VGX 2013: All Game Trailers And News Pile Up

Spike TV held VGX 2013, a video game award show, yesterday. The show was also broadcasted online. Highlights from the three-hours show include three new game announcements from two different studios i.e. “No Man’s Sky” from Hello games and “Tales From The Boarderlands” and “Game Of Thrones” from Telltale Games and new game details and trailers for The Division, The Witcher 3, Titanfall and more.

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ABizzel11562d ago

1. Game of Thrones: Not a fan of the show, but I enjoyed TellTales Walking Dead, and I'm picking up Wolf Among Us, so I might try GoT and Borderlands.

2. Not paying $60 for upgraded hair graphics (couldn't believe he listed realistic hair movement as a selling point for the game)

3. Destiny: Loved Borderlands, basically Borderlands miniMMO. I'll try the beta.

4. No Man's Sky: still amazed by the scope of this game fro a 4 man studio that made Joe Danger.

5. TitanFall: Just don't see the hype, although I was never a COD fan, but I loved Vanquish, so I'll give it a chance.

6. Quantum Break: I'm highly and cautiously interested. Enjoyed Alan Wake, but there's still too much unknown about this game (my guess is it's a late 2014 release if not pushed back further). Also what if I don't like the TV show, does that ruin the game for me since they're so heavily tied in together?

7. The Division: I'm not a huge Tom Clancey fan, but this game has me seriously interested. FPS-RPG Survival Team/Squad based game. Yes please.

8. The Witcher: Part of my back catalog, but it looks good.

9. Theif: I don't know about this one. I like some stealth, but it's reminding me of Dishonored with less options and I unfortunately didn't like Dishonored.

10. Cranky Kong: Kiss my @$$ Nintendo. That announcement pi$$ed me off, and I wish I could have traded places with Geoff, cause I would have read Reggie's @$$ off the show and Nintendo would have never returned. Out of all the announcements you could have made you have the audacity to think Cranky Kong is worth showing at an event that's going to be televised across the globe. It's time for Nintendo to shut down their offices, fire their management, and start with a new group and production on a new console if this is what they're planning on doing all gen.

ground_beef1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Well said, agree on most points. Titanfall is too hyped right now, it could turn out to be a mediocre game, or even worse. Didn't like dishonored that much too, thief looks like a clone. Nintendo is just losing it, there's something very wrong there, it won't end well for them. Destiny, the division and with her look promising. Didn't know that quantum break was a tv show, after knowing this, I have 0 interest in the game.

No mans sky does look amazing for sure, but I have a Major question regarding the game. Is it just roaming around environments, and moving about, or is there actual "gameplay" involved. Now don't get me wrong, when I say "gameplay" I don't necessarily mean killing aliens or punching goons, I mean is there a plot? With specific goals? Do u roam around looking for specific items, interacting with characters, trying to befriend other people, maybe shooting a few baddies, or solving puzzles, trying to get things to work (figuring out how the strange machine u just came across works) etc. I mean I just don't want to roam around endlessly looking at flora and fauna. That's the thing that worries me about this game. Yeah it does look kick ass and all, and the concept of just hoping in ur jet and taking off to space and landing on other planets is freakin awesome, but from the trailer, it looks like u just wander around aimlessly looking at stuff without interacting with anything. I really hope am worng though.