Second Life but the Guardian claimed that the spy agencies were performing mass surveillance against Xbox LIVE users as well.

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theBAWSE1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

don't believe a word Microsoft says

government really take the piss, wonder if they using PSN aswell

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1624d ago

theBAWSE + 25m ago
don't believe a word Microsoft says

government really take the piss, wonder if they using PSN aswell

Yep just turn off that dodgy camera or cover it with something lol.

cleft51624d ago

The NSA might find it harder to do stuff like this with Sony because it is a Japanese company. Meaning it is a foreign company so it wouldn't necessarily fall under the laws of the USA and if they where to attempt it and Sony contested this it would be made public fairly fast. The point of what the NSA is doing is to gather data covertly, lawsuits sort of kill the whole covert thing and then their is the potential of a bunch of issues related to the US government attempting to covertly access a foreign company's records. It's probably one of those things that fall under being more trouble than it's worth.

NoLongerHereCBA1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

@cleft5, since when does the NSA only focus on Americans and do they feel like they are limited by the law?

jukins1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

@cleft5 Saying the nsa wouldnt spy on a foreign company because of "laws" is kinda ignorant. At this point we should assume that they spy on whoever wherever whenever. Hell its rumor'd that they've tapped the main cable lines on the bottom of the sea floor. I dont think laws are going to stop them.

btw not calling you ignorant just the statement.

Conzul1624d ago

while it might be harder, that won't stop them from trying.
The spies go where the people are; and the people went with Playstation.

AKS1624d ago


The NSA's actual purpose is supposed to be monitoring foreign intelligence and communications, so I find that doubtful. In addition, they've spied on tons of citizens in other countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and France. Brazil is actually considering re-routing their internet through Europe just to avoid more US spying.

rainslacker1624d ago

He's not talking about spying on the company though. He's talking about spying on it's customer's user base for their own purposes, which are likely of no interest to Sony.

As a Japanese company, they don't have to be complicit in such an act, thus they have the possibility of "blowing the whistle".

It's not to say that the NSA couldn't do it without Sony's knowledge. That is what MS is claiming happened to them.

hazardman1624d ago


It is not harder for NSA. All business in USA have ri abide by US laws. So yeah Sony Japan might be out of reach but tou still have Sony USA. No one thing is out of the reach of government!! Unless your off the grid..

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Oh yeah so don't believe Blizzard or Google either then? lol

cleft51624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Why would anyone believe the word of any corporation, let alone that of a major company. A corporation's obligation is to be profitable, not to be fair and honest. When a corporation is fair and honest the motivating factor tends to be profits gained from being fair and honest.

This isn't true for every company, but you are fooling yourself if you think this isn't true for a company like Microsoft, Apple, Google, EA, Activision Blizzard, etc. This isn't about hating on Microsoft, but rather being an informed consumer.

Blackdeath_6631624d ago

sony is a Japanese company, NSA is American based.none of the companies allegedly involved so far are outside of the USA. google, microsoft(including skype), apple, yahoo, AOL, Paltalk and facebook are all American companies.

notyobizhwispndmymny1624d ago

Ignorance is truly bliss. You must be a complete tool if you believe for one second that Japan doesn't spy on its own citizens using whatever means. I can't even believe your sheer stupidity. Every government spies on its citizens one way or another. NSA just got caught so they are the scapegoats.

The_Troll_Whisperer1624d ago

@notyobiz(goddamn! you have a piss poor username)

Screw you, you have no proof of whatever you are saying

n4gamingm1624d ago

there in mmo to, its annoying that nsa is doing this

rainslacker1624d ago

A good raid leader would kick them out. They're hard to find though.

wolfsaviorzx1624d ago

I don't trust anyone but I can just disconnect kinect and xbox one still works so don't know why they bother spying on people if it's not mandatory. Phones have cameras and mics mandatory AND there is no option to turn them off. Xbox One gives you much more control over it than Android and especially IOS. Anyone with an Iphone might as well hold a sign saying "Fuck Me".

Monolith1624d ago /12/who-really-did-fukishima-fa lse-flag.html?m=1

If any are interested!

Back-to-Back1624d ago

MS unaware?

Hmm thats why kinect was mandatory right MS. Seriously the more they talk the more damage they do.

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dazzrazz1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Hardly believe that considering M$ was one of the very first companies to hand out its email domain under NSA spyglass. Now they just playing along to look innocent. Let's be serious it would hurt them really bad if they made an official statement to the public saying they were willingly participating in this secret Stasi invigilation

tagan8tr1624d ago

And as an added bonus M$ gave the NSA built in camera,this stuff just writes itself.

Blackdeath_6631624d ago

..and they bought skype. i can see why.

NoLongerHereCBA1624d ago

Yes; because MS only buys companies with x-amount of billions to spy for NSA. Keep dreaming if you think shareholders will take such nonsense.

wolfsaviorzx1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Kinect doesn't need to be connected. Cameras on Android and IOS Phones can't be turned off so really don't see how you jump to that conclusion. The Kinect was always just competition for the Wii (Kinect Sports Rivals is ok, still wish it had traditional controls).

tagan8tr1624d ago

@Blackdeath yeah that's what MS does they are desperately trying to stay relevant so they buy established technology to pass off as their own.. Like I said before they have Google envy aka a relevant company. Aside from the bone MS fails on most things windows phone,bing,windows 8 and my favorite the zune lol.

rainslacker1624d ago

The Zune and Windows phone actually aren't that bad. Surface is even pretty good, albeit expensive.

However, that doesn't equate to market success. Windows Phone is getting there. I never would have tried it but MS gave me a free one a few years ago, so I didn't have to get a cell phone contract...which is nice and cheap. I'll use it till it breaks.

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XboxFun1624d ago

And yet...

And many more articles that state MS is against the NSA and is fighting to keep their customer info private.

edgeofsins1624d ago

Microsoft only started "acting" against it after they were found out. Just like with the DRM policies for X1. When everyone heard of it and lashed out at them Microsoft pulled a 180. They are extremely self-centered and care nothing for customers until after customers stop dealing with their crap.

Why are you blindly trying to justify a criminal-like company?

DragonKnight1624d ago

Microsoft were the very first company to jump aboard the PRISM program. They aren't against PRISM, they're against the negative PR that's been levied against them because of PRISM. If Microsoft really wanted to fight this, then they'd sue the government for unlawful coercion and take the fight to them hard, but they really don't want to because the NSA helps them get their B.S. advertising push going forward.

4logpc1624d ago

Cant wait to see these comments.

OT: It is law that they have to abide by the NSA and government regulation's, just as every other company.

Queasy1624d ago

Right but that is for individual instances where a lawful warrant has been issued by state or federal enforcement agencies.

The leaks from Snowden today say that the NSA performed mass surveillance /collection on LIVE users. That's a different animal and one that any company will likely not comply with.

JeffGUNZ1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

In my almost 10 years working with the US Government and being very familiar with federal statute, you do not need a lawful warrant to conduct surveillance. You need probable cause, and in some cases I have seen reasonable suspicion for surveillance. I think you are thinking of wire taping and/or other "broader" laws that fall in with the "US Freedom Act". Either way, MS, like all other companies have to abide by regulations of the NSA and MS will have to provide the channels for the NSA to use if needed. The NSA will use those lines when reasonable cause indicates a suspect may be a threat to the laws, mainly foreign and/or domestic terrorism.

If the NSA is going against this, which is just hearsay at this point, then they are in violation.

KarrBOMB1624d ago

Yeah no warrant is needed any longer. The Patriot Act allows for spying, search and seizure without approval from judges. Agencies can do as they see fit based on their assessment of threat. Do they abuse that policy, probably. But most who are in power do. Covering the cameras doesn't work, any I.T professional can activate cameras and mic remotely without knowledge of the parties, I've watched a friend do it.

Lord Anubis1624d ago

they should learn from Google and disclose when it happens as the other companies do. There is no excuse.

"Microsoft helped the NSA get around its encryption systems so the agency could more easily spy on users of its services, "

Deadpoolio1624d ago

Yeah every other company based in the USA, you know Sony is a Japanese based company so it's more likely than not harder for them to do this with Sony or any company outside good ol MURICA

Pogmathoin1624d ago

Depression rates increased on NSA agents after spying on the sad life of some of you fanboys. Made a truly grim picture I believe. You also give them the keys to your internet life every day when you let of steam on porn sites.

rainslacker1624d ago

It may be law, but they can publicly dispute it or disclose that they are going to start monitoring their customers. They didn't do that. If they wanted to keep the NSA out of their back yard, they could have easily found a way to circumvent them coming in, and the NSA would have been powerless to cause MS any real harm.

Also, the "national security" loophole for what justifies a law nowadays is being way overused.

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Steven211624d ago


ssbains1624d ago

Disconnect your Kinect sensors!!!! The Power of the Cloud is also likely tapped to!