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Why The Last of Us Is The Best Story Ever Told

The Last of Us is not only the best video game in the last decade, it’s also the best story I’ve seen for a very long time. It single-handedly refutes the claim that video games don’t have great, original stories that cannot be told in another medium. Let me explain why. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

Corpser  +   384d ago
Lol no
hellzsupernova  +   384d ago
Read the article not just the title (I know I'm being a hypocrit lol)

And I agree with the author, fantastic story had me in tears.
ZodTheRipper  +   384d ago
I'm not the biggest movie fan but even I would be interested in this if it were a movie ...this game deserves the GOTY title more than any other this year. Probably the best game that's available on PS3/360.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   384d ago

No offense, but people need to start learning to not use "best" and "my personal favorite" interchangeably.
I am going to follow that with saying that the Last of Us was my personal game of the year, so this isn't me hating on the game in any way.
ZodTheRipper  +   384d ago
What's wrong with saying it's "probably the best game on PS3"? For me personally there's no doubt that it's the best in terms of overall quality.
SlapHappyJesus  +   384d ago
Well, to be fair, you said both major consoles. Secondly, it's really the difference of opinion vs fact.
To say something is "the best" in the way that you did, presents itself as fact.
To say something is "my favorite" is to present it as an opinion.

Reading your comment, I obviously found your statement as something that is not to be disputed. That's the issue that I have. Nothing about it lends itself to be taken as an opinion.
frostypants  +   384d ago
Semi-successful satire piece. That said his underlying message does seem to be that GTAV deserved GoTY, which is laughable. Whatever one says about TLoU, the gameplay was fun (moving ladders around notwithstanding) and the story sequences were solid and more compelling than a lot of the dreck that a lot of "The Walking Dead" episodes have been putting out lately. And the end of the game is definitely original and makes you think about what defines right and wrong, and if lies are sometimes morally justifiable.

GTAV on the other hand is cheap fun, but is ultimately as empty-feeling as every GTA game...a giant hollywood set full of fake buildings and boring toys, and 6th grade humor that ultimately becomes as bad as the very things it sets out to mock.
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Angels3785  +   384d ago
Bots dont like threatening things :3 I love it....cry yourself to sleep Corpser!!!

Cant wait for the downplay when this wins game of the year from just about every news site.....
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asmith2306  +   384d ago
Care to back up your opinion. I thought it was amazing. One of the very few games that actually made me feel for the characters.
Volkama  +   384d ago
I'll get hammered with disagrees here, but I'll post anyway just because I think it's worth noting that other opinions can exist.

I don't rate TLOU as a contender for my GOTY. I found it had great presentation, the characters and the story seemed top notch but the gameplay was subpar.

I have a long-running dislike of what I consider cheesy stealth mechanics, and even more so when being detected = death. So I'm immediately biased against it. But I also found the gunplay quite poor, and the set-pieces felt forced in a way that killed my immersion. Guys with spotlights going back and forth indefinitely, open areas full of perfect cover for no reason and such.

Now I'm a sucker for a good story, and also for good presentation so TLOU should still rank reasonably well with me. But I played it immediately off the back of the Walking Dead series, and that does the whole harrowing emotionally difficult tale even better than TLOU.

I know people's feelings get hurt when someone doesn't share their opinion, but hey you asked for legitimate criticism and there is mine.
frostypants  +   384d ago
@Volkama: When in TLoU did "being detected = death"? You can blast away and be perfectly OK if you have the firepower...but that's just it, ammo is limited. Otherwise the game would have been too much like Uncharted, and a lot of the suspense would be lost. Kind of agree on some of the set pieces, but it's a game. Reality might not be so fun. Bubs for the well thought out post though.
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HammadTheBeast  +   384d ago
SO why don't you back your comment up Corpser? Which games have had a better story?

Other than the classic Final Fantasies.

EDIT: Read some more comments, I love how everyone is saying "lolno" but can't bring up any of their preferences. Aside from "The Walking Dead" which I guess is comparable.
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j-blaze  +   383d ago
really funny that ppl consider this the best game or best story everrrz, it's embarrassing and shows that those ppl never played much better games such as Bioshock, RDR, Nier, TWD, To The Moon, MGS and SH series etc...these games make TLoU look like a joke
I still don't know what was the emotional part in the game that made ppl tear up lol, grow up seriously, this game is nothing but a media and fanboys hype just like every ND game
DigitalRaptor  +   383d ago
"Boo hoo, booh hoo, wah wah"...

...is pretty much every comment you write about Naughty Dog and The Last of Us, and it's nothing less than redundant garbage, I hope you realise?

Millions of people loved this game for its tangible merits. The entire industry loved it. Japanese gamers loved it. Kojima loved it. Many of your gaming idols loved it. It touched people for the same reasons those other games you listed did. It seems that you just cannot accept diversity where it exists and cannot appreciate fine storytelling where it exists.

Or perhaps that your personal vendetta against Naughty Dog's success compared to the people you PERSONALLY respect more leads your blind, baseless hatred - and that will get you nowhere in life.

The fact that you constantly flip-flop from saying that it's a good game but overrated, to calling it overrated garbage says it all. And why are you telling people to "grow up"??? Your comment history is the ramblings of a child.
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king_george  +   383d ago
Ur just.... such an idiot
MONKEYDLUFFY  +   384d ago
TWD blows it out of the water in terms of characters plot and emotional impact. Tlou was a generic zombie plot with high production values
Zodiac  +   384d ago
I agree. I think it is a fantastic game! But to call it completely original story telling is ridiculous.

Just watch people interpret me saying it isn't original into how i hate the game,it is the worst game ever made, and Sony should die lol.
iamnsuperman  +   384d ago
It is by no means an original tale. The companion tale and the survival story has been done before but I do thing the Last of Us got it right where others have failed by combining these two themes with the theme/style of subtlety. I havn't seen many games approach story telling this way and it worked.

I would say it was one of the best Story telling games we have had (no quite as good as Thomas was alone which is the pinnacle of Story telling, not Story, in video games) this generation. It was an experience (something I can't say a lot)
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DoesUs  +   384d ago
HAHA! Terrific sense of humour !
linkenski  +   384d ago
Worst disservice ever to that game. It's actually a very great take on a post-apocalyptic world and in gaming its setting is rather original.

Also I have to be honest and say the writing is way better in TLoU. Walking dead showcases a lot of great subtext and themes but often it's not as subtle as it is in TLoU, and the fact that TWD is more centered around choices also makes you more immersed as a player.
king_george  +   384d ago
Um no offense but have u been watching the new season? Season 1 was good along with season 2 but the rest doesnt stand a chance against the incredible, emotional elements that the last of us brings.

Sheesh i feel exhausted from defending this game on alot of articles. I dont understand why theres so much hate for a GREAT video game
Irishguy95  +   384d ago
It doesn't get hate. Saying it isn't the great game ever, or calling it on a generic story...is not ****ing hate.

ND always have - Incredible writing, incredible characters and great story telling. However the plot and/or backround/setting for the story is normally generic. Done before many times. Uncharted and TloU especially.

Which is fine. But for people to then turn around and call it 'the greatest story in a game' is just a travesty to the devs that actually attempt to and achieve a great interest new story.

And yeah...now that I said that - I will get painted as an Xbox fanboy...yes, one fanboy that constantly berates MS for their shoddy Consumer practice.

Also transporter - Fine they aren't zombies, but they are just another form of 'infected' - Like Half life crabhead people(the ones constantly screaming in pain), 28 Days later Rage infected etc las plagos(RE4's infected). The only difference is they are fungus heads.

Again, you don't have to be 'talking crap' about something when you are simply pointing out what flaws the game had.(And a simple generic plot is not even a flaw, but please don't praise it for what it isn't)

Edit - Not even going to answer that question @ below. There is no such thing as real innovation or originality but don't even try and bring that into the conversation. Lets take a look at Bioshock infinites creativity with the story, then the Last of Us. You'll find execution is normally one of if not the most important part of a story. As a poorly executed Story can literally turn it's fanbase against it(looking at Naruto :/) and ND are masters of execution.

How alike other stories is TloU to other stories is what im asking. It's extremely similar to alot of stories that were not only done recently. But critically acclaimed and well know. Bioshocks is like..well..name me something like Bioshock Infinite?
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Transporter47  +   384d ago

There aren't that many original ideas as you think they are, everything is a copy of something else, the difference is what one does that the other doesn't. Being original with an already established idea is where you can find the difference. Name me one thing that is original that hasn't been done before.
Transporter47  +   384d ago

Something like Bioshock Infinite

Atlantis. Power/Greed tore the city then the city was underwater etc. Watch the next thing that Bioshock goes is underground or space. Its not original but hey its still is at the same time, that's what you need to understand.
MONKEYDLUFFY  +   383d ago
Umm I'm not talking about the tv show (that is meh) I'm talking about TWD game.
Transporter47  +   384d ago
Did you just say TLOU is a generic zombie plot? They aren't zombies but w.e... Wait you're luffy can't comprehend complicated things lol. I love OP also TLOU. You sir don't know what you are talking about when you say TLOU is Generic....
MONKEYDLUFFY  +   383d ago
Well Zoro you'll just have to trust your captain on this one...TLOU sucks. JK We'll just have to agree to disagree
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KratosSaveUs  +   384d ago
The only people who talk crap about tlou or xbots who claim to have played it but never did. And I bet you you never played it.
frostypants  +   384d ago
How in the hell is TLoU a more generic zombie plot that TWD?! Gimme some of hat marvelous stuff you're clearly smoking.
j-blaze  +   383d ago
completely agree!
DigitalRaptor  +   383d ago
You might as well just say "I hate Naughty Dog with a blazing passion", cause it's about as much justification you put into your hatred towards their games.
staticdash22  +   384d ago
hankmoody  +   384d ago
I loved the game but I had no desire to play it again after I was done. The beginning sequence is probably the best beginning to a game I've ever experienced.
linkenski  +   384d ago
Yes. It's a typical ND game in a coupe of ways. It's too linear to be interesting the second time, but like a good movie it is something you'd want to re-experience at some point.
hankmoody  +   384d ago
Agreed. I think the main reason I couldn't get back into it was because I didn't want to diminish that first overall experience of playing it. I enjoyed it quite a bit, even with the few anomalies it had. My main gripe with it was the NPC AI and how they could be out in the open while the various zombies/monsters/whatevers would ignore them completely.
ginsunuva  +   383d ago
Play it a second time and you'll realize how non-linear it can be.

And how every encounter becomes COMPLETELEY different each time you play. Especially on NG+ or harder difficulty.
asmith2306  +   384d ago
Played it three times through back to front, every play through was better than the last when the difficulty went up. Can't wait to see what ND do on the PS4.
serratos27  +   384d ago
"I think the main reason I couldn't get back into it was because I didn't want to diminish that first overall experience of playing it."

This is exactly how I feel. Also the reason why I would not like to see a sequel to this game. Even if there is a chance of having a great sequel, I much rather remember TLoU how I do now. IMO this IP is perfect as it is.
linkenski  +   384d ago
OMFG Stop these lame articles xD
I obviously love TLoU and I think it's the best videogame story of 2013... but "THE BEST STORY OF ALL TIME?" c'mon idiots. Don't insult people who're actually into fiction.
Totoro17  +   384d ago
What would you say has a better story?
littlejuicebox  +   382d ago
I don't think you actually read the article... :P
GDDR6_2014  +   384d ago
Lmao no

(Sorry spoilers below), the game had me in tears when I had to shoot these doctors, I kept thinking why would I want to do that? But I have to do it to progress in the game lol and felt so incredibly lame
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iamnsuperman  +   384d ago
Spoiler: You only had to kill one (the one that gets in the way). You could have left the others
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IcicleTrepan  +   384d ago
plus if that had him in tears he probably needs some therapy for being too fragile.
Killzoner99  +   384d ago
You didn't have to kill them all. Not Naughty Dogs fault you weren't that good at the game.
HammadTheBeast  +   384d ago

I'm pretty sure you could say this complaint about ANY game which has you face an enemy.
McScroggz  +   384d ago
Why does it matter if you had to shoot a doctor?

It frustrates me whenever somebody uses lack of choice as a legitimate reason to criticize a game narrative that never offered any choice to begin with. Quite frankly, I much prefer a strong, well written linear story than an uneven one with choice.
blackstrr411  +   384d ago
No way. Alan wake or bioshock infite
IcicleTrepan  +   384d ago
Or how about the Half Life series.
twinspectre  +   383d ago
my fav half life is the 1st one :) or Metal gear solid :)
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Convas  +   384d ago
The Last of Us was a fantastic story, more so because of how it was executed but THE BEST STORY ever told?

Come on.
Swiggins  +   384d ago
Thank you for being reasonable.

The Last of Us is a good story told well, but it's not the best story ever told. It's not even close.

Are we going to ignore the 10 centuries of literature that preceded it, how about the 100 years of film making, or hell, the 40 previous years of videogames.

Everybody today is so quick to delcare something "the best ever", when the reality of that matter is that it likely doesn't even come close.
twinspectre  +   384d ago
What about Final Fantasy VII story ????
serratos27  +   384d ago
Or X!! Lol.
azshorty2003  +   384d ago
"It belongs up there with Fast 6, or Avatar, or any other deeply original, story driven narrative experience."

Oh you....

TLoU was fantastic, even is every aspect wasn't 100% original. It still did every one of those elements extremely well.
Ambraer  +   384d ago
It is a good thing that we are all entitled to different opinions and tastes. In your opinion tlou may be the best but that is just an opinion and not a fact.
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Walker  +   384d ago
Naughty GOD haters gonna hate
iliimaster  +   384d ago
the story in the last of us was amazing no doubt but not the best ever... final fantasy 7 to me will always be top dog
Max-Zorin  +   384d ago
Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
CrossingEden  +   384d ago
Ummmm, no its not. Not even close.
alti  +   384d ago
If you think about the plot of ffx, it's kind of incredible. Didnt bother to read this article because i already know how great the last of us is. But yeah, ffx had an incredible plot.
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serratos27  +   384d ago
I know the FF series isn't popular as other games for a lot gamers (not saying it's not popular, but the majority of gamers I know haven't played it for example) but I really wish more people would be willing to play it. The story is pretty emotional. I still remember when the Al Bhed(spelling?) were under attack and Rikku tells Tidus about Yuna's fate as a summoner. My heart sank and I swear I didn't want to feel anything ever again! Lol. The cut scenes prior to the Yunalesca battle are also some of my favorite because as hopeless as the situation was the characters don't give up and you see Yuna not being passive for once.

Sorry off-topic rant. Loved that game.
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babis1974  +   384d ago
great story for one of the best games for this generation...my opinion.
McScroggz  +   384d ago
It's certainly debatable where The Last of Us' story ranks among the all time great video game stories. However, it's definitely the most well told story I've ever seen in a video game. Never have I seen a game with so many subtle, character building moments.
calvincrack  +   384d ago
Uncharted 2 = Cliche, but uses those cliches to create genre fun.

Last of Us = Cliche, but tries to use those cliches to create drama. Nope.

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