PlayStation Plus: Borderlands 2 Free for Members

by Kristine Steimer": Borderlands 2, one of 2012’s most critically acclaimed titles, is entering the Instant Game Collection tomorrow. Pick one of four new vault hunters (I went with Maya the Siren) and grab your randomly generated weapon, ‘cause a pesky psychopath called Handsome Jack is terrorizing the world of Pandora (but hey, he does it in style). Borderlands 2 excels in co-op mode, so team up with up some friends to explore the land. There are plenty of things to mow down for experience points and nothing feels better than a rare loot drop, plus you can customize your character to dish out more damage or provide support for you & your friends."

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xHeavYx1350d ago

NA PS+ has been on a roll

GarrusVakarian1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Wow! I played the heck out of this game on the 360 so im not too bothered if the EU PS plus doesn't get it, but damn good deal for people who haven't played this.

PS plus continues to absolutely kill it.

bromtown1350d ago

I've noticed EU and NA have different AAA games but over a few months they usually rotate so that we mostly end up with the same stuff eventually. Sometimes EU will have it before, sometimes NA will get something amazing and we'll have to wait.

abzdine1350d ago

Europe just got Grid 2, Sonic Racing and Guacamelee on both PS3 and Vita

fattyuk1350d ago

hope we get this over here in the eu!

I've never really dived into borderlands and I keep saying I'll get round to it,I think I've got the 1st one from ps plus I really do need to fire it up.

Name Last Name1350d ago

I'm still hurt for not getting AC3 though

3-4-51350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

ahh checked on my 360 yesterday we get...........6 year old game Gears of Brown......BARF

PSN is awesome. Hopefully it stays that way with PS4

TheDevKit1350d ago

What's wrong with Gears of War? I don't see the point of making the comparison if each service is offering a relatively decent game.

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Mikelarry1350d ago

Awesome i can finally pick this up

TheEnigma3131350d ago

Sony is giving the gamers what they want, games. PS+ pays for itself. I still don't understand how there's people still without ps+.

ABizzel11350d ago

Some people just don't like not knowing. A few of my friends are in the stupid bunch. There's no reason you shouldn't have PS+, even if you don't like every game there's going to be something you enjoy.