Game of the Generation: We name our best game of the previous gaming generation -- Pixel Enemy

Game of the Generation: We name our best game of the previous gaming generation -- Pixel Enemy

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theBAWSE874d ago

Elly Vicieux..... yep she is very very nice

Maddens Raiders874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

Funny that the game starts off in Austin. Reminds me of the University of Texas commercial lol. "What starts here, changes the world." ND sure did.

TLOU is one of the best gaming experience I've ever had, hands down - fantastic story and presentation.

SpitFireAce85874d ago

Exit is that way ----->

By the way if you played the Last of Us you would know that it's one of the bast
Last gen games ..

aquamala874d ago

yeah there just can't be people that played it and don't think it's the best game of the year, let alone best of the generation

raresteak874d ago

Runner-up COD?

That would be fine in simply "Game of the Generation" which could take popularity, influence, quality, etc into account, but since you specifically state "Best Game of the Generation", no way is COD ahead of the likes of Mass Effect, Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, GTA, Bioshock and Fallout 3.

TLOU is a deserved winner though.

TheEnigma313874d ago

COD4 was an amazing game. Many people forget how good it was because the series has been milked so much.

raresteak874d ago

As great as it may be, it's not on the same level as the games/series I mentioned though.

TheEnigma313874d ago

I would say it's better than those games, but the impact it had was unmatched.

raresteak874d ago

I don't doubt that COD is the most impactful series in the generation. I'm not arguing against that, though.

WeAreLegion874d ago

Modern Warfare, for better or worse, influenced the industry in such a massive way that we're still getting the aftershock. Battlefield 2 introduced many of those aspects before MW, but MW gets the credit. Also, it was pretty freakin' awesome. The campaign and the multi-player were top-notch!

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