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Hands on with Deep Down: Mixes Dragon’s Dogma’s combat with impressive visual effects

We recently played Capcom’s PS4 dungeon-crawler Deep Down for the first time and were left suitably impressed with an experience that couples gorgeous visuals with combat that’s partly indebted to Dragon’s Dogma. Of course, last year’s lizard-slayer didn’t feel the need to stuff in a MacGuffin revolving around magical artefacts in 2094 New York. (Deep Down, PS4)

Xsilver  +   228d ago
You had me at Game play like Dragon's Dogma defiantly giving this game a try.
kiz2694  +   227d ago
Yeah me to, I loved Dragons Dogmas gameplay, I think it just struggled with pacing, I became to strong to quickly, started to never die ..like never so it got a bit boring.
Chris558  +   227d ago
kiz well in dark arisen dying shouldn't be a problem
kiz2694  +   227d ago

Really? that's interesting, never picked that up, thought it wasn't ment to be very good? did it add more difficulty? Isn't it on PSPlus atm?
MightyNoX  +   227d ago
Sign me up, loved the combat

@kiz - yes it is
abzdine  +   227d ago
i think Dogma is still free for PS+ members.
Deep Down looks insane.. so far all PS4 games blew me away, especially the exclusive ones
Eziowellington  +   227d ago
@Chris558, lmao, it wont be an issue at all, bubble up, at some point i thought i was playing dark souls. Dark arisen is really challenging.
mikeslemonade  +   227d ago
Nope not free for plus users who just joined. I never played Dogma.
MWong  +   227d ago
While I will be getting Deep Down and lover how they described the game. Don't give me gameplay like Dragon's Dogma, give me a new Dragon's Dogma. That game was amazing. One of my most played RPG's ever.

Still can't wait to see how Deep Down plays out though. Hope we get to climb on the backs of monsters/bosses.
joab777  +   227d ago
Wish they has simply made a dragons dogma 2. I am worried with the way I played DD and its dlc...that a f2p iteration might cost me $200 in the end. Hopefully they don't slow the dungeon raiding to a bloody halt forcing u to either play 1000 hrs or pay. Otherwise I am super excited.
dcj0524  +   227d ago
The Dark Arisen is my Very first Dragon's Dogma and the whole time I was thinking "Why didn't Capcom just make a Next-Gen Dragon's Dogma with Deep Down graphics? ". That would be incredible.
twdll  +   227d ago
Why I bought my PS4.
Sokol  +   227d ago
Look forward to the game.
BABY-JEDI  +   227d ago
I really want to see more character classes with different skin physics models like the CGI reveal trailer. Fingers crossed.
IcicleTrepan  +   227d ago
Great now where the hell is it :)
mt  +   227d ago
Right now I ma trying to catch up with PS+ for PS3/vita before I buy PS4 but it looks like it is impossible. I downloaded both kingdoms of Amalur: reckoning and dragon dogma.
I liked Dogma more than reckoning. however fast travel in Dogma is annoying. I like fast travel in reckoning better. anyway on the subject I am excited for deep down regardless of the strange name, and it is free to play.
TomahawkX  +   227d ago
This is on my radar, can't wait to see more of it in 2014. I don't mind the free to play since I've been having a blast with warframe.
naBs  +   227d ago
I hope this game has some deep character customisation
StrawberryDiesel420  +   227d ago
Doubt it being it's free to play. Unless you want to buy every piece of armor I'd suggest buying Dark Souls 2, it has lots of unique armor and weapons. When you say character customization, I hope you weren't implying facial features etc and were in fact referencing the way your character will look and play in combat.
naBs  +   226d ago
Yeah I suppose you're right, but let's hope there is some character customisation without the need to whip out my card lol. Yeah I'm not bothered about facial features etc. I like customising my characters gear and weapons and so on. Will give Dark Souls 2 a look, thanks mate =)
hankmoody  +   227d ago
I was excited about this game until I heard the rumors about it being F2P with high dependency on microtransactions. Hoping that this isn't the case because this game would've probably been the one to make me take the plunge and pick up a PS4.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   227d ago
It's not a rumor, it is free-to-play. I'm pretty sure the little details of the business model haven't been revealed yet, so we don't know how money-grubbing Capcom will be (well.... They are who they are...).
hankmoody  +   227d ago
That being said, Capcom has been going nuts with the DLC since last gen so I guess I can expect Deep Down to try to get as much money from gamers as humanly possible.

They need to just bring out Power Stone 3 already.
Jughead3416  +   227d ago
Microtransactions for a free to play game don't worry me so much. But if we have to pay $60 for a game, then get hit with microtransactions, this is when it's unfair.

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