Battlefield 4: Overview of Sniper Rifles

Looking to take up the role of a sniper in Battlefield 4? Learn all about the various sniper rifles that are available to the Recon kit in BF4. This article covers each weapon's background, available attachments, unlock requirements, and more.

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xc7x1713d ago

basically BF3 choices all over again

Finch1713d ago

I only play on hardcore and the rooms are over filled with snipers. Love hard core but the snipers really kill it if you want to play any other class. Only good thing is you may die alot against a sniper team, but you almost never lose the match.

VENOMACR12271713d ago

I agree and that's where the problem for the game comes in. I love hardcore because you don't take 10 bullets and keep running around. The one thing I HATE about sniping, head shots are only 1 shot kill in regular mode. If I hit you in the upper chest with a magnum round for a .50 caliber sniper rifle, your dead. But no....the first sniper rifle does the same damage as a .50 caliber, yet you have jerks running around with the semi automatic sniper rifles that had the luxury of missing you with 10 bullets before finally hitting you. I think the damage needs to be nerfed on the semi automatic sniper rifles and turned up on regular bolt action. I hate hitting someone in the chest and then have them run off and I have to finish them off with a pistol.

Alduin1712d ago

It's a game, not real life. And more than likely you're not getting kills when hitting from the chest up because you're way too far out. Damage drops steeply with range.

VENOMACR12271712d ago

So if a .50 caliber hits you from lets say 500 yards in the chest, that shouldn't instantly kill you?

Matt6661713d ago

Bit upset how you can't have the high powered scopes on the DMR's, since I prefer DMR's over bolt actions.

Alduin1712d ago

Meh, they're not really meant for sniping. They're just strong precision rifles.

Matt6661712d ago

Even though in real life the following are semi-atuo snipers:
SR-25 - (MK11)
Dragunov sniper rifle - (SVD-12)

The other in the lists are either used as DMR's/Cross semi-atuo sniper's oor are based on other real life weapons.

So to make the game more fair they really should high powered scopes to the DMR's.

Alduin1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

@VENOMACR1227 - Again you're basing your opinions of what should happen in-game on what would happen in real life. Theoretically speaking SHOULD a .50 caliber sniper kill you in one shot to the chest? Absolutely.

But you have to base your reasoning on the game's mechanics not what SHOULD happen. Almost all of the snipers in BF4 have the ability to execute one-shot kills but only within a certain range. Typically after 12-14 meters the maximum damage inflicted by the bullet drops below 100. So once you're beyond that range you will NOT get a one-shot kill unless its a direct headshot.