Nintendo Should Have Shown They Have More Than Cranky Kong Up Their Sleeve

Hardcore Gamer: So the VGX’s came and went and while it seems that not everyone was particularly thrilled with all aspects of the show, many eyes were on Reggie Fils-Aime and just what he was going to show. Much of the speculation proved to be correct when Mr. Fils-Aime, flanked by Vance from Retro Studios, made the announcement that Cranky Kong would be a playable character in Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and that the game would launch on February 22, 2014 along with showing gameplay of good ol Donkey Kong and Cranky in action.

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admiralvic1625d ago

They really should have. I had hope they would at least confirm he is also in Smash and then end it with a huge character being revealed. Sadly, that was not the case.

Nintendo needs to wake up and realize that they can't survive off their games forever and sooner or later they need to actually push something new. This was the time to show off Bayonetta, X, or Super Smash Bros (I realize this contradicts my point, but this would have hit harder), not rely on another 2D Mario or Donkey Kong Country to get support. You can only go "But it has Mario, Donkey Kong and Link!" so many times and they're reaching the end of that rope.

ZodTheRipper1625d ago

Agree, Nintendo has become very strange in the last 3-5 years. I'm sure these 2D platformers are the easiest to develop but they are also the games that excite the least people. This type of game is exactly the stuff I'm absolutely not interested in. Where is Star Fox, Zelda, F Zero, Metroid? I don't understand them, really.

-Foxtrot1625d ago

What bugs me with Donkey Kong is that it looks like New Super Mario Bros U or Rayman Legends in terms of gameplay.

I mean wouldn't of people rather of had a 3D Donkey Kong game....has that even been done recently?

SpiralTear1625d ago

As great as a new F-Zero or Star Fox game sound right now, I've been pleasantly surprised with how much imagination has been injected into the 2D side-scrolling platformer these days. Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's Epic Yarn and Rayman Origins were great examples that something so venerable and simple can have more personality and creativity than even the most mainstream of series.

Kennytaur1625d ago

Apparently, Foxtrot hasn't played Donkey Kong. It's one of THE sidescrolling platformer series, and always has been since the SNES. But I do get the point and agree, a sequel to Donkey Kong 64 would be truly something. Retro should be put to work on Prime 4 though and let someone else handle Primate duty.

Concertoine1625d ago

Have you actually played the DKC on wii? It's pretty much everything good about 2D platformers... unlike NSMB. I'm not even a fan of 2D platformers but DKCR is one of the best i've played. I appreciate a sequel though wouldn't have minded metroid first.
I think they stuck with this design because it's pretty much timeless and the only 3D DK game has not aged well. It lacks identity and is collect-a-thon overload. it has it's fans but the country series was and is held in higher regard with good reason.

donman11625d ago

Agree. I would like some news on Starfox, Metroid (the real deal version and not some spinoff 2D version) and Zelda. Nintendo just keep on shooting themselves in the foot.

miyamoto1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

"Nintendo Should Have Shown They Have More Than Cranky Kong Up Their Sleeve"-that is if they have stuff "ready".

Like many events and opportunities have passed for Nintendo that lead to Wii U's launch and 1 year after launch they really have nothing to show.

UltimateMaster1624d ago

I'm smelling desperation coming from Nintendo.

They should really show us more new games that aren't just Mario. New Ips and bring back some of their great games franchises.

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Alex_Boro1625d ago

So true, if we have another mario every year it's going to be so repetitive.

UltimateMaster1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Welcome to Call of Duty.
Where the Wii U gets the same game every year even multiplats.

deno1624d ago

We know all those games are coming out.

ChaosKnight1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

After Donkey, Cranky Kong is perhaps the most beloved character in the series. This will attract older players to the game and increase the sales substantially. It was the right move at the right time.

Bigkurz851625d ago

you are so right. people who weren't previously interested in a Wii U will hear about Cranky Kong and think, "Ok, NOW i'm ready to throw down $300+."

uh huh

Bobby Kotex1625d ago

There's nothing on the Nintendo platform that attracts 'older' players except the small cult of nintendo fanboys.

SpiralTear1625d ago

Please stop using that completely fallible argument that Nintendo doesn't have any good "mature" games on their systems.

diepdiep1625d ago

Retro Studios chose to continue Donkey Kong because they WANT to. If they were "forced" to make other games like Metroid, chances are the games won't be very good because the team won't be motivated.

IcicleTrepan1625d ago

I was really hoping they were going to say something about Metroid, with the way they were making a big deal of the Samus pin.

DarkBlood1625d ago

^this , i can't stress that enough and people wanted retro to make a metriod game instead are also asking for a shiity product to happen upon release which is the last thing i want to see happen.

Lets just wait and see what happens after we waited awhile so it can't hurt to wait longer for it. If not they can ingore the company not living up to thier desires.

Dunban671625d ago

I seriously doubt Retro chose to make DK- That was decided by Iwata I am sure- If you believe what Iwata or Reggie tell us then you need to look at their track record re being accountable/telling the truth

diepdiep1625d ago

Retro, themselves, felt they have "more ideas" for the DK franchise.

-Foxtrot1625d ago it's easier for them since they can most likely use Donkey Kongs assets from the last game on Wii

It's kind of like having a template to start off with instead of starting from scratch which they would of had to do with Metroid.

Dunban671625d ago

I doubt Retro is gong to come out and say they would have much preferred to make the next Metroid but Nintendo Corp said "hell no-Metroid is going to cost too much and take too long- you already have the template for another 2D DK game so make it or else."

The 10th Rider1625d ago

Honestly, why do people keep saying they don't want to make DKCTP. They said they want to make it. The fact that they could reuse old assets may have been a plus, but I highly doubt that was the deciding factor. The way I see it, they looked at DKCR and decided that they wanted to make another so that they could perfect an already great game.

Thepcz1624d ago

its obvious. people keep saying that retro had more ideas for a dk game, but having just completed work on dk country returns, i doubt they wanted to go straight onto working on yet another dk game. NO. they would have wanted something new and fresh.... say, metroid!

its quite obvious that nintendo FORCED them to make the game as it would be simple to produce and therefore in the shops fast. also, cheap.

whereas metroid would be a mammoth task that would take at least 3 years. nintendo havent got that time, or the money needed to make the epic metroid we all want.

so, please dont excuse nintendo or retro for not giving us the games we want, and instead force-feeding us a game we simply didnt want.

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kirbyu1625d ago

I'm surprised people expected them to make a new Metroid game. After making all three Prime games, I'd think they'd be tired of it.

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just-joe1625d ago

I'd rather them show something when it's ready, than when it's not and seeing as the VGX was pretty crummy all around, let's just move on.

ELpork1625d ago

...Sooo, the Wii U has games right?... ooorrr am I missing something?

Because if this is what you got Nintendo, I'm going to be very disappointed.

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