PS4 Half a Million Ahead of Xbox One in The US During November, Says Analyst

PlayStation 4 is estimated to have sold around 1.25 million units in the US during November - around half a million more units than the Xbox One, according to predictions made by Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter.

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BelkingOfSony1565d ago

Pachter is the worst analyst ever, but this estimate seems legit

bessy671565d ago

Nah, it's Pachter. His margin of error is usually over 100%.

hakeem09961565d ago

that's not a lot if it's only half a million ahead .considering that Sony Cant keep up with demand when they actually started production months before the XBOXONE .MS will eclipse that gap in no time .

gaffyh1565d ago

@hakeem - LOL, you can't get delusion like that anywhere else other than N4G.

AlexanderNevermind1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@ hakeem,

Its widely accepted that MS is going to get trounced by Sony outside the US. The fact that Sony is even leading at all in the US now has to be worrisome to MS. And 500k is a lot!!

Also remember The PS4 has not even launched in Asia.

If this article is taken as valid (more likely valid then not as it seems to fall in line with game sales) then MS is trailing significantly and the gap will only get bigger.

mewhy321565d ago

I agree with Alex. That Sony is ahead of ms in the U.S. is a big deal. I mean it's ms's home turf and they're behind. I'm sure that price has a lot to do with that and the early adopters are usually tech savvy too. That means they'd be doing a lot of research on the specs and things of that nature.

ThunderSpark1565d ago

If Pachter says 500, 000 it's probably 1 million.

NewMonday1565d ago

1.25 million PS4s vs 750,000 Xbox One

PS4 is outselling the XB1 by 5-3 in the USA alone

n4rc1565d ago

But you guys forget ms only launched in 14 countries... The rest will add a nice bump to sales as well.. Its not only Sony left to launch in places

Ghoul1565d ago

to be fair usa is not xbox country in general.
they had an immense supporter amount with the 360.
1 head headstart and gears of war did they're job pretty well.

before the 360 ps2 was the dominant platform, and it looks like its "just" goin back to sony

MazzingerZ1565d ago

Why everyone so surprised? When has the US purchased lots of a console that sucks? X360 was kick ass when it launched and during first 3 years, later on lives from that reputation, US did purchase lots of PS2s as well so why they wouldn't purchase more the PS4?

It's hard earned money and gamers want the best gaming console out there, everybody knows that SONY will provide lots of exclusives and new franchises, like they do in every gen, nationalism crapp doesn't give you gaming experiences, it's hard to believe someone would buy a console only because is an american product

MorePowerOfGreen1565d ago

Bet money it's the PS4 that is behind by that. Analyst are being proved wrong every minute now. Media and Analyst have grossly underestimated Xb1's popularity, demand and appeal.

DragonKnight1565d ago

There are 2 individuals missing from this topic. They won't show up though given the nature of it.

A half of a million units seems plausible given the demand for the PS4.

@n4rc: This is about the U.S. not the world.

vigilante_man1565d ago

@MorePowerOfGreen: I'll take your money off you! PS4 is all over XB1 right now..

mikeslemonade1565d ago

Wait PS4 already 5:3 already..?? Thought it was 3:2 early on. X1 faltering faster than I thought..

gaffyh1565d ago

@MorePOG - You must have money to waste.

LeCreuset1565d ago


Let me do you a favor and turn your subjective "not a lot" into mathematical numbers.

Not a lot = 40% of the predicted PS4's sold.

Not a lot = 66.66% of the predicted Xbox's sold.

Sevir1565d ago


MorePOG bought an under powered console thinking it was more powerful than it's biggest rival. Even when the sales drop this week on the 11th he'll deny it.

In the US, Sony has sold through approximately 1.25 million units could be even more, that would place MS somewhere at 750k for the month in the US, with the most coming out from black Friday weekend!

If MS had sold a million units in one region they'd have trumpeted all ready.
As it stands they haven't, Sony cleared a million in north America, and a 1.1 million in PAL regions.

PS4 have been incredibly hard to find currently, so they'd have sold more if they they could meet demand...

Fans like MorePOG, simply don't want to believe the facts that PS4 is the hot item for this holiday!

DoesUs1565d ago

POG, were you sweating and shaking after typing that?! Its inferior...get over cloud is going to magically turn it into something else. You lead a sheltered life son, and i feel sorry for you.

See you at Nov's NPD results.

mediate-this1565d ago

@gaffy nect gen consoles wont do anything special in asia mainly japan. Consoles are dying in japan.

come_bom1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

X1 was 100$ more expensive and come out a week later... so he's probably right.

frostypants1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Pachter is such a fraud that he manages to break the laws of mathematics in his margin of statistical error. If he ever said something truly accurate, the universe would shoot itself in the face through its butthole.

That said I don't doubt that the PS4 has outsold the One by some margin...all of the preliminary signs were there in terms of pre-orders and how quickly each sold out.

Prime1571565d ago

This is the same guy who said the Xbox would outsell Sony by Christmas...

His forecasting sucks, but I trust his empirical data.

Pogmathoin1565d ago

Gaffy, alex, they both sold what was made... Simple... No need for fanboyism... Really...

ChrisW1564d ago

What numbers?!? I see no numbers! I'm blind to the blindness that has blinded me from seeing!

King-u-mad1564d ago


Xbox One - 41 Territories

PS4 - 32 Territories

PS4 is leading with less availability...

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ABizzel11565d ago

When it comes to FACTUAL NUMBERS and getting pre-existing data he's usually on point, it's not until he start guessing potential game sales, and console sales and trends that he goes to Pachtland.

Megaton1565d ago

Right, like in 2008 when he got every single month wrong for NPD estimates when picking the 360 or the PS3 as the top seller. That was the whole reason I even knew who he was. An analyst who was wrong 100% of the time. Was amazing.

Visiblemarc1565d ago

Yeah, exactly...when reporting on the work of others, he's alright. Then he plays prediction dartboard and it all falls apart.

Triella1565d ago

He's not, e.g. he said MS was producing 1 million consoles per month which is in total contradiction with MS own target shipment figures (6.2 m in ten months). Therefore MS was only able to manufacture 1.5 m for launch, and said batch is definitely not sold out. Bet their sales are 1.3 million max, with 850k in the US.

As for Sony they had 2.7 m to cover US and EU launch... Everything seems to have flown from the shelves. They probably allocated a little more in the US than Europe so they wouldn't have to restock for Black Friday... 1.5 for US and 1.2 for EU.

According to this, the gap in the US is more probably around 650k, while in Europe it should be around 800k.

Baka-akaB1565d ago

How could you not be on point about factual numbers ?

1565d ago
Back-to-Back1565d ago

Shhh in his mind he still thinks it was a good comment.

slimeybrainboy1565d ago

Pachters good. He has alot of insight. He was talking about this on a recent Pach Attack, it's not his job to predict the future, noone will do that 100%, it's his job to give context to allow others to form their predictions.

For instance, he said a while back that the reason digital games are as/more expensive than discs is that retailers would get pissed off at being cut out of the industry. And that's what Sony just said the other day. So he was right in his insight, it's up to you what you do with his context, his guess is as good as anyones when it comes to prognosticating.

InTheLab1565d ago

No, he's actually not. Wedbush won't hire any moron off the street. He's really good at what he ACTUALLY does for a living.

The problem is, most gamers have no clue what he does for a living and just assume he sits around guessing what scores will be and how many copies a game will sell.

3-4-51565d ago

People like Pachter have Mastered how to be wrong and still keep a job.

He must be making a few people a whole lot of money.

That is the problem though, his main job, helping people make smart investments or whatever he only needs to help a few who will give him his cutbacks.

He can then give BS info to every other of his "lower" clients and thus help the larger guys make more money.

Pachter is a smart man, but I don't trust him. He's also not as intelligent as he could be. There is room for improvement......he may disagree though.

rocky0475861565d ago

Pachter explained what his job is and I can see where he's coming from with it. His job is to make predictions. He doesn't have to be right or wrong about them, "My job is not to talk to journalists, it's to talk to investors," says Pachter, while talking to journalists. "If I say that a Wii HD is coming, it outrages fanboys who think that Nintendo always knows better, but it doesn't particularly outrage investors." Then he goes on to say, "There are a handful of readers who make personal attacks, and I would tell them that I have no stake in the outcome of anything I talk about (I don't even invest in the companies I cover), and most of what I say is just opinion. I don't say things because I hope they come true; I say them because I think they will come true.

"I don't think I've gone a week without having an incorrect prediction. Nobody cares if I'm right, except fanboys. My clients are merely looking for a benchmark in front of numbers so that they can assess whether the stocks of the companies I cover will go higher or lower."

So I can see where he's coming from with his predictions. I'm not taking up for him or anything, just showing you guys why he seems always wrong and why he gets to keep his job as an analyst.

qzp1564d ago

He knows obvious shit any gamer would know like if a game like skyrim is good there-for it will sell well.

Anon19741565d ago

Certainly this is quite the reversal in the US. Last gen, we saw the 360 roughly selling double the PS3 in the US while the PS3 cleaned up in the rest of the world. Something like 60% of all 360's sold were sold in the US.

Now it looks like Sony's managed to flip that on it's head in the US. Already, this really is starting to look like it could be a PS2 style blowout worldwide.

MysticStrummer1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Not that this is some big US market indicator, but I'm hanging with some family that includes the only person I know that I assumed would want an XB1... an 11 year old boy whose friends all had 360s this generation. I figured we'd have a good natured argument over which console was preferable.

His console wish? PS4.

His opinion of XB1? "No. Just no."

Every single gamer I know wants a PS4. None want an XB1. Again, just numbers from my personal gaming universe.

Chrischi19881565d ago

Patcher saying something bad about your console, is always good for your console, because he is almost always not right. That is some magic power, too, but a stupid one ^^

zodiac9091565d ago

Honestly! I have no idea how he keep his job! like he predicts a bunch of bullshit where 90% of it never happens and he gets paid for it! I wish i could predict bullshit and get paid for it.

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yellowgerbil1565d ago

As pachter has stated himself, this isn't what he does for a living. it is him just guessing for the heck of it and he will be wrong more than right. The fact that he is able to gain some fame out of his predictions is an impressive feat in and of itself.

TAURUS-5551564d ago

the console war was over along time ago.

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DanielGearSolid1565d ago

When is the next games conference? The sales talk has gotten boring now, what games are coming out?!?!

DanielGearSolid1565d ago

F***… thats a long wait.
Gonna have to stick with my Ps3 for now

Hellsvacancy1565d ago


I'm sticking with my PS3, i've still got Final Fantasy X HD and Dark Souls 2 to play

TheFallenAngel1565d ago


I went back to my ps3 this weekend. I finally had the chance to play The Last of Us. Why did GTA 5 got game of the year over TLOU? I have both and I haven't touched gta5 in weeks. Ready for my second play.

DanielGearSolid1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )


Ohhh yea Dark Souls 2 cant wait for that.

It's crazy how consoles got more powerful but games got more one dimensional. Demon Souls/Dark Souls, one of the few that really pushed gameplay variety


I still haven't played TLOU. Im holding out for a free on PS Plus or more realistically a $20 price tag

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nukeitall1565d ago

Why wait for E3?

The most anticipated game next year, Titanfalls, is out in March!

Can you tell I am excited?


That said, showing games, but waiting for the release is agonizing. Then it is released and no time to play! 😠

GarrusVakarian1565d ago

"The most anticipated game next year, Titanfalls, is out in March! "

It's called Titanfall, and that's purely your own opinion. The Witcher 3, Quantum Break and The Division are my most anticipated.

Silly gameAr1565d ago

Why would PS4 owners be anticipating that game?

theBAWSE1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

didn't you know? nukeitall believes his opinion counts for everyone..

his comment was a quick glimpse into his feverishly fanboy thoughts.. scary place is his mind

princejb1341565d ago

The division is my most anticipated game next year followed by titanfall.
I'm a bit scared of Titan fall though. Every online shooter I have played where a character is able to get on top of buildings is a camp fest.

Volkama1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

I would imagine he is referring to the award it just got from VGX, in which case it's not just his opinion. It's just not a properly qualified statement :)

Personally I can't wait to get my hands on Titanfall, I'm already dusting off my keyboard and mouse in anticipation!

It does look like there are a few heavy hitters in the pipeline for all platforms next year.

@Princejb134 it looks like it'll take approximately 2 seconds to get on top of that building and great the camper with your weapon of choice, once you know your way around.

NatureOfLogic1565d ago

@nukeitall I'm sure he's waiting for more true next gen games. Not a game that he play on the cheaper Xbox 360 or his PC. PS4/PC gamer get the most with Titanfall, Killzone, Uncharted, Star Citizen, Most of the indies, Infamous, F2P games, PC/PS4 cross multiplayer games and much more. PC/PS4 combo is the best.

vigilante_man1565d ago

Infamous Second Son for me. Followed by Watch Dogs and then Driveclub - all in that order...

Sevir1565d ago

Lol, Titanfall looks great, I'll get it on PC, and play it with my PS4 controller, however! My most anticipated title isn't another first person shooter, it A PS4 exclusive known as Infamous which has also been getting plenty of Fuss from both camps. :) and it ALSO releases in march! And will likely keep my attention for some time

HiddenMission1565d ago

That's solely your opinion considering Titanfall doesn't even make it into my top 10 for next year.

Give me some Witcher 3, inFamous Second Son, Watch Dogs, Division, Destiny, Dying Light, Dragon Age Inquisition, MGS:GZ, Strider, Drive Club and I'm sure I'm missing others.

just my opinion Titanfall is just CoD with mechs, jetpacks and inferiour Mirrors Edge mixed in and yes I played it at PAX Prime this year.

To each their own right.

1565d ago
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JackISbacK1565d ago

not at e3 but will be announced,it better to play games on your xb360 or ps3,dark souls 2 is coming out,but not to wait for june. titanfall,infamous ss,drivelub ,mgs ground zero,sunset overdrive,project spark,or watch dogs are coming in springs or around march. no wait for games ,but no games at januaery.

Gamer6661565d ago

CES will have both MS and Sony there in January. But, probably not much new news.

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TheFallenAngel1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Can't wait to see NPD. He probably already saw the NPD for November so he's playing safe

medman1565d ago

Very impressive Sony, very impressive.

andibandit1565d ago

dunno people were talking about the ps4 was gonna outsell the xb1 4:1 a few months ago

Sevir1565d ago

Well if an estimated 1.25 million was sold in the US and they are 500k ahead, that places the XBO at roughly 750k in the units that's a 5:3 ratio sell through if you combine what been reported so far, WW numbers for XBO is reportly 1.2 million sold while Sony is 2.1 million that's a near 2:1 ratio! That 4:1 ratio you bring up, was actually for specific regions in Europe.

Keep in mind MS Still hasn't sold out of the 1.5 million it allocated for launch, while Sony has practically sold out, what's more, gamestop in the US has more than 2.3 million PS4s on back order, and Pach already id that Of the 1 million monthly units that being produced by Sony, 50% of them are going to the NA, and of that 50% allocation to NA, which is 500k, 60% of that will go to gamestops because of the cued up demand...

This holiday season Sony has the hottest item to own among the gamers, no amount of excuses will change that, by Dec 31st there will be about 3.2 million units sold world wide, with US and PAL/UK Evenning out at 1.6 million units sold respectively!

Belking1565d ago

If this is true then xb1 will definitely take control of the US. $100 more and still not far behind is a good achievement.

Bennibop1565d ago

Yeah but if you search there are stock of X1 where as PS4 is pretty hard to get hold of.

SLUG1565d ago