DICE and EA Release the 15th Update For Battlefield 4

HardwarePal : When you see the release of the 15th patch for a game in one month, even if you haven’t played it its no brainer to conclude that Battlefield 4 has been released unfinished. A new 888 MB patch has come out today for servers and PC and addresses some of the issues that has been troubling players.

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hankmoody1654d ago

How in the world did this happen? Even GTA V got off easier than this.

gedden71654d ago

Wait GTA V had issues after launch? But its the game of the year right???

gixer1654d ago

Id be greatful for one measily xbox one patch.Been waiting on the supposed patch last week that never showed. They changed the servers and Its still gash

B-radical1654d ago

azure servers are looking good at the moment aha.....dont know why dice wont use them they are free after all

Utalkin2me1654d ago

Well dice obviously knows something we don't about "Azure" servers.

1654d ago
UNCarolinaBlue1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

I am going to run out of Hard Drive space with the updates on this game alone. You would think they could overwrite some information with the new updates....

I am on the PS4. I know this article is about the PC, but the updates are huge for the PS4 as well.... when they are released that is.

NarooN1654d ago

Wow, they're on the 15th update already? Nice job EA and DICE. Because who really enjoys finished games anymore, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.