DICE Rolling Out Their 15th Update to Battlefield 4 Server Now, PC To Be Updated As Well

DICE announced on their Battlelog Forum that Battlefield 4 Servers are being updated for the 15th time in since the game’s launch last November, starting from 11 AM UTC December 9th and is expected to last a few hours. The PC version of Battlefield 4 will experience downtime during this update and also receive their own client update alongside the server’s. The server updates is claimed to resolve various server side crashes while the PC client update is claiming to fix ‘one of the most frequently occurring client crashes.’

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tigertron962d ago

15th update already? this is what happens when you rush a game.

Septic962d ago

Content wise, it doesn't feel rushed at all (although I would say it seems like BF 3.5).

The annoying issue is getting kicked out to the PS4 home screen because of an unknown error. It really sucks when you're in a game that you're doing very well in and you're booted off with all your lost progress. And then in the next game you do terribly but it doesn't crash then ¬¬

Douchebag696962d ago

I've noticed that myself. On matches when I'm doing really well I always get booted out to the main screen. This and the rubberbanding is really annoying.

Septic962d ago

Ah yeah the rubber-banding, especially when you're piloting jets....had some really frustrating instances where it trolled me so hard. I'm in a dogifght, literally at the back of a jet spraying my machine gun and all of a sudden, massive lag and all of a sudden the jet disappears.

Oh no wait, its magically re-appeared behind me and kills me.

Rage inducing madness!

ramiuk1962d ago

haha i have been doing same,
seems i do crap and its fine,im doing good and it crshes.

i do keep getting a rubber band effect on most games though

C-H-E-F962d ago

This happened to me lastnight, and I played the ONLY GAME THAT FEELS COMPLETE... Killzone Shadow Fall, this game has yet to crash, lag, glitch anything superb design.

Septic962d ago


¬¬ Yeah, lets agree to disagree but how 'complete' Killzone: Shadow Fall is.

BX81962d ago

Same on xb1 always crashing to the dash and broken chat

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NegativeCreepWA962d ago

And the actually gameplay is still better than any other FPS out.

ramiuk1962d ago

very true,glitches and bugs aside.
64player war is awesome.

only crashes and rubber band effect a few times i have issue with,oh and audio is a bit messed up too when in surround

TopDudeMan962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

I wonder if they're going to fix the low ticket count on rush. Why is there no option for more than 75 tickets? The game is usually over in 2 minutes.

Zeniix962d ago

if they pull shit like this off on battlefront, man oh man.

llMurcielagoll962d ago

Yep, blame EA for that. They are putting HUGE pressure on DICE. BF4, the fixes, the DLC, Mirror's Edge 2, Star Wars battleFront.

3-4-5962d ago

It's also what happens when you:

* Realize your errors

* Care about fixing them

* Say you do something and actually act upon it

It's not ideal, but that aren't trying to squirm out of it or make excuses. It's getting a piece at a time.

yeahokchief961d ago

You all got what you paid for.

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mfi7962d ago

they really have a lot of things to work on

Excalibur962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

15? Good Lord, I'm so glad I didn't buy it.

dazzrazz962d ago

Oh no 15 what a big number ! I'm so glad i didn't buy it ! Those are server side fixes and I'm pretty sure Bf3 saw the similar amount from the get go yet you bought it and didn't cry like a little beotch otherwise what would you be looking here for

Excalibur962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

You have know idea what I bought or didn't buy and you have know idea what type of comments I made on BF3 but with comments like yours I can see why you only have two bubs, bub. ;)


Glad you are enjoying it, I have several people on my friends list that has it and they say it's a $20-$25 game at best, I trust their comments and I stick by mine that I'm glad I didn't buy it.

asmith2306962d ago

Why are you glad you didn't buy it? It's by no means broken. It has the odd issue here and there but I'm getting hours out of this game. It's awesome.

dethpuck962d ago

I love battlefield but this game in its current state is a mess

KwietStorm962d ago

So you never played it, but based on server updates and some people saying it's worth $20 (LOL), you're glad you didn't buy it. Ignorance is bliss. Yea we all know of the bugs by now, but when it works, it's a really great shooter.

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DiLeCtioN962d ago

Where are my dedicated servers DICE?

KwietStorm962d ago

Do you mean rental servers?

BelkingOfSony962d ago

this makes the gta v online problems look good

yeahokchief961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

GTA's only problems were dealing with record breaking number of players all at once and not having a beta since they like to keep their games secret for everything to be new and surprising.

Rockstar are not comparable to EA at all.

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