Do you agree with the Spike VGX winners?

GotGame: So now that we have the full list of award winners of the Spike VGX, we beg the question: are you in agreement or not?

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-Foxtrot1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

I think the only ones I disagree with are

Most Anticipated
Best Soundtrack and

I feel like the best Soundtrack was only given to GTAV because they were there doing a GTAV music show, how can you have the best soundtrack when your just taking real songs from different artisits and putting them together, a real game soundtrack should of won this. I also felt like this was half of the reason why it got GOTY...because people from Rockstar were there to collect it. The other reasons because of sales/brand name

As for most anticipated all those other games look more appealing then TitanFall.

Angels37851599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Couldn't have said it better myself......
aside from the show blowing overall.

Quite honestly I wouldn't want to be associated with that show. Seriously a show that LITERALLY is between generations where the announcements should be OVERFLOWING (IT WAS A 3 HOUR EVENT!!) were surprisingly inexistent.

Probably because the companies saw how terrible it was going to turn out.

Heck I would be embarrassed to win ANYTHING from that joke. I feel bad for Naughty Dog, Irrational, Rockstar and the others who won :( Thats what is so sad :(

Edit: And OMG.....freaking Titanfall (Nothing against the game) If Geoff said Titanfall one more time I was going to smash my TV. I swear thats the one thing Joel Mchale got right. I almost assumed he was going to blow Vince just to get a fix of the game. He could NOT. SHUT. UP. ABOUT. IT.

-Foxtrot1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

I know this show should of been the biggest ever since they could of revealed a ton of new games for next gen...hell even tec demos would of done so instead of showing off their games they could of given us a preview of their new engines.

Dragon Age 3
Uncharted 4
Guerilla Games new IP
Mass Effect 4
Sony Santa Monica new IP
Fallout 4
Last of Us DLC
Last Guardian (unlikely but still)
Half life 3 (highly unlikely but still)
The Order 1886
Kingdom Hearts 3
Final Fantasy 15
Heavenly Sword 2 maybe
Crash Bandicoot

Any other brand new IP's

A lot of was missing in action. I expect E3 next year to be amazing and packed with games because usually E3 is just a place where they show off already announced games with new demos or bigger trailers. Since the VGX showed hardly nothing, with an indie title being the big game there I expect E3 to be AMAZING.

xHeavYx1599d ago

Don't forget that 3 people from the jury were from Polygon...
GTA V is a great game, but TLOU story is told way better (in my opinion of course)

irepbtown1599d ago

The Last of Us should definitely have won GOTY. GTA V was great, bags of fun, however as -Foxtrot mentioned, it was Rockstar's name that won them these awards.

Razmossis1599d ago

I can't complain about GOTY going to GTAV over TLOU, I personally couldn't decide for myself who should win it, imo, if they could go halfsies with the award, I'd have been okay with that, just 2 incredible games.

But. How did Assassins Creed win best action adventure???
GTAV is an (open world) action adventure game, and it was 'the best' game of the year. So if the 'best' game of the year is an action adventure title, logic dictates it is the best action adventure title too. No?

abzdine1599d ago

most anticipated games for me:

inFamous: SS

GOTY: The Last of Us
Best handheld game: Tearaway (haven't played Zelda yet)
Best surprise 2013: Knack

End of story

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MestreRothN4G1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

GTA V is the best game of all, they say.
But TLOU got the "best PS3 game".
And AC4 the "best action/adventure".

How on earth can this make sense?

I mean real sense, not crap VGX sense...

NukaCola1599d ago

It's odd. Why didn't R* win studio of the year then? Personally I think it's lame GTAV won soundtrack when TLOU and others had amazing composed scores.

Also I wanted to see inFamous get a nod for most anticipated. I don't think Titanfall is the hotness it's made out to be

malokevi1599d ago

Didn't watch the show. Game shows are notoriously lame. I always pick up the highlights the next day. Besides... Saturday night? Who comes up with this stuff?

I was pleased by all of: Titanfall, No Mans Sky, Witcher 3, Quantum Break and The Division. Even just getting glimpses of all of these was enough to keep me excited for what comes next.

I heard the show was crummy, but am happy to have seen more from some of my most anticipated. Disappointing by the lack of Halo 5... but glad that they are saving it for a more credible industry event, or maybe even a stand-alone reveal.

Overall, happy! People who are disappointed are the ones who set themselves up for it.

Goro1599d ago

Best soundtrack was definitely TLOU

DarthZoolu1599d ago

Are fanboys about to start the hate train for Titanfall? Probably. I don't get why some people hate online multiplayer, its the best challenge! A.I. just doesn't excite me as much as humans. I like single player but it is definitely second to multiplayer IMO. I crush single player in the HARDEST difficulty every time. Last time I had trouble in a single player was a single platform jump in Ninja GD Black. Also it was almost hard to beat a Handy Man with a pistol only in a small area. I think every gamers skill level plays alot into what type of games they like.

-Foxtrot1599d ago

So if you don't like the look of a generic looking, same old FPS with a few new things which have bee done to death in other games like Wall running in BRINK, Jetpacks in Halo Reach and Mechs in...well a few games, then your a fanboy

Please...I don't understand the the hype of this and this was BEFORE it was a Microsoft exclusive. It was like one of my first comments the second it was revealed.

The reason why most A.I suck in games is probably because those games the dev waste their time on multiplayer.

DarthZoolu1599d ago

@Foxtrot so what do you think is most anticipated? I thought Titanfall was the clear winner. I can't think of anything I want more right now.

-Foxtrot1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Destiny - Looks fun as hell and is expanding the FPS genre with this massive open world to play on with other players and even by your self if you want

South Park: The Stick of Truth - Looks hilarious and even if it wasn't south park it looks like it's a pretty good RPG.

Watch_Dogs - Looks fantastic, hacking your way round obstacles in a massive open world map, where it's not just about shooting and going in places guns blazing.

Anything but TitanFall.

I would comment on Witcher 3 but I haven't played the other two.

Why get excited for a multiplayer only game which will get old fast when you have other games which look massive and will get you entertained for weeks

wastedcells1598d ago

I love GTA5... A lot, but the last of us was GOTY in my opinion. With out a doubt. I also agree that titan fall was a weak choice for most anticipated considering what else is coming in 2014 and that titan fall is an online multiplayer only game.

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RyanRBates1599d ago

I was actually surprised Destiny didn't win Most Anticipated either, though Titanfall does look fun as heck.

Ramon3MR1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

I actually loved the GTA V soundtrack, but that kind of music, especially the older school stuff is my cup of tea.

As for Game of the Year, I feel like it should've gone to The Last of Us.

aquamala1599d ago

yes the best game won goty

GodGinrai1599d ago

TitanFall...its all that! I have played it :)..and I been counting down the days since!

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