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Submitted by Dom_Sacco 790d ago | news

Intel: 'PC gaming will benefit from Xbox One and PS4'

PC gaming will only improve thanks to the competition from next-gen consoles, says Intel's Richard Huddy, as reported by PCR. (Intel, PC)

ATiElite  +   790d ago
Console Gaming only has a NEGATIVE effect on PC Gaming!

PC Gaming is Bleeding Edge Technology
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BitbyDeath  +   790d ago
Older PC's hold PC back, consoles force those on old PC's to upgrade or be left behind.
decrypt  +   790d ago
Yea but considering any serious gamer would atleast have a 200usd GPU, i would say odds are its the consoles holding tech back.

As you can get GPUs that perform simular to XB1 @ 130usd PS4 @ 180usd.

Anything above that easily outperforms consoles.
M-M  +   790d ago
You need to chill man, both PCs and consoles help each other.
slimeybrainboy  +   790d ago
lol seeking attention through flames, you're like the human torch
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   790d ago
Console ports to PC are very negative.
Bathyj  +   790d ago
Please, 90% of games are built with consoles in mind. If it werent for consoles and there were only bleeding edge PC's there would be no gaming industry.

Enjoy your more powerful technology by all means, I dont care, but dont act like we're the burden. You need us more than we need you.
ATiElite  +   790d ago
"You need us more than we need you"

LMAO! What a Fool!

PC Gaming has NO need for Consoles. Everything I do and Play started on the PC first so how in the hell do I need an out of date box that can barely do 1080p 60fps when I'm gaming at 4K Ultra 60fps?

all your console tech comes from PC gaming
all your games come from PC gaming

who had RTS, FPS, MMO, Simulation, Racers, SPorts, point n Click adventures, Survival Horror, 3D, games first?

The PC. So Learn your History before opening up your MOUTH!

Consoles had side scrolling platform games first (actually Arcade had them first) but other than that consoles whole entire existence relies on PC Gaming.

Online MP, Digital downloads, DLC, Patches, HDD, game installs, etc. where the HELL does all this stuff come from?


Learn your Gaming History instead of making up CRAP!
Bathyj  +   790d ago
Missed my point entirely.

Most games are made with console gamers in mind. Most PC games are just console games with a prettier coat of paint.

Thats why guys like you are so angry all the time. Your machine is better. You know it, we know, its just that no one cares, especially developers because they always cater to the lowest common denominator which is consoles.

You want to stand up on a pedestal and we all bow to you, except we dont really notice you cos were more concerned with our own stuff. Ooo, look at the PC gamer Billy, hes so much better than us. Ha. Sorry if you feel you lack attention. Maybe get a dog.

This obviously doesnt apply to the normal PC gaming crowd, you guys are fine by me. Just the type who has to yell things like "THE GLORIOUS PC GAMING MASTER RACE!" and expect us all to be impressed. Your not really swaying any to your cause with that stuff.
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decrypt  +   790d ago

Where do you think the APUs for XB1 and PS4 came from? Its the master race funding all these developments.

Had PC gamers not been buying such hardware you can forget about this tech being out for consoles either.

TBH most of us dont play games designed around console as mostly they are way below PC standard. Check out games like:

Arma 3,
Dota 2,
Skyrim (thousands of mods for that game),
Civ V,
Shogun 2,
Left 4 dead 2,
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Bathyj  +   790d ago
At least you're talking about the games you like as a reason why you like pc, so I say good for you. I just have no time for people who think that we have to tremble before their mighty power. Sitting up on that high horse but resorting to name calling to make his/her point.

Can't we just agree that pc and console gaming feed off each other and that each one benefits the other? That's great you have all those games that are pc specific, but I bet you play many that are console centric too. One hand washes the other.
M-M  +   790d ago

Props for you taking on ATiElite and decrypt all by yourself lol.
LonChaneyTV  +   790d ago
I think consoles have been trying to benefit off of PC just by switching for easier deployment.
mikegeezy69  +   790d ago
without consoles the same amount of effort put in to HUGE hits would not be put in to PC. why? look at the market, without the millions upon millions of people who drive the console market video game would not have flourished, besides if consoles up and disappeared many people would simply be turned off by pcs. think about it if they were so GREAT wouldn't pc's overshadow consoles by leaps and bounds? I'm not saying pc's aren't great, however it is silly to even state what you said.
Dante81  +   790d ago
Sarcasm, eh. I'm a PC gamer but without consoles we'd be stuck with a metric ton of niche genres. No thanks!!
CaulkSlap  +   790d ago
You're right if developers would just focus on modern PC gaming like the old days. But now almost every major game is multiplat. 360/PS3 have been the baseline for years now and it has held back developers immensely. Just get higher resolution and effects on PC. It takes significant modding to get games close to displaying the potential of PC hardware. I'm just glad there's new hardware so developers can move on. PS4/XBO games will look great and look even greater on PC.
d3nworth1  +   789d ago
Thats a developer decision. Most multiplats the PC version has has effects that were left out of the console version due to their limitations. It that simple if the console cant handle it leave out of that version. It most likely due to time restraints that the developer can't focus attention on 1 platform. Now all 3 platforms have using similar architecture the time for it take for coding should for each platform should be reduced.
Volkama  +   789d ago
Sure consoles (and older PCs) hold high-end gaming PCs back. But the old consoles held it back more so than the PS4/One. Hence the release of those consoles should drive PC gaming forward.
d3nworth1  +   789d ago
You people keep saying console hold back PC but to this day never actually proving it. You guys brag about getting the superior version and still complain about it being held back. That doesnt make any sense. Its a total contradiction. You do realize that console gamers also have PCs right? Theyre not typing these comments from their ps3s. So if they wanted to game on PC they do it. Your argument is nothing more than nonsense anybody with a pair of eyes and commonsense can see consoles dont hold back PC.You PC elitist are nothing more than the gamer equivalent of Nazi.Only difference is that unlike the Nazi nobody fears or respect you.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   790d ago
PC is like a double-edged sword a master race but an inconvenience
cesuf  +   790d ago
The inconvenience of pc's or that they cant plug into your tv thru hdmi are very, very dated misconceptions. For well over 15 years now, they have been plug and play. Not sure why these myths persist.
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mikegeezy69  +   790d ago
its cool they can now do that and all..
however you know what still holds it tremendously back?

the fact that is completely immobile.
yes, a console is not ACTUALLY mobile, however i can easily bring my console to lets say a friends house, i can easily switch it room to room within my own home, bring to to college and back from college on long breaks even short weekends home, i can bring it with when i travel, when i go on vaca (for down time if necessary) list goes on and on.
you can tell me as much as you want that you can transport your rig but lets face it, it is a hassle. besides that if I'm going to shell out tremendous amounts of money and continue to do so since ill have to upgrade with super expensive parts, i would not want to take the risk to be transporting it.
Volkama  +   789d ago
Mikegeezy you're in a minority if you take your console around with you. Not many people at all basing their purchase on how transportable the thing is.

It's also not much harder to move a PC than it is a console, if you have a car. It's just... not something many people consider doing. The last console I took to a friend's house was a Sega Saturn.
Convas  +   790d ago
An inconvenience to the unwashed and the uninitiated maybe.

Peasants always make PC gaming out to be some terribly hard or complicated process. It's as simple or as detailed as you make it.

That's the beauty of it. It's a user defined experience. Everyone's mileage will vary according to their tastes. Maybe one day, you too will join us in the sky.
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evilsooty  +   789d ago
There's truth in that one.

My gaming PC weighs a tonne and sounds like a hoover when it's playing a demanding game and I have to turn the fans up. It really isn't something I would want in my living room :)

That being said I still prefer PCs as I love tinkering with things.
ExCest  +   790d ago
I hope so.
DanielGearSolid  +   790d ago
Developing for PCs must be incredibly hard. The unlimited amount of hardware/Software combinations they have to cater to must be overwhelming. Console devs can focus on one SKU Per platform...

So I would say console devs get more time to polish.

While PC only devs are probably more versatile.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   790d ago
hmmmmm thats why we have something called settings and drivers nowadays.....
really guys. isnt that hard to make games for PC's now.
ofc there is some API's and frameworks you have to work with. as there is with consoles.
cesuf  +   790d ago

It's not as hard as youd think. Dev's program for 2 graphics cards: Amd and NVidia, that's it. It doesn't matter that there's hundreds of series of those card out there. You have settings that are auto-detected depending on how fast your system is.
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Pandamobile  +   790d ago
Exactly. If you're a competent programmer, it's not hard to resolve most of the hardware related issues that you'd encounter when making a game.

For the most part, that's the job of engine developers. If you're games use engines like Unity and Unreal 3 and stuff, 99% of the hardware stuff is already addressed.
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the_hitman3000  +   790d ago
Well duh. But you know what wither you are gaming on a Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, or PC it's still a new system that's out and I think no matter what system you play on you fanboys of all kinds should see that every other system helps your favorite company one way or another.

Sad part is this article will probably end up with people complain about what is better just enjoy what you got.

Back to the topic of course it will they're all x64 so things shouldn't be bad and PC shouldn't have bad ports. In return I imagine good graphics on Consoles coud be easier to achieve.
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cesuf  +   790d ago
I mostly agree with you except for the last few years of the consoles. I would argue that a lot of games (not all) have held back pc quality because the hardware was so dated.

But really moot now. We have next gen systems with x86 cpu's and 8gb ram. There's no good excuse from dev's now about multiplatform games now.
the_hitman3000  +   790d ago
I agree about their should be no excuses BUT I don't think it's the consoles fault that games were held back on PC. For example BF3, Crysis 3, ect. It's up to the developers if they want to or can give PC the extra power it can do or not.
Bathyj  +   790d ago
Finally, someone who realizes that a rising tide lifts all boats.
JediDiah  +   790d ago
Backwards! It's PC that demanded that the consoles play catch up!
ATiElite  +   790d ago

(not really but just sick of all the idiots who do not have Gaming PC's talking like they know more than ME, The Enthusiast PC Gamer)

Publishers know they can make CRAPPY Games on the CONSOLES and still turn a profit because the CONSOLES are filled with CASUAL GAMERS.

You can NOT just make CRAP on the PC and make money. Every PC Game has to be good and cater to a select group. I like Niche games better than casual crap.

Look how BAD Battlefield has become thanks to catering to Mass Appeal.

PC does not need it's games to cater to a Mass Market which makes for a BETTER Gaming experience knowing you are playing with Dedicated gamers who like the specific Genre.

FPS-RTS or FPS-RPG perfect example.

PC Games have smaller Budgets and Smaller teams because self publishing on the PC with NO MIDDLE MAN yields large profits even with lower sales figures.

If people would use their tiny brains and think for a minute you MORONS would realize That a game like TROPICO is preparing for it's 6th release so OBVIOUSLY someone is buying it and the Devs are making MONEY!

Consoles = 8th Generation, every Generation they become more PC like. PS4/XB1 are Flat-out PC's so stop braggin about your consoles when they NO LONGER are consoles but are LOW END PC's.

PC = same thing year after year and it makes a ton of money without all the stupid advertisement because good games spread by word of mouth and the Dev Gamer relationship is a close relationship.

Year after year I have watched CONSOLES become PC's and it amazes me that YOU FOOLS sit here and act like a console is better than a PC when in fact the Sega Dreamcast was actually the LAST CONSOLE.

....and don't even bring up $400 because I'm sick of that SPin move too. I can build a $550 PC that will crush PS4/XB1 plus do more plus play PS3 games plus Play PC exclusives.

can your PS4 play ALL your PS3 games without spending more money on Gaikai? HELL NO!
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Agent-86  +   790d ago
My favorite genres are FPS and RTS. I just think they are far superior on the PC platform due to the KB/M. RTS, in particular, are pretty bad on consoles, if you can find one. I do like having a console as a sidekick, though, so I don't miss out some other genres I like. The previous generation, I had a PS3 so I could play the Uncharted series, Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us plus some others. I also like having a console for local MP fun with sports and racing games (4 player FIFA with friends in the same room is loads of fun).

As primarily a PC gamer, though, I get where you're coming from. However, I think having a new generation of consoles will be good for PC gaming. The previous generation was holding us back some since developers like to develop for the lowest common denominator and that meant sloppy ports. Now that the new consoles are more PC-like than ever before (even using x86 processors), our ports should be better. More developers may even lead on PC and port to the consoles.
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Platinum_Neutral  +   790d ago
ATiElite good for you. Now the reason for the most part people choose the consoles are, that they don't care about "Super Ultra motherf*cking HD high res insane graphics" for the cost of an entire house. We're a select amount of people who also want to enjoy some Vitamin D. Ps4/XB1 graphics are a solid experience for me. I do agree that consoles are holding high-end pcs POTENTIAL back,but without the profit from the console games, you'd see far worse games for pc, cause the budgets would never reach what it is today.
ErryK  +   789d ago
There's making a point, then there's arrogance. You fall into the latter, with the rest of these console idiots.
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ATiElite  +   787d ago
YES i said IDIOTS!

Because ONLY AN IDIOT would pay $50 a year to play MP online! With NO DEDICATED SERVERS AND NO ADMINS I don't care how man free games you get.

Hell I pay $0 to play MP online and I still get the occasional free game plus DEDICATED SERVERS with ADMINS.

So instead of hating me and just being SHEEP, go make Sony/MS change their policy.

my biggest problem with consolers is their LACK of having backbone and dictating to Sony/MS. That online Fee is B.S. you know it I know it Sony/MS knows it.

Sony Gamers laughed at MS gamers now SOny Gamers are taking in the rear too.
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Volkama  +   789d ago
I'm all for PC gaming, but there are plenty of bad games available for it. If PC games HAD to be GOOD then consoles would never have been holding them back, the devs would have HAD to make THE pc VERSION GOOD.
mysteryraz11  +   790d ago
you pc fanboys want consoles to be super expensive and not sell, they could easily put top end hardware in the consoles but then that would make them more expensive and alot more expenisve to mass produce, 4k is not really relevant right now noone has 4k tvs or tvs that go above 1080p, I dont hate pc gaming but sorry I prefer to plug in a console and play games, shit like league of legends or world of warcraft sell best then the pcs super graphical games anyways, so most ppl with pcs dont really seem to care about graphics
Pandamobile  +   790d ago
4K might not be relevant now, but in a year or two it's going to be the next big thing in the world of digital media. Games are going to see a huge benefit from 4K resolution, and personally, I can't wait.
mysteryraz11  +   790d ago
4k tvs wont be mainstream for awhile, though the ps4 can do 4k videos and photos, but I dont care,graphics arent everything I still enjoy old games that have outdated graphics even enjoy playing games on my tablet
Bladesfist  +   790d ago
4k monitors just recently dropped from around $3k to $1k in minimum price. I expect monitors to hit 4k at an affordable price very soon.
Bladesfist  +   790d ago
That is the thing, we care about games and we have a lot of them. A huge backlog of titles from a number of different platforms. I could never go back to consoles and miss out on games like Civ 5, Europa Universalis 4, Crusader Kings 2, Starbound and the list could go on for a while. These are just whole genres that don't really exist on the consoles which to me just look like a bunch of blockbuster shooters that I can play most of on my PC with better graphics and FPS.
mysteryraz11  +   789d ago
4k aint gonna be mainstream anytime soon man,maybe in 3 or 4 years but not right now
Volkama  +   789d ago
If both consoles released at twice the price (with the hardware to match the tag) then I'd have been very happy indeed. I don't really care about the console penetrating a larger market. I'm an enthusiast.

I'd probably only buy 1 instead of both. I'd trade the PS4 and One in for a single console twice as valuable though.

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