This may be the best PlayStation Vita deal we've seen

GameZone writes, "Gamers looking to purchase a PlayStation Vita this holiday season should check out TigerDirect as the online retailer is offering one of the best discounts I've seen for Sony's handheld. Normally $199.99, you can purchase a 3G and WiFi PS Vita for just $139.99."

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BrianSharon960d ago

It was on sale in Canada for $99.99 at one point, but yes this is a good deal.

lifesanrpg960d ago

Holy crap, really!? That's an insane deal

mewhy32960d ago

It's a good deal but you have to mail in a rebate to get the good price. Rebates are notoriously unreliable and I'd just rather get the price w/o having to mail in the rebate and wait 6 months, if at all , for the check to come in.

Mikey32230960d ago

Be wary of Mail In Rebates from these types of sites, sometimes they take foreverr...

you have to keep track and put in effort to make sure it actually comes through.

tawak959d ago

i missed that deal, but i got my ps vita(walking dead bundle 3g) for $120 incld tax. so i am still happy

TheBrit959d ago

@mewhy32 that makes no sense if you think about it.
You would rather pay the 179 for it because you don't like rebates but, if you mail in the rebate and forget about it, when the check comes it's a nice surprise right.

Either way your initially paying the 179 so why not take the couple of minutes mail it in and get money back??

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Neonridr960d ago

Is it a brand new or refurbished Vita? Tiger Direct is notorious for selling refurbished items.

lifesanrpg960d ago

Under "Specs", it says it's new condition. Hopefully they aren't trying to pull a fast one.

ragincrinz960d ago

that means refurbished if its `new condition`

b777conehead960d ago

no in specs
condition new so there new

_FantasmA_959d ago

Maybe its a picture of a picture.

Moncole960d ago

The Vita has a good price but I wont buy one in till they make the memory cards cheaper.

DEATHxTHExKIDx960d ago

Who knows when that will be they dropped in price slightly this year.

ABizzel1960d ago

I need a 128GB Memory Card. PS+ just eats it up.

king_george960d ago

What would be really awesome is if they just used a cheaper format like regular sd cards or something. That wont happen tho :/

kB0960d ago

It might, they did switch to regular micro usb for the new Vita.

Anything can happen.

I do agree with ppl though we need a lot more memory sizes, PS+ and the fact that I purchase more digital has eaten all my space!

Killzoner99960d ago

If you don't own a Vita by now you're not really a gamer. Fact.

DeadMansHand960d ago

That's ridiculous. I don't own a vita yet. But, used to go all day at school in the 80s without eating so I could use my lunch money at 7-11 after school and stand in line for an hour to play Super Mario Brothers. I owned the original Atari and played Asteroids in pull ups. I bought the original NES, SNES, Sega and Intellivision on release day. I broke up with girls in high school to play the original PlayStation more. I slept outside best buy for the ps2, Ps3 and 360. I own a WiiU and ps4 now and play everyday. I'm a GAF supporter and member and come here daily to read up in gaming news. I'm 40 years old. I'm willing to bet ive gamed more in my life than you.

Amigaengine959d ago

Hear,hear. Bubbles to you :)

specialguest959d ago

Sorry man, your entire gaming experience and history was erased because killzoner99 said it was a "Fact". Lol

Yep959d ago

Putting "Fact" at the end of an opinion does not make it a fact. Fact.

CaptainN959d ago

Thats like me saying if you dont own a 3DS, you must have no games to play all !!!

See how easy it is to troll, so lets be more mature !!

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