Infinity Ward Reveals An Online Code of Conduct for Ghosts

With the current abundance of cheaters, hackers, boosters and other aggressive and annoying gamers in Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer, Infinity Ward has taken it upon themselves to write out some basic rules and penalties for those who decide not to follow them.

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gametipcenter1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

"Modding/Hacking - First Offense: User will be permanently banned from playing the game online, will have their stats reset, and will be blocked permanently from appearing in leaderboards."


Blackdeath_6631559d ago

what i absolutely DO NOT agree with is the gliching rule. that is as a result of the dev's shortcoming they should have made a better game. if i happen to be playing online then suddenly my player gets stuck behind an invisible wall that lets me kill people without getting hit its not my fault that happened. i shouldn't exploit it yes, but even if i did i shouldn't be penalised for bad design. infinity ward should instead reward people who report glitches

gametipcenter1559d ago

I agree for the random guy that happens to walk into a spot that makes him invincible etc, but there are those that take this to an extreme and seek these kinds of glitches out constantly and exploit them to death. I think that is primarily who they are referring to.

Regarding the dev's shortcomings and making a better game, I agree to some extent. Some companies are awful at finding and fixing glitches, but even the companies that are diligent in finding and fixing glitches can't find all of them no matter how much testing they do.

I do agree that some sort of reward should be given to people reporting glitches however. Even a small reward would entice the user base to report them more often.

inf3cted11559d ago

Except they dont actually do that at all (lots of modded stats on leaderboards on other games and they didnt give a crap)

KillrateOmega1559d ago

Now the real question is whether or not they'll actually care enough to implement these punishments once the reports start coming in.

I agree with Blackdeath_663. Glitches in the map are the fault of the developers, not the players.

iiwii1559d ago

They should have done that long ago. I remember several games back (MW2 or Blops maybe) where there were hacker/cheaters that they admitted to and they didn't reset their stats or ban them. It was just frustrating.

Back-to-Back1558d ago

Offensive Behavior – Any user who is found to use aggressive, offensive, derogatory or racially charged language is subject to penalty

I'll believe that when I see that. Sounds like pure bs if you ask me.

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XiSasukeUchiha1559d ago

Yeah BS like hacking/modding was happening the first day of the game came out, like Thirsty-net where M$ can see pussies and breasts under their bras and once girls masturbates o damn M$ will chose the right ones to beat off too that Kinect code of conduct for u

XiSasukeUchiha1559d ago

It's can be true, think about it we don't know

gametipcenter1559d ago

What on earth are you blathering about?

spektical1559d ago

honestly i dont get the gripe about cheating in video games. Its a game. leave if you dont like the particular match. jesus, sound like a bunch of children, no one is forcing you to stay.

mdluffy1559d ago

Cheating destroys any FUN factor in multiplayer, like people killing you in mw2 from across the map thru buildings.
Or people getting nukes in 1 minute and finishing the match like that?
I see no fun in any of that.

mr2331559d ago

That is why I stopped playing and won't buy call of duty. Got tired of putting a whole magazine in people and having them turn towards me and get a one shot kill.

spektical1559d ago

i dont see fun in that. what i'm saying is you can very easily leave the match, and join another. Drop the ban hammer, idc. But as gamers we should stop being whinny brats. it paints the community in a demeaning way. VGX already does that for us, unfortunately.

jackanderson19851559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

that'd be like saying it's ok for your employer to cheat you out of your wages... you can leave whenever and no-one is forcing you to stay

spektical1559d ago

thats not the same and its disgusting to even categorize them as remotely the same. one is a living wage to continue with life, another is a hobby.

jackanderson19851559d ago

what if you derive a portion of your income from youtube clips or twitch(dunno if that gives money) or you are a professional gamer... cheats hamper your ability to make money... and hobby's can be a lifestyle aswell

Reborn1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

You seem like one of those folks who would never find an issue with something, until it really hits you like a ton of bricks.

It's always fun to see those type of peoples face when the realisation of their own stupidity settles in. Cheating is a problem, and the fix isn't "leave, and try another game". If everyone followed that principle, the world would be in more chaos than it already is.

The fix is getting rid of those cheaters, and ensuring stability/enjoyment through MP. This seems like a welcomed step, by those who enjoy the game, if they follow through with it.

spektical1559d ago

actually no. I just leave matches where there are too many cheaters. I realize, as a programmer, there will always be a person that will break the system. Now there needs to be ways to handle cheating, but there also needs to be a realization that sh. it happens.

KillrateOmega1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

As long as you make an effort to try and get them reported before you leave, then more power to you.

NarooN1559d ago

Your logic is abysmal. "These people are cheating their asses off, which clearly isn't supposed to happen. Let me just quit the match without reporting them because lol! YOLO!"

Cheating and 1337 h4xx0rz are things that shouldn't happen, NOR should they ever be tolerated in any online arena. Do you see other games on these consoles getting hacked like this? NO. Ghosts was fully hacked before it even came out, which says a lot about their shitty game design to even allow this to continue happening.

No one is saying that people should sit there and accept the abuse, the point is that said abuse should not be possible to begin with. To merely accept it as a fact of life is idiocy at its finest.

Section81559d ago

So if you buy a new car and the steering wheel is gone then just leave it there and take the bus. This is a paid service. If there's cheating then IW need to do a hell of a lot more to stop it. Look at MW. MW2 and 3 and WAW. All hacked. If they want our money they should be more diligent for fucks sake.

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hello121559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

I thought COD Ghosts was running dedicated servers. Its much harder to cheat on dedicated.

Its not possible, but cheaters would be instantly found out. Has anyone tested to see if the game is running dedicated servers?

cyphertech1559d ago

Let's all listen to tearaway's music and forget about Infinity Ward for a second.

Feel better?

Dark_Overlord1559d ago

The only disappointing part of your post is that you only posted the one track :P

The entire album is great :)

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