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Submitted by MarioAna 792d ago | opinion piece

Gran Turismo – To be the worst selling main title in the franchise

After the terrible numbers posted for GT6’s launch week in the UK, a mere 55,000, it’s clear the game is going to struggle to match the monster sales numbers of its predecessors. The number is as low as one fifth of the launch sales of GT5. (Gran Turismo 6, Industry, PS3)

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Hellsvacancy  +   793d ago
Blame Sony for releasing it so close to the PS4
allformats  +   793d ago
Yeah. Bad move in so many ways. If it were a PS4 launch title - not only would it helped move systems, it would also bolster Sony's weak launch title.
sinncross  +   793d ago
I dont get it, how can ppl think that this would have bolstered the PS4 sales?

The device is not only already breaking sales records but its pretty much out of stock... GT6 ws not going to magically sell like half a million more out of nowhere.
Omegasyde  +   792d ago
Why release it on the PS4 when SONY can't even meet demand WITHOUT the game.

80 million ps3

2 million PS4

Say 1 out of 2 owners buy the game....

50 million vs 1 million. Do the math.

In my honest opinion (and this opinion is VERY selfish) - I wish Sony would held off on releasing gt6 in 2013, and spent more resources towards polishing it for mid-late 2014 as a PS4 game. By that time, the hype for next gen would of one down significantly and Sony would have a bonafide system seller.
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TheFallenAngel  +   792d ago

Because it would had sold more on PS4. Knack probably sold more than GT6 and is a new and mediocre game.
Vojkan  +   792d ago
Yoshida needs to go, guy suck when it comes to decision making.

Closing studios, canceling projects, supporting gimmicks instead. Releasing games on wrong console, etc. Idiot.
Boody-Bandit  +   792d ago
It would've faired so much better if it was released 6 months ago. I picked it up, I'm a HUGE racing fanatic and I have yet to take it out of it's wrapper because I can't stop playing the PS4.

If PD would've released it May-July? I would've taken the game out of it's wrapper walking out of the store on the way to my car. I would've walked in my house, tossed my keys on the counter, go immediately to my game room and load the disc in the PS3 while powering up my rig (FFB combo), grabbed a beverage from the fridge and probably would've played the game until I went to bed that night.

But Sony doesn't rush their products. Like it or hate it's just how they do business. Ultimately Kazunori Yamauchi makes the definitive decision and here we are.

I'm sure once I start playing GT6 it will eat up considerable amounts of my time allotted for gaming. Now with all this talk I think I'm going to tear the wrapper off today and take GT6 out for a spin.
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abzdine  +   792d ago
i don't see it as a bad move, to me it just shows thay they keep supporting PS3 with high quality franchises.
80 million + PS3 are in the wild, not every player upgraaded to PS4 that day so let's say 5 million bought PS4 75 million potential buyers are still there.
I haven't bought it yet due to PS4, but that not the case of everyone.
Sales will rise, nothing alarming.
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Eyeco  +   792d ago
The problem with the game is that it was released in an awkward time, if it was going to be on the PS3 it should have released last year, if they were going to release it on the PS4 (which they should have) they should have released it exactly next year.

It's a catch 22 releasing the game late in 2013, PS3 is too old less people are gonna be inclined to buy, PS4 is too young very few people will but it this early in the life cycle.
Phoenix76  +   792d ago
Why release it on the PS4 when SONY can't even meet demand WITHOUT the game.

80 million ps3

2 million PS4

Say 1 out of 2 owners buy the game....

50 million vs 1 million. Do the math.

Err..... I just have..... It's 40, not 50
The_KELRaTH  +   792d ago
It's also turned out to be quite a bit more expensive than GT5. I paid £27.00 at launch but this time there were virtually no deals to be had - £39 or £59 for a few more cars version and then they want more through micro transactions - no more winning cars after tier race events and the various Special events, also the winnings are now tiny per race.
Frankfurt  +   792d ago
PS4 launch title... with PS2 car models. That would be hilarious.
Maddens Raiders  +   792d ago
Oh noooooooooeeess GT6 is doooooomed lol. Some of you really don't get it. GT is a huge slow moving monolith of a community. This "game" will sell millions on millions in its lifetime to the true believers. GT6 is absolutely fantastic, but people also forget how great GT5 is /right now/. This is not just another IP that one can look at, at any moment as a snapshot in time and say definitively the game is ___________ or ________, because it continuously evolves just like the GTR does. Look how GT5 was received at launch and then after the plethora of continuous updates, turned out to be one of the most played GT's of all time.

Now that the seasonals are to end on GT5 (no more easy grind money), you will see the behemoth of a community slowly migrate over to 6. Please hold your hyperbolic statements for a couple of months and then come back to see the sales trend then...
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Computersaysno  +   792d ago
The format clearly needs a bit of a revamp as well let's face it. GT7 needs to be made for PS4 ground up, with everything shiny and next gen, and a bit of new perspective in the team to focus on what really matters in this genre.
Maddens Raiders  +   792d ago
"Computersaysno + 36m ago
The format clearly needs a bit of a revamp as well let's face it. GT7 needs to be made for PS4 ground up, with everything shiny and next gen, and a bit of new perspective in the team to focus on what really matters in this genre."

Computersayno I agree with you that GT7 needs to be made from the ground up for the PS4 and it will mate. There have always been two GT's on every PS console. GT7 will be the first on the PS4.

People are forgetting how /awesome/ the PS3 really is. We (as a GT community) have never been spoiled like this before with the graphics and options that are present in current gen (PS3) on two iterations so close together (GT5 came out only three years ago). I have 93 friends on my friend's list who owned and played GT5 daily. When I turn on the PS3 it all says they are playing GT6. It may not have been as big of a first day sales figure as GT5 since people were clamoring for a new GT on the PS3 so badly (big wait from GT4) and now they are almost spoiled with two iterations on the PS3 within 3 years. GT6 will evolve (literally) and so will the sales. If am wrong by Spring '14 and after the whole holiday crush I will happily eat crow and these words and you can bookmark this for that.
DOMination-  +   792d ago
So Forza has outsold GT6 on a console two weeks old against a console with a user base of 80 million.
thaiboy  +   793d ago
I'm totally with you on this one. Why would you buy a game for an older console if you fully intend on getting a new one.

Surly the devs considered this?

They really should have delayed the launch and made it a PS4 title.
Jack Bauer  +   792d ago
Bought a PS4... all i play is my PS3 still (and this includes games like GT6)... the quality of games on the PS4 just isn't there yet. Wish it would have been released on PS4 though.... the game really shows its age.
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wolokowoh  +   792d ago
Or they release GT6 on PS3, make money off that(a few million at least if not closer to GT5 first six months), and then port it to PS4 and use it as the foundation for GT7. Everyone who GT6 will buy GT7 so they get extra profit for little extra expense.
moparful99  +   793d ago
There are 80 million PS3's and only 2.4 million PS4's. Sure they could have netted a million pr two from a PS4 launch but I think it will sell very strong as a PS3 title.. I went tonight to buy it and both walmarts here were sold out... Can't be selling that bad. Besides we've only heard UK's numbers how can we determine lifetime sales from the first 4 days in the UK? Just people looking for problems where there are none..
MarioAna  +   792d ago
Gt5 launched with a smaller PS3 install base and sold 5 times as many units in the same market. A one year delay for GT6 for PS4 would see the install base at over 10 million and at the perfect time to push consoles for Sony.
Omegasyde  +   792d ago
I agree- but eventually Sony is going to have to push it's core franchises to ps4 or have simultaneous releases like COD and assasins creed.
TheFallenAngel  +   792d ago
Look at knack, it outsold Mario 3d with a bigger fan base. It most likely outsold GT6 too.
alexkoepp  +   792d ago
The time of gran turismo is over, we are now on the Age of Forza
WeAreLegion  +   792d ago
Forza 5 just got the lowest reviews in the history of the franchise.
Dmagic  +   792d ago
negro please
neoMAXMLC  +   792d ago
Awww how cute. You actually think Forza is going to outsell Gran Turismo. What an imagination you have.
InTheLab  +   792d ago
Even with low sales it will still crush Forza 3 and 4 combined.

Stop with the nonsense.
bsquwhere  +   792d ago
Then maybe you should go to a Forza thread and jerk it over there instead of trolling over here.
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BuLLDoG909  +   792d ago
Yep, too close to PS4, if they had released it at the start or end of summer, it could of done alot better.
gazgriff2k12  +   792d ago
they need to release it on PS4 and vita then the money will start rolling
SoapShoes  +   792d ago
Same crap, different day. Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah! Gt5s launch, everyone claiming it had been too long and it wasn't relevant even citing that N/A numbers didn't break 1 million day 1 but it ended up selling over 10.5 million as of March. I doubt it'll do worse than gt2.
Tontus  +   792d ago
That's not true at all.

GT5 released to a huge amount of hype, it sold 2.4 million copies in its first week, with heavy bundling it went on to sell over 10.6 million to date. Without the mass bundling it would've only hit 9 million lifetime, which is still crazy huge.

GT6 released to no hype, its first week will be around 800k, just 1/3 what GT5 did. Even with heavy bundling it will only sell about 7 million lifetime. That's about 5 million not including bundles.

Relatively, GT6 is a huge flop and it deserves to be looking at the negative response to the game from fans and critics.
The_KELRaTH  +   792d ago
It's a busy period and not everyone is bothered about getting it on DAY ONE. No point pre -ordering as there were no deals around I expect it will be in a lot of stockings :)
SoapShoes  +   792d ago
GT5 sold 5.5 million on day 1 and over 6 million its first week so this 2.4 in its first week is nonsense and they didn't even officially bundle GT5 with the ps3 in N/A until much later. It sold well but you clearly have forgotten what happened 3 years ago. People WERE claiming it wouldn't match historical figures when NPD revealed what the numbers were for November which was 700k+ and that wasn't enough for naysayers it had to do COD numbers right off the bat or it'd be a flop but it kept selling and is now nearly 3M in N/A alone. However later that week Polyphony made the announcement it sold 5.5 million and it shut people up but there were a few stragglers that claimed sells would tank after the first week and it couldn't pull 10m. These figures for UK are having responses similar to GT5 but these #s don't paint the whole picture. We now have digital sells which aren't counted in this and only 3 days of data. I'll wait for polyphony to update their numbers.
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Strikepackage Bravo  +   792d ago
Problem with GT6 is that it made all the same mistakes as GT5. The press is getting tired of covering for Poly while they get their act together. Reviews especially in Europe were a bit more honest about the poor quality of the game this time around, I saw a lot of sites actually complaining about things that were also in GT5, that they looked the other way at, but now they are crying foul as if these are new issues.
admiralvic  +   792d ago
I think the biggest problem isn't the PS4, but the marketing or lack there of. Sony pretty much announced GT 6 randomly and then it released. There weren't any hype, I saw no ads, so naturally it was going to sell poorly.
worldwidegaming  +   792d ago
Lmao. So its not the fact that the game is not so popular to begin with?
Lets face it, the series has met its end. The numbers prove it no matter what we wanna believe.
Sad but true.
PiperMCFierceson   792d ago | Spam
Kaneda  +   792d ago
I didn't even know it was out til yesterday. Just a lot of news about PS4 and Xbox one lately.
shadowsatey  +   792d ago
...And for not releasing it on the PS4.
jerethdagryphon  +   793d ago
55k since friday..... give it time it will sell
MarioAna  +   793d ago
It will sell, but for a GT game it has to beat 9.5 million to avoid being the lowest seller. Not sure it will sell nearly that many.
Godmars290  +   792d ago
So if it only sells 9.4 million it'll be considered a failure?

Face it: the only thing worse that if the game performed under Sony's sales expectations was if it Forza 5 sold more. At which point the internet would explode with articles about Forza being the leading franchise.
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jerethdagryphon  +   793d ago
i think it will not quickly but over the next year
people who love gt will buy it and its far far better then 5 im guesing ww sales lauinch week will be 500k+
NexGen  +   792d ago
I wanted it, but not getting it for ps3, sorry. The last game I bought for it was TLoU. I'm no longer interested in the ps3.

A ps4 port would entice me.
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NatureOfLogic  +   793d ago
Everyone asked a for PS4 release but they ignored it. I really think GT6 will be the lowest selling title in the series. A PS4 port couldn't hurt.
MidnytRain  +   792d ago
It's all about the money. Larger audience = more money. Look at BF4 on last gen consoles. Pathetic, but it exists cuz o' dat money.
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pyramidshead  +   792d ago
No doubt buried by next gen hype, etc. Hopefully they make their money back on GT7 or a possible, and no doubt easier, PS4 port of GT6.
BABY-JEDI  +   792d ago
I'm waiting for the PS4 version. Hopefully with more collision damage
; )
DivineHand125  +   792d ago
This game is out? This is news to me. Sony need to do a better job marketing this game because I'm sure it just flew right under most people's radar.
admiralvic  +   792d ago
THIS is the real problem. Sure, the PS4 didn't help, but this game was both announced out of nowhere and released out of nowhere. I can't even recall seeing much, if any, news until I randomly saw the trophy list on a site.
Jdoki  +   792d ago
The data points used in these articles are flawed.

The game released on the 6th Dec in the UK, so the sample data is tiny.

GT6 is available digitally as well, and those numbers are not included in these figures. GT5 was not available digitally, and I believe also came bundled with the PS3 in Europe. I've not seen a GT6 bundle.

The PS4 release will not have had much impact. God of War 2 sold well when it launched a couple of weeks before the PS3 released. Also, releasing GT6 on PS4 at this stage would be pointless as GT6 has been a good European system seller in the past - and at the moment supply is outstripping demand.

However, a possible sales detractor is that the marketing has been non-existent in the UK. I didn't even realise it was out!
Tontus  +   792d ago
The point is in the same amount of time GT6 sold 5 times less than GT5. The UK is a huge market for GT and if GT6 done so poorly here it must have done so everywhere else.

God of War 2 released a couple of months after the PS3 launched and it did amazingly well, almost as well as GoW1 but that's probably because at the time PS3's were backwards compatible so a lot of people could simply play the game on their PS3.

I did that myself and I know a lot of people did. Since the PS4 isn't bc GT6 won't have the same advantage so I'm confident that as well as being the lowest rated Gran Turismo it will also be the worst selling.

Hmmm, it just dawned on me that GoW & GT are Sony's top 2 biggest franchises and both had new games release this year that are the lowest rated & selling in both franchises history. I hope they both bounce back on PS4.
ballsohard2013  +   792d ago
Ppl on the thread keep bringing up that there are 80 million ps3's sold so it makes sense to do it on Ps3 rather than ps4. Well IMO i wish it was a Ps4 title because the exclusives thus far are lacking on ps4 but it didnt necessarily need to be a launch title. I woulda been happy with a janaury to spring release on ps4.

Out of the 80,000,000 ps3's im 2 of them. One purchased at ps3 launch then a ps3 slim after the 1st ps3 caught the YLOD. I still have my ps3 only because im still playing GTA5 and gonna move it to my Bedroom for a Netflix player. But im not really interested in buying current gen games.
Jdoki  +   792d ago
I get the feeling Sony wanted to give DriveCLub its moment in the limelight and establish itself as a new IP.

Releasing GT6 as a PS4 launch title would definitely of impacted DriveClub sales.
MarioAna  +   792d ago
Agreed, that's why i think it should have come a year into the PS4's life. Maybe even 6 months. Install base would be big enough and it's at a time when sales are over the initial launch. GT6 would have helped move consoles then. But if that happened the DC delay would have made things interesting.
DJMarty  +   792d ago
GT has never been a huge seller at launch(front loaded sales), it's all about over it's lifetime & bundle pack in's sales.

Also it's way too early to be calling GT6 the worst, numbers arn't even in.
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Felonycarclub8  +   792d ago
Yeah i know give it time and you will see how many copies it will sell, GT6 is a really good game and it's amazing what kaz and polyphony have been able to accomplished with the PS3.
InTheLab  +   792d ago
Actually, GT5 sold 6 million prior to being bundled. Hell, it's sold most of that in 6 weeks.

While it does tend to get bundled, it's nothing like Forza which sells a million the gets bundled with games like Skyrim to sell another 3 million.

Wrong franchise dude. GT usually sells well early and throughout it's lifetime.
Tontus  +   792d ago
Huh, why are you bringing up Forza?

Since you did let me just say you are wrong. Forza games normally sell between 2-3 million without bundling, 4-5 million with.

And when was Forza bundled with Skyrim? Skyrim has never had an official console bundle.

GT5 was bundled from launch and it's still being bundled to date. It sells well early but the hype dies down fairly quickly and then it mostly depends on bundling to keep up a good pace.

It's the same with LBP, Resistance: FOM, Motorstorm, UC2 and UC3. All depend on mass bundling to add a few million sales. Also TLoU had a massive boost due to the black Friday bundling, it will also be bundled for a few years to come.

GoW3 & GT5 are the only Sony games that didn't need bundling to be huge. GoW3 is on the way to 7 million with the new Saga collection reinvigorating sales & GT5 would've still sold 9 million without bundling.

Even with mass bundling GT6 won't even come close to GT5 even if you take away its sales from bundles.
InTheLab  +   792d ago
Tontos do some research. I currently own the Forza 4/Skyrim bundle.

And the reason why I'm bringing up Forza is because it is GTs only peer.

Also, F4 sold 1.2m before being bundled...WITH SKYRIM.

Seriously, google this stuff. It's not hard.
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wolokowoh  +   792d ago
You're wrong in the main sense but right in a secondary sense. For GT, the first month's sales are usually not even half of what it goes on to. GT5 is still selling but so far it's the exception. GT5 was aso released in a big gap of pretty much nothing at the end of 2010 so it got more publicity and sold faster. GT6 is released during a console launch and decent multiplatform lineup for PS3. It will still sell a lot but it probably will be the lowest seller which isn't a bad thing considering GT7 could be sooner rather than later.
lildudexst  +   792d ago
lol dum people still forgetting there gran turismo coming to the ps4 there not worrying about sell at all.
just like gta5 they left with a bang and sure they did left with a bang this game overkill monster racing game.
my mind is going nut just thinking about the ps4 version that coming. At end of the day GT6 still going sell no matter ps4 or ps3.
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Jls1  +   792d ago
hasnt been a week it launched on friday
MasterCornholio  +   792d ago
I don't mean any disrespect to GT fans but I'm waiting for DriveClub.
mcstorm  +   792d ago
I don't think the PS4 has anything to do with it if that was the case BF and COD numbers would of suffered on the PS3 and they did not.

I am wondering if it is because of the Mess GT5 was in when it came out and also feeling like an incomplete game.

One of the guys in my office has it and said its a big improvement on 5 which is really good to here but I am wondering if the damage has been done with 5. I hope sales do pick up as GT has always been a good game (Apart from 5) but I don't think it is anything to do with the PS4 at all as it has only sold around 2 million consoles the PS3 has 80 million consoles sold.
EffectO  +   792d ago
Next gen has an influence,but pretty small one imo.

As for COD

COD UK PS360 decline was about 800 000 units(50% decline).

People were also like " but but waiting for next gen"...and then next gen came and sales were nowhere close to 800k.
Combined next gen hardware sales were about 400k...plenty of hardware around
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sprinterboy  +   792d ago
Gt6 will do well lifetime, and it will get a port I am sure
Knushwood Butt  +   792d ago
We'll see; GT games sell for years.
AKS  +   792d ago
Selling the slowest of the Gran Turismo games? All but one have sold over 10 million without counting the secondary releases (Concept, Prologue). I don't think Sony will go bankrupt or end the GT franchise if they don't break 10 million sales yet again, especially considering how much success they are having with the PS4 launch. Most developers would kill for "slow" Gran Turismo sales. Even a fraction of that, actually.

It makes great financial sense to release more than one full GT game on PS3. It also works out pretty well for PS3 owners who haven't been able to snag a PS4 or aren't ready to move to PS4. They still have some pretty awesome games to enjoy on PS3.
josephayal  +   792d ago
Terrible idea from Sony
InTheLab  +   792d ago
I wasn't going to buy it at first because I was hoping for a PS4 port but I said screw it. Time to dust off the Driving Force GT.

More people will come around...particularly the diehard fans. While it's not as hot like the long awaited GT5, it will still outsell every other racer on the market...
Rock_On_PS4  +   792d ago
Only UK sales figures. Mainland Europe and American sales figures will see GT6 sell a lot more copies.
Bigkurz85  +   792d ago
well given the reviews ive seen, im not surprised. getting quite stale.
jerethdagryphon  +   792d ago
you do know its metacritic matches forza 5s right..... while its lower then 9 (81) i expect it to climb as other reviews come in

1 100
1 93
10 90
1 85
7 80
2 75
and then 7 70s and 60 ,
basically a few i dont like this game cause its not 'fun' is the essence of the under 70s
Bigkurz85  +   792d ago
Polyphony won't get my money until ALL the cars are the higher detail versions. I've bought every GT since GT2 on playstation, and I'm done.

From what I can tell, GT6 is basically one huge DLC. Engine noise still sucks. AI still sucks. No single player mechanical damage.

You damn apologists are why they've stopped innovating a long time ago.
curtis92  +   792d ago
Let this be an important lesson to publishers who think "hey, lets make our game on all previous gen systems too!"

Fact is, Next gen is what we've been waiting for, it's what we're willing to spend more money on now. Just because an install base is huge doesn't mean that magically everyone who owns that system is going to buy the game.

Consoles have a lot of people who buy them on whims and people who aren't really into gaming so that massive install base is fool's gold. Gamers are gamers. Gamers will buy games. Gamers are buying PS4/Xb1. That simple.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   792d ago
Its not about the fact that its on PS3, PS4 has no games, GT6 is not selling because its a bad game STILL.
curtis92  +   792d ago
Um, yeah, no. And I suppose Mario 3D world is selling poorly because the game is bad? No, there's a reason for bad sales (for both GT & 3D world) and it's not the quality of the game.
Hicken  +   792d ago
You haven't played it, and we all know it. You haven't even read the reviews. Well, one or two that you sought to confirm that the game is "bad," as you want to believe. That your comment history is full of anti-PlayStation BS takes away whatever credibility you thought your comment would have.

It'll sell fine. It's being sold at the end of a generation. The next generation of consoles- particularly the PS4, but also the XB1- is breaking records as far as sales are concerned. And the lack of hardware-native backwards compatibility means many have sold their PS3s for the PS4 and have no way to even play the games still to come on 7th generation hardware.

Love how folks act like this is some indicator that the game will do poorly. As if GT games- and PS exclusives, in general- aren't possessed of long legs.

If someone can give me an example of a GT that was in a similar position and did better, then I'll admit GT6 is doing poorly. But if there's no such preexisting situation, then I don't see what the basis is for saying GT6 will fail, flop, or otherwise do poorly.
psDrake  +   792d ago
The idea of " releasing GT6 as a PS4 launch game " wasn't even a thought since DriveClub was supposed to be the poster child along side Knack and Killzone.

GT6 producers were thinking " there are 80 millions ps3s in the wild vs PS4 launch people...Hmmm. Which way should we go ?
The answer should be obvious. ( They already said the the game would come to next gen in a couple of years anyway since porting the game seems a lot easier. )

Let's not assume PS3 games won't sell no matter how great they are because the next-gen consoles are out there. In terms of quality in respect to ps3 standards, Gt6 is better than most next-gen launch games by a good margin.

By the way, didn't GT6 have around 200k pre-orders ? As many mentioned the world-wide sales numbers aren't out there yet. On the other hand, I personally do not expect GT6 to sell a lot.
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Edward75  +   792d ago
Plus Bub psdrake...

I agree with everything you posted. It'll sell ok in the long run, but no where near the other GT's
Gamer-40  +   792d ago
Maxor  +   792d ago
Forza sales vs GT 6 sales. Comparison is coming I'm sure. Lets face it. Sony blew it on this one.
plaZeHD  +   792d ago
And deservingly
BattleTorn  +   792d ago
So much for choosing larger install base of the PS3 over nextgen
GoodnessGreatness  +   792d ago
Because why release it when PS4 is now available. Should've made it on PS4 too.
Big-Bruizzer  +   792d ago
I don't believe it's due to the release being so close to PS4. If that was true then GTAV wouldn't have sold as many copies as it did. I believe that once the people found out about the microtransactions it hurt the sales. Plus too, GT is a niche game. Not everyone wants to, or knows how to tune the cars to get the most out of them. Most folks just want to race the cars. I feel the novelty of the GT series may have worn off.
MarioAna  +   792d ago
A franchise that has 4 games over 10 million is a niche series? Not many exclusive games sell 10 million copies. Personally i hate the whole micro transactions thing but i don't think it hurt sales because not too many people even knew about it before launch.
sssb  +   792d ago
I don't know about you guys but i feel no need for new Gran Turismo at current time, Sony should wait one or two year to release this game.
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