Europe's eShop Update Links To A Past Zelda On Wii U

Wii U owners in Europe can revisit a truly classic Zelda when CD-i great Link: The Faces of Evil arrives on the eShop later this week.

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Neonridr1442d ago

For a second there, I thought they really were going to release the CD-i version(s). That would have been hilarious.

That being said, I will definitely pay the $1.50 to upgrade my Wii VC download of A Link to the Past to the Wii U VC.

XiSasukeUchiha1442d ago

Nice, i would enjoy that all day, everyday

GordonKnight1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )


dieforgame1442d ago

Hard to pay $8 for an emulation when I still own a working cartridge and SNES lol.

swice1442d ago

Your tune will change when you start becoming lazy

GordonKnight1442d ago

I thought the same thing until I realized that the gamepad is awesome for the SNES classics. Now I want all my VC games on the Wii U. I got Earthbound for Wii U VC even though I have the original cart and I must say the Gamepad is the perfect retro game console. Only if Nintendo would release more games faster.

XXXL1442d ago

I agree. Nintendo releasing them at this rate is ridiculous.

user95970821442d ago

I know right? Considering that they only released 20 n64 games in six years of Wii, there's unfortunately not much reason to get your hopes up.

Takwin1442d ago

Give us more SNES and Gamecube titles.

Market the shit out of:
1. Cheaper by $100-$200 dollars
2. No yearly online fee
3. Only one with games backwards compatibility
4. Only one with controllers backwards compatibility
5. Off-TV play out of the box
6. VC titles for nostalgic fun
7. 10+ AAAA amazing exclusives by end of 2014

FlyingFoxy1442d ago

"Zelda CDI games, you want it?"
"it's yours my friend!"

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