Gran Turismo 6, GTA 5, CoD: Ghosts battle for sales charts

The battle for UK Playstation charts leaves Grand Turismo 6 behind!

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Killzoner991629d ago

We all know GT is the better game but those COD drones will buy anything with COD on it. The UK isn't that big of a sales region anyway.

chikane1629d ago

Well atleast COD And GTA5 don't Use Ps2 Era Content. Sorry did i just blow Your Mind

Shad0wRunner1629d ago

Did you just suggest GT5 and 6 use PS2 era content? Cuz um...thats what it sounded like.

And yeah, the fact that you made that comparison, blew my mind. LOL

chikane1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Looks like someone hasn't heard of the [email protected] system that started with gt5

Cars ported from gt4 and use in gt5

Riderz13371629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Holy crap you have posted this same comment on almost every Gran Turismo thread. What is wrong with you? If you don't like this game don't click on the god damn articles.

Edit - Look exact same comment made couple days ago -

Get some originality man.

chikane1629d ago

I know i just hate what PD did with using ps2 cars on a ps3 game? what other game company did you see do this. Name me one?

MegaRay1629d ago

gt6> GTA5+COD
I mean 6> 5+0.5 is it not?

jerethdagryphon1629d ago

no but ghosts uses assets from cod 4 which was 5 years ago and it probobly used asses from cod 2.

even if you ignore the older standard cars theres 300 nice premium ones which is more then forza 5 so your not paying exta for those older cars there just there for variety

MidnytRain1629d ago

Quite a few people feeling the need to justify something in here. Next-gen support isn't really an excuse for slack sales when games are currently selling more there anyway. This chart shouldn't surprise anyone.