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Assassin's Creed IV, Battlefield 4 retail sales disappoint - Pachter

Analyst notes "far weaker than expected debuts" for big franchises, believes PS4 outsold Xbox One by 66% (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   449d ago
Good, maybe both Ubi and EA will realise that its time to give these franchises a rest and/or some decent dev time. BF needs an overall boost in quality and AC needs better story, AI and a complete overhaul to the free running and combat.

Ah, who am i kidding.....
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OMNlPOTENT  +   449d ago
AC4 had a great story. It didn't force too many present day sections like previous titles did, and it actually had really good character development in my eyes. The freerunning is hit or miss, it'd be hard to make a much better one but I'll agree it has failed me quite a few times. The AI and combat I'm not gonna argue with. The new pistol mechanics were very welcome but the combat is dreadfully easy. If they tried to do something like a Witcher combat system(without the magic. please no magic assassins, that would be way too much)it'd make stealth so much more rewarding. The ship combat on the other hand is the best I've ever seen. Either way despite if AC4 was a milked game, it was a damn good milked game.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   448d ago
But can the cow deliver again? lol
OMNlPOTENT  +   448d ago
@jebemvamsestru I can only hope the best for the AC series. It is one of my favorite series and I really do hope they will stop the annual releases. AC4 is the first one since Brotherhood I was able to play without taking a month break in between. It wasn't because Revelations and 3 were bad games. The annual releases just started showing how little innovation they were doing with the series. Even if every game is as good AC4 or (doubtfully) better, I think a lot of people will get fatigued and a good game won't get the treatment it deserves. All in all, annual releases are bad. Seeing what they did with AC4 in one year; I would love to see what they could accomplish in 2 or 3 years.
fattyuk  +   449d ago
The problem with AC for me is that where I couldn't get into the last 3 games (revelations/brotherhood/ac3) I found myself going into AC4 with the attitude that I'd only play it for an hour an be bored, but luckily day know what I really am enjoying it!

Problem is I had to google to find out the actual AC storyline of the last 3 games, and I'm sorry but the franchise has gone way to far to actually have a main storyline as its all over the place now!
GameSpawn  +   449d ago
I wouldn't say the story is all over the place. They just ran a long ways with the precursor twist at the end of AC2. A lot had happened regarding the present day over the course of Brotherhood, Revelations, and AC3. Not so much that a good wiki can't catch you up though.

AC4 did fix a lot of the nagging issues that AC3 had and I'll be damned if they haven't perfected naval combat. I spend more time in AC4 fighting and taking over ships than I did in the rest of the game (I've completed everything 100% by now). The naval combat is really intuitive and fun; don't think it is too easy though as even with a fully leveled and stocked ship the Legendary ships (5 separate ships) will really make you use every tactic you know to take them down.
morganfell  +   449d ago
The issue here is Pacther disappoints and far more often than any video game. There is zero reason an article should have been written detailing his tired and so often inaccurate opinion concerning gaming issues.
Back-to-Back  +   449d ago
AC games are always good but every year does this franchise a major disservice. Every other year would be much better and you would see more hype for these games.
RedDeadLB  +   449d ago
While AC4 is an excellent game by any standard, I too believe it needs a combat overhaul. The combat is far too simple and it actually feels disconnected from everything else. It's not as free flowing as in, for example, Batman Arkham games. The animations are pretty bad as well, most of the hits don't even connect and there is no feeling of weight to any move.

It's pretty unsatisfying.
MrCrimson  +   449d ago
AC4 was WAY better than I anticipated. I gamefly'd it and my god was I blown away by how good it was compared to its predecessor.
RE_L_MAYER  +   449d ago
they just keep milking the shit out of those games until it turns into complete diarrhea
chaldo  +   449d ago
AC4 is actually the best since AC2..
RE_L_MAYER  +   449d ago
Didnt play any since ac 2 but actually really like it being a pirate...hopefully they will do assasins creed with samurai time
RustedMan  +   449d ago
I enjoyed revelations, have yet to play black flag, want to play it on my non existent ps4.
But yeah, AC2 was a damn near masterpiece.
Trekster_Gamer  +   448d ago
My son has enjoyed all assassins creed games. I could never get into them but, this one looks really fun to me. Maybe it is like Farcry 3 had inspired black flag but I am definitely going to give this one a try!
DanielGearSolid  +   449d ago
At this point I dont even care if its a new IP or not. Make a game with some varied gameplay... Sheesh

I get they want the the name sake to sell copies but damn... Just cause COD sells the same bullshit every year doesnt mean you have to follow

Tho I will say, AC is doing alot of fresh New things with the pirate life gameplay
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hellzsupernova  +   449d ago
Assassins creed 4 relies way to much on follow this person /ship it is horribly repetitive and boring.

However the ship combat and story are fantastic
BX81  +   449d ago
Just got done playing some black flag 5 min ago. Great game and so was ac3.
gobluesamg  +   449d ago
I'm having a great time with Black Flag on PS4. It is so much more polished than 3. What a pleasant surprise.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   449d ago
I agree, its a good game and there are plenty of things i like about it but it still suffers from a non interesting story, seriously bad AI (im talking PS2 era AI here), frustrating free running mechanics and combat that can literally be played with one finger.

Its a sign for change when being a pirate is the bigger focus/strength than being an assassins in a game called Assassins Creed.
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getmad  +   449d ago
Totally agree with you! The AI is one of the worst I've ever seen. Last time I saw AI that bad it really was the PS2 era. And the game is just too repetitive.. really boring. And I love the AC series, but AC3 and AC4 are just bad and boring
MasterCornholio  +   449d ago
I like the game a lot as well. At least it wasnt a crap fest like AC3 was which I only played because I got it for free with plus.
UnHoly_One  +   449d ago
Yeah, honestly I think it is my favorite of the whole series so far.

Maybe I'm just a pirate at heart.
syne49  +   449d ago
I really enjoyed ACIV quite a bit. I am still hesitant to pick up BF4 just based on all the problems its been having. I hope it gets fixed up soon.
SmartassesCreed  +   449d ago
AC4 looks incredible on PS4,especially since its 1080p on it. I thought 3 was awful. Connor was dull, Edward is as likeable as Ezio in my opinion.
TheFallenAngel  +   449d ago
My brother is getting the xbone this weekend along with black flag. He liked assassins creed 3, so that's why he's picking this up and maybe dead rising 3. We didn't like dead rising 2 but loved dead rising 1. Screw battlefield.
Tzuno  +   449d ago
assassins creed need a new approach and a different mechanic. Is the same only in another time periods and that is boring. These days i finish games like a robot and i forgot how is to be amazed by a game. last game that amazed me was Two brothers a tale a two sons. A masterpiece if you finish it.
vikingland1  +   449d ago
I agree brothers was an amazing game a bit short but wow it was great!
RE_L_MAYER  +   449d ago
I might have to pick it up along with minecraft since it first comes for ps3
spektical  +   449d ago
AC4 is a blast. I skipped out on BF4 because of the future premium edition, and I'm glad i did with all the issues it has on the ps4.
Rzep  +   449d ago
Both games are good, but BF4 is buggy and AC4 is the easiest game I've played this year.
vikingland1  +   449d ago
I hate when I'm free running in AC4 and he goes the wrong direction and gets all messed up. This is AC4 and it does what AC1 does. They should fix that by now.
J@D  +   449d ago
especially when I'm trying to grab those shanty flyers... oh, good Lord!
RE_L_MAYER  +   449d ago
Shanty flew away.........AAAHHHGGG
DeadMansHand  +   449d ago
You know the shanties respawn in same spot every time? I never chase them. Just make them start once then sit in spot they spawn on. After it flies away it respawns in literally one minute. It will spawn right on you and you get it every time.
feraldrgn  +   449d ago
This game is amazing, it should be selling more.
Best main AC game imo.

The only thing that I dislike about it, is the auto-climb.
Make it so I have to hold R2 + X to climb.
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MaverickStar7  +   449d ago
I'm only about 1/3 through the game on PS4 and I love it so far. This game has renewed my intrest in the franchise at this point. I'm especially enjoying the whole Abstergo employee part of the story much more than playing Desmond.

While I'm sure franchise fatigue is a big part of slower sales for some games. I would say a significant part of that is due to the new consoles releases. In other years where people could buy many games this time of the year. They are buying new consoles for $400-500, and that could limit the amount of games they are picking up.
Terror2k9  +   448d ago
Or maybe in battlefields case releasing something that is not a glorified beta test. In this case needs a crazy amount of patching to become enjoyable.It is sad that these companys can get away with stuff like this the game is beautiful but it is broken and sold to us that way.If I knew how bad it was I would have never laid out 65 dollars for what the game is right now.Crashes,bugs and more bugs.Is it so hard for the companys to iron out these things before releasing the product.All this shit should not be in a game being released making the kind of money these games do.
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T2  +   448d ago
I'm thinking the sales for these will be slow but steady, as more hardware units are purchased... I mean how many copies could you sell on 2 million next gen systems? I know you could buy them now and upgrade, but I have a felling most aren't doing that yet.. I did get bf4 for ps3 but not paying another 10 bucks to put AC4 on ps4.
Keregan  +   448d ago
I don't see where is the problem. Ubisoft already sold 3.4 million copy of AC4 in like what...3 weeks. Sounds good to me, i think it should easely reach 5 million in 2014.

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