Infinity Ward Has Officially Run Out of Ideas. The Wolf DLC is Coming

In what seems like a stupid joke, Infinity Ward's alleged next DLC or microtransaction is going to be a skin – not for you but for your Guard Dog, the killstreak. At first, Call of Duty: Ghosts's Riley was butt of every joke on the internet. For better or for worse, Riley was all over social networking sites. Some for ridicule, some for praise but mostly ridicule. Well, if Riley wasn't cool enough for ya, by next week, you can pay a measly $4 to change Riley into "The Wolf"

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Stuart57561353d ago

Good god. How does COD continue to sell millions? When is it going to die?

Neonridr1353d ago

when people stop buying the game..

irepbtown1353d ago

I doubt that will happen any time soon. I really thought with this new gen, that Activision (IW in this case) would step up and really improve the game.

I guess it was just wishful thinking.

Slightly more OT: $4 for a skin? Which is for a killstreak? What? Are they serious?

Dee_911353d ago


worldwidegaming1353d ago

Is that a downgrade from "horse armor"?

UncleGermrod1353d ago

Ever since mw3(though the franchise was fatigued well before that point) I have been saying how I will probably not buy "next year's" CoD game. I have gotten everyone so far, but Ghosts really kind of shows just how foolish I have been for hoping for more. They felt they needed to change it up, because even activision and IW know it is tired. But these changes have led to more problems and the overall CoD experience has been hurt.

Here's hoping Treyarch can capture some of the chaos of Blops2 along with some nice additions. Either way, at the very least, I will be waiting out the launch to see if the game is worth $60 and a season pass.

Also, next year will see the release of Titanfall, among other highly anticipated shooters, so maybe we will actually see the true fall of CoD.

I think Activision should let the main series rest for a while and put treyarch and IW on new, more ambitious projects. In the mean time, they could release the F2P CoD Online so the hard-core fans have something interesting and enjoyable to play. They will likely still make tons of cash on the microtransactions in that game, and maybe CoD will actually go to rest with some dignity, that is, if it has any left.

SJPFTW1353d ago

Next up... Unicorn dog skin DLC

colonel1791353d ago

Well, there was a time when we believe Rockband and Guitar Here would never end, and now they are dead!

I think that there's going to be interesting games announcements this generation that will, ultimately, finish with COD. Right now is the start of the generation and no one has announced real next gen games.

I say that by 2015 COD will be no more.

abzdine1353d ago

people wonder how this licence will die but still get their copies day one.. just hilarious!!

HammadTheBeast1353d ago

In b4 $25 skins for League.

But to be fair, those are completely redone characters basically, and there's 2 of them that expensive.


johndoe112111353d ago

It died for me the day I played my first killzone shadow fall multiplayer match.

nukeitall1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Maybe CoD will die when the original creator launches their the next game, Titanfall.

Personally I like CoD. Don't understand the hate towards it.

Heck, why can't I enjoy my game without people pissing on it?

ThunderSpark1353d ago

Waiting for The Kibbles & Bits DLC

memots1353d ago

Won't happen.

Just look at top seller on all system,
On PSN, Xbox live and even steam. You check popular and its always Cod and the dlc.

Its ridiculous

yezz1353d ago


That is exactly what I was thinking! "Not even Activision is that stupid that it doesn't step some game up when there is a new generation." WRONG!!

They have reached a point where they get tons of money no matter what they do, so why bother.. cunts

shadowsatey1353d ago

I stopped buying Call of Duty, after Black Ops.
I know, it took me a while.

PS4FEVER1353d ago

I've never bought any cod game. I love single player games though. Should i buy the latest game?

Neonridr1353d ago

@PS4EVER - No, if you want a good single player experience, get Modern Warfare 1 or 2. Black Ops 1 had an OK story too, but it gets pretty ridiculous after that.

Are_The_MaDNess1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

@In b4 $25 skins for League.
dont even start there!
LOL got insane prices and messed up microtranactions.
atleast you get everything from the start in Dota and you get items on every level and a drop chance in every game. and you can combine your items not just put on a skin with everything.....

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solidsheep1353d ago

COD reminds me of the Simpsons.

dericb111353d ago


The Simpsons do not reharsh their episodes. They have done just about everything but still bring new things. COD just slaps more old paint on the other paint and the other layer of paint.

MestreRothN4G1353d ago

It is a valid analogy, since both have been revolucionary in its time and both completely stopped in time.

plaZeHD1353d ago

The Simpsons is just horrendous now days.

Deadpoolio1353d ago

The Simpsons should have been cancelled like 15 years ago, it stopped being anything more than just god awful after around the 10th season. The movie was just god awful horrendous.....COD really should have stopped after MW2, when Infinity Ward left, at least change the name, they aren't infinity ward anymore all those people are gone

IcicleTrepan1353d ago

I don't see how this is any different than the skins you can put on your OWL in Shadowfall.

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ajkula1353d ago

Modern warfare was the best, and a Great game besides, just the rest was reusing the dishes' water to cook the soup...

Stuart57561352d ago

Superb analogy, other people say things like 'new paint over old paint, over old paint' then you pull that out of the bag, recycling old useless crap that was once good for something to try to make something better and it falling flat on it's face. Brilliant analogy.

CuddlyREDRUM1353d ago

I ask the same of all Rockstar games.

jahfen831353d ago

It's the best FPS, that's why. Yeah I said it and sales do equate the best. COD sells more than any other FPS cause it's the best for it's genre, just like Justin Bieber is the best when it comes to his genre of music. There I said it! You can kick and scream but numbers don't lie.

1353d ago
T21353d ago

wow you almost put up a solid argument and then .... justin bieber.

SirBradders1353d ago

COD represents the sheep of society, im not saying everyone who plays COD are sheep because some do actually enjoy it but there are so many people that follow eachother or have no minds of their own and follow trends and these are the same people that believe in everything they see in the mainstream media and also attach themselves to multi million dollar celebrities because they feel some sense of achievement from it.

Alsybub1352d ago

Wow, you really couldn't be more wrong. Just because something is the most popular doesn't, automatically, make it the best.

CoD is living on past glory. It still sells by the bucket load because the mainstream will continue to buy a product that they know, without researching what else is out there. It's blind loyalty.

If you haven't properly experienced the alternatives, and I'm not talking about playing five minutes of Battlefield (for example) with a pre judgment that you hate it,then how are you to know if something else is better?

I'd rather look at all of my options, try them out, and then play the game that feels best to me.

Of course, it all comes down to your own preference, but for me I'd much rather play something that pushes the boundaries. I don't really want to play something that, while it was great in 2007, has aged significantly. I also refuse to pay full price for a game that is, in essence, a glorified addon to a six year old game.

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3-4-51353d ago

We have 330 + Million people in this country.

Not all of them are smart.

This is why this game sells and will sell forever.

The ignorant prefer to stay ignorant.

It's easier.

ABizzel11353d ago


I don't think it has to do with people being ignorant, but you last statement is exactly what it is. "It's easy". Anybody can pick up and play COD, because it's basically a point and shoot. See something move shoot it, it's the ultimate example of the #brodude / #dudebro / #broman. Shoot. 60fps and fast gameplay sealed the deal.

But with the new consoles pretty much every FPS will have multiplayer that's 60fps, so that's the first nail in the coffin.

The second nail is evolution, with games offering new ways to play. BF4 64 player huge maps air, ground, and water combat (if they can get it running), TitanFall aerial maneuver and mech fights (COD 2.0), etc... All it'll take is a big boost in diversity of FPS, and COD is going to lose more and more market share.

It's not going to happen soon, because most people like easy and most people hate change, but it's going to happen eventually.