Fez Has Sold a Million Units

Polytron has confirmed that the hit indie has reached a new milestone.

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FANTA11801319d ago

well its a great game ... i got lost in it for a few weeks ,

ylwzx31319d ago

Might be a good game but Phil Fish will never get my money.

Nodoze1319d ago

Agree!! He is a royal prick.

Deadpoolio1319d ago

I know right how douchy of him to have a 2 again 2 man team building this game all by themselves all while moronic gamers probably just like you are constantly up their sphincters, crying and complaining and whining that they game isn't out yet....Or how it's all this 2 man teams fault Micro$haft charges $10,000 for a patch and the 2 man team can't afford it......

Somehow I don't think Phil Fish really cares if people like you miss out on a great game because you can't understand why gamers again probably like you are irritating

Last_Boss1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I have the xbla version of FEZ, but have you seen the indie games panel video.

His comments are inexcusable, no matter how you slice it. Everyone who laughed at how he embarrassed that inspired Asian man, should be slapped.

I still want a copy from PSN, cause my box hasn't been on line in a bit.

TomahawkX1319d ago

The guy may be a douche but he put in a lot of work and sacrifice into the game and deserves every penny.

Kran1319d ago

Somebody who deserves the money is someone who is willing to continue to use their talent.

Phil Fish is not. He's given up. Waste of talent.

If he were to come back, maybe I'd think differently.

The game industry has been the way it has been for years. It ain't going to change. He should have put more thought into going into the industry.

Timesplitter141319d ago

he made the game, he deserves the money. Simple as that

Nerdmaster1319d ago

By your logic, if Miyamoto decides to retire instead of continue using his talent, he wouldn't deserve money for the hundreds of games he made. Right...

Kran1318d ago


That's retirement.

Phil Fish just gave up because it was too much for him to handle. Retirement is a legit way of getting out of things because you've done your time in the world.

Revolt131319d ago

Honestly, I wish I never bought it. Its a good game, but Phil didn't deserves my money, he's a fool.

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