Ubisoft On The Division's Destruction: "The destruction effect is not pre-baked in the game"

DSOGaming writes: "Tom Clancy's The Division looks sexy as hell and today Ubisoft revealed some new information about its Snowdrop engine. According to the French company, the destruction system is procedural and real-time, and nothing is pre-baked or pre-computed."

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Excalibur1628d ago

My only question is does it stay destroyed or does it reset itself when you leave the area?
I hope it stays destroyed.

jahfen831628d ago

I'm guessing it won't stay destroyed, because people would level entire cities and there would be no more buildings to enter.

Excalibur1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Well we may or may no have the ability to level whole buildings, just damage them or things around them, I haven't seen anything about that one way or the other.

mewhy321628d ago

This game is going to look great in 1080p on the PS4.

irepbtown1628d ago

This game (so far) looks great even without the destruction however that is seriously the icing on the cake.

A cake which I'm craving.

Autodidactdystopia1628d ago

RIP Tom Clancy

even though most of the games were bad, this one might not be. looks to be pretty impressive so far n stuff

Caleb_H1628d ago

Am I the only one that thinks that would be awesome? Maybe you could rebuild those destroyed buildings with supplies or something.

inveni01627d ago

It would be cool if the destruction would reset weekly. I know people could totally wreck a city, but it might be cool to at least have the destruction hand on for a little while so that the effects of a battle could have a lasting feel.

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shivvy241628d ago

Is the game footage from pc or ps4 ? This looks like its running on high end but I may be wrong

sigfredod1628d ago

It was pc footage, but i know ps4 version will not be that far behind, will be very close to this

cyguration1628d ago

If E3 was anything to go by... it was on PC.

dragon821628d ago

The gameplay video from the Ubisoft E3 conference was shown on a PS4.


It's an online open world RPG. And with the with dedicated servers (cloud) it could stay destroyed at least for a while. It's just a simple save file the game can load. Skyrim does this with dead bodies and items stay in place for 7 days in-game time.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1628d ago

I did not know that about Skyrim, really cool

Dasteru1628d ago

Tell that to my copy of Skyrim, bodies disappear instantly upon entering a different area. I can kill someone right next to a door and then go through the door and back and the body will be gone.

ajax171628d ago

I'm betting it'll be similar to Infamous Second Son; where certain landmarks stay destroyed.

theDivision1628d ago

They have said there is a limit to the destruction caused, so you won't not be able to shoot a buildings foundation until it collapses. Though they haven't said anything about regeneration.

rocky0475861628d ago

Lol, that's what "prebaked" means. It means that it's not just there for you to destroy only for you to come back to it and it's actually still there.

deecee331627d ago

This looks FULLY next gen. Story sounds cool too. Hopefully they'll have second editions of the consoles for sale when it releases.

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raresteak1628d ago

Dat graphics and physics fidelity. Bona fide next-gen material.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1628d ago

So far they have only shown this running on ps4.

I remeber when devs used to always show the 360 version of games. lol times have changed quickly.

I hope the new trailer was not pc version.

JeffGUNZ1628d ago

I thought they already said in previous interviews it would be running the same on each console. I can't wait for this game, is their a concrete launch date?

jackanderson19851628d ago

i thought Ubisoft and Rockstar always showed their games only on Sony consoles due to a marketing deal put in place?

seanpitt231628d ago

Yeah they have only shown ps4 footage and that was done at E3.

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Callediceman1628d ago

Iam PUMPED for this game!

1628d ago
ramiuk11628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

looks too good to be true
but i hope to god it is.

this is my most hyped game in my 32 years of being on this earth

JeffGUNZ1628d ago

I'm feeling the same way, but 28 years lol

GarrusVakarian1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I feel the same way, i want to let my hype grow and take me over but im weary if the final product is going to be anywhere near as good as this looks so far.

Fingers crossed. Just look at the picture for this article....the amount of litter, the snow, the lighting, the attention to detail. Amazing.

ramiuk11628d ago

the video and the things they was showing brought a tear to my eye,i had a twitch in my pants when the snow melted!!

be amazing if it was 1080p.

GarrusVakarian1628d ago


It will most definitely be 1080p, the question we should be asking is if it will be thinking it will probably be 30fps on consoles (which is fine for me with this kind of game), but 60fps would be nice.

Fizzgig1628d ago

I agree, and I've been on the earth almost 35 years!

HaveAsandwich1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

33, and i havnet been this stoked since the ps1. what are all these old people doing here..... :D

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