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IGN - Playing Peggle 2 just makes me happy. Whether I’ve just hit an unbelievably improbable shot or I’m watching a gratuitous display of abominable snowman twerking by new Peggle Master Berg after triggering a level-ending Extreme Fever, its ability to bring a smile to my face is uncanny. Way back in 2007, the original pachinko-meets-pinball Peggle was arguably the best puzzle game to come along since the legendary Tetris, and its sequel brushes off a few annoyances to become the first no-brainer, just-play-this-now game on the Xbox One.

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raresteak1592d ago

Lol looks like this is Xbone's best rated game out there besides FIFA 14 (which doesn't deserve the 90/100 average it gets imo)

MorePowerOfGreen1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

To Answer your question in another post.

It's that good.

Great inbetween time type of game. A fun and relaxing game that uses basic natural thinking *vs* the extreme fatiguing concentration you need for a BF4 or a Forza 5 and the like.

Fun for everybody...

Volkama1591d ago

And Resogun is the best on PS4.

It was cool to pretend you loved Geometry Wars 2 so you could look down on mainstream gamers, but this stuff if getting out of hand!

JonnyBigBoss1591d ago

Real gamers love games. Don't pledge loyalty to corporations. It's stupid.

Bigpappy1591d ago

These games are rated base on what they are. They are not being compared to AAA games. Peggle and Resogun are not AAA. They are rated great for their genre.

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Lucreto1591d ago

Soon enough.

6 months it will be max I am guessing.

inf3cted11591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I want this also on PC and PS4 (If i do get a PS4 later)

SpiralTear1591d ago

Peggle's a fun game. Very laid-back and feel-goody. I'm curious to play this, though I doubt it'll live up to the addictive simplicity of the first.

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