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Sony extends PSN downtime

The downtime for PSN has been extended by two hours today (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony)

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LOL_WUT  +   226d ago
Guess I'll have to wait even longer to play bf4. Also I hope they fix the ps4 so that it remembers your psn id password having to always type it in is annoying ;)
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LOGICWINS  +   226d ago
Can we still download patches? I'm gunna start playing Black Flag tonight.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   226d ago
@LOL_WUT LMAOOO theres a thing called, save password in settings, so I guess you don't know how to use your PS4

@above I am sure you can still download patches
terrorofdeath  +   226d ago
Yeah, I managed to get my GTA V updated even through the downtime.
Sci0n  +   226d ago
not sure but if you want a new PSN friend message me your PSN ID. Its always good to add and game with a few forum guys especially the new converts from xbox lol. I don't play assasins creed but I do enjoy watching the streams so if you broadcast I will check it out. Once again welcome to the quad brotherhood.
LOGICWINS  +   226d ago
^^Yeah def. Not much an MP guy myself, but I'll try doing a stream!
sparced  +   226d ago
Great day to bring home a PS4 with plans to only play Resogun!

There is absolutely nothing for me to do without logging in hahaha
mewhy32  +   226d ago
This extended downtime is probably for security updates, traffic analysis, adding servers, adding server patches, clean up and so forth. Nothing to worry about.
ramiuk1  +   225d ago
yeah patches download still
Utalkin2me  +   226d ago
Your multiplayer games wont be affected.
hakis86  +   226d ago
I'm playing BF4 multiplayer NOW, unfortunately it has force-closed on me a couple of times :/

Edit: ...as long as you have logged on PSN within the last five days or someting
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DragonKnight  +   226d ago
Umm, why do you have to keep typing in your PSN password? I have mine automatically setup. Did you go into Settings and set that up?
TheFutureIsBlue  +   226d ago

I'm not having problems with the login. O.o
LOL_WUT  +   226d ago
I wasn't having problems with the log in it had more to do so with the system remembering my password but I finally found a solution thanks to dragon knight sorry for the confusion ;)
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MegaRay  +   226d ago
Lol wut?
RBlue_Desire  +   226d ago
Lol I think he has disabled "Log In Automatically".
Thus he has to write his long password everytime xD
GameSpawn  +   226d ago
If you activate your PS4 as your "Primary system" you don't even need to change your password on your PS4 unless you EXPLICITLY log out and the back in again. A trust relationship is already setup between the network and your Primary system.

My PS4 auto logged in even after the mandatory password change (has to be done on a PC). It never requested for the new password unless I accessed account information (which is ALWAYS required even if the correct password information is saved).

This is something to take note if you ever sell or trade your system. ALWAYS deactivate it first -- if the system is non-functional you can deactivate it online at the SEN website under account management (though no identifying information shows on the website beyond whether it is a PS3, Vita, PSP, or PS4, so it's all or nothing -- you can only activate one PS4 as your Primary anyway).
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JessiePinkmanYo  +   226d ago
THIS^^^ Deactivate your system and reset to factory default. My stupid ass learned the hard way after selling my 360. I got another months later, log in to XBL. All my friends deleted, mods to my profile, and a list of scumbag friends. Also had my reputation go to shit. (I had a couple months left of gold that the shitbag took full advantage of) I also had my cc info linked to my profile, but at least I didn't get unwanted charges. Still...this was all my fault-Deactivate and reset before you sell your PS3, or 360 or any console!!!
C-H-E-F  +   226d ago
lOl, really read the manual, google it or something ignorance like this should be kept to oneself.
LOL_WUT  +   226d ago
Nah kid it should be easily accessible like in the ps3 just a click away ;)
C-H-E-F  +   226d ago
kid? but uhm there's a FINE LINE between pure laziness and a feature not being there. The Eff is wrong with the people in today's day and age. Also, I didn't have to "toggle" save password after creating my account it saved my information automatically. I have 3 accounts (US,UK,JP) and never had to "toggle" save password.
frankiebeans  +   226d ago
Smoey  +   226d ago
God damn I wanted to play multi-player but, like most, I wasn't home at 5GMT I was working!
Utalkin2me  +   226d ago
You can still play multiplayer.
avangerironman  +   226d ago
what about ps4 trophies :)
TheFutureIsBlue  +   226d ago
Hurry up please. I already beat KZ sp, can't play Bf4 sp because you have to login to lame Origins just to play, and I had to ship AC 4 back to gamefly so I guess I'm stuck playing Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds for now. First world problems =p.
Utalkin2me  +   226d ago
WTF is wrong with you people, you can play online.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   226d ago
It wouldn't let me earlier. It's not like I didn't try...why would I be posting this? Dayum dude calm down.
Wintersun616  +   226d ago
Nothing's wrong with me. I just can't log in to PSN on my PS3 at all. Been like that for the past 2 hours for me. :( Sometimes I get the "PSN is under maintenance" and most of the time I get error code "80710D36".
The_Infected  +   226d ago
Yea it wouldn't let me earlier either. Now it is. I don't know wtf is going on with PSN. Shouldn't this maintenance crap be done in the background now?
Sci0n  +   226d ago
lol people been seeming a little more emo and weird on here today. It seems like they aren't reading anything just aimlessly posting.
kingPoS  +   226d ago
Can't log on atm. Guess I'll just have use my WDTV for netflix.

Gateway MT6706 2008
Majin-vegeta  +   226d ago
Just logged in on my account.
Shuyin  +   226d ago
Can log on but not play TLoU MP. Fuck that. I wanted to replay this great MP before selling it tonight :((
Game'll always stay in my heart..
Batnut00  +   226d ago
As long as it means application of better security and a better system, take the time you need PSN. Just...you know not for another month.
sevilha82  +   226d ago
I don´t know about you but everything´s fine here in europe(at least Portugal)i´d been down a few hours ago but for the last three hours or so it´s been all good...just keep trying.
305LoneWolf  +   226d ago
What time is it over in the eastern time zone
MatrixxGT  +   226d ago
Its currently 5:30pm at time of this posting.
jahfen83  +   226d ago
HEY HEY HEY! I'm paying for this now tighten up!!!!!
Reborn  +   226d ago
Works on PS4, just not on PS3 (least for me).
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Shazz  +   226d ago
Played killzone for 3 hours earlier it doesn't affect online :)
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kingPoS  +   226d ago
...And I'm back on PSN, WDTV never did have amazon anyway.

Gateway MT6706 2008
Callediceman  +   226d ago
For gods sake if you clicked the "read full story" link it clearly states "Sony has noted that users may also experience problems playing games online in addition to certain apps not functioning properly during maintenance." The word MAY indicates to me that some people MAY have issues.
Games_R_Us  +   226d ago
I dont even know why crap like this is considered a news story?
Ohai  +   226d ago
Anyone upgrade their ps4 hd yet?
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BattleTorn  +   226d ago
I know some people have.. I'm on the fence, almost ordered mine today.

I've decided on the Seagate Hybrid 1TB ($109 on Amazon)

I'm just unsure whether to wait a little while, since I don't really need it *yet*
Ohai  +   226d ago
I'm thinking of the 7200 hd, gaf reporting good results with it. But idk yet. Maybe I'll use more space on mine first.

Looking at the hgst travelstar 7200 1tb
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bluelightspeed  +   226d ago
I have, with a 1 TB Seagate Hybrid and love it.

It was the first thing I did before even turning on the PS4.
Tru_Blu  +   226d ago
Got a Seagate Hybrid myself. Haven't gotten around to putting it in yet. Need to do it soon and make sure it works, just dread dl, 100GB worth of games again.
BattleTorn  +   225d ago
Welp. I went ahead and ordered the 1TB Seagate SS-Hybrid 64mb-cache.

I would recommend spending the $20~ more for this one than the travelstar 7200 1tb
Sci0n  +   226d ago
PSN is up guy.
bornsinner  +   226d ago
greatness really does awaits... LOL glad xbox live never goes down
GW212  +   225d ago
Nice try, it was scheduled maintenance. XBL does the same thing from time to time.
troylazlow  +   226d ago
Did we get hacked again?
GW212  +   225d ago
It's down for scheduled maintenance.
Flames76  +   225d ago
Another reason i choose Xbox One over the PS4 just like the 360 over the PS3.You cant touch Xbox live and PSN has gone down twice since the PS4 launch lol
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buynit  +   225d ago
Has it really gone down 2times?
GW212  +   225d ago
It didn't "go down." This was scheduled maintenance. XBL does the same thing from time to time. Good try though. Next time read the article.

I chose PS4 because of the graphical capability of the system. You can't touch the PS4 graphical capability and you have all of one game in 1080p. "lol"
buynit  +   225d ago
Damn already... I was wondering if thes kind of updates would be fewer in between but it likes like it's still on track to stay on track with frequent updates.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   225d ago
I am glad I managed to get Ni no Kuni for $10 yesterday before downtime in spite of multiple sign-in failures.
Ohai  +   225d ago
I've never "not" been able to get on since the 15th. I get on atleast once a day. Now music unlimited, that's a different story.

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