GT6 launch sales were just a fifth of GT5's

PlayStation 3 racer Gran Turismo 6 has debuted with around five times fewer sales than its predecessor GT5.

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come_bom1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Dam, that's quite a hit in sales. Maybe it should have been a PS4 game.

allformats1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

People are tired of current gen. Sony should have made this a PS4 launch title.

360ICE1593d ago

Maybe they could have made a Prologue game for PS4, but seeing how they couldn't get Drive Club ready for release, I think it's good that they're taking their time with GT on PS4.

6YardsOut1593d ago

I agree that they should have made this a PS4 game but to say people are tired of last gen is wrong.

I have a backlog of about 60 games I need to play before moving into the new gen lol.

ravinash1593d ago

I'm still playing strong on m PS3, got many games to get through before I'm ready to upgrade to PS4 in about a years time.
Still got Dark souls 2 to play yet.

Looking forward to playing Killzone on PS4, but I can wait and it will be a lot cheaper (the game) by that time.

abzdine1593d ago

haven't bought it yet but i'm doing it early January

steve30x1593d ago

I disagree that it would have sold better on the PS4 because a lot less people own a PS4 than the PS3. It would have been good if it was released on the PS4 and PS3 though.

ZodTheRipper1593d ago

I think it's ok if we get GT6 on PS4 in 2014 or GT7 in 2015.

GT6 would be an incredible launch title for PS4 but remember that the console is sold out anyway, a system seller like Gran Turismo can wait a few months from a business perspective.

NewAgeisHere1593d ago

True but it looks like most people won't be able a PS4 in the near future because of gigh demand for the console......that's why Sony is making sure that PS3 has a lot of good games.

Omegasyde1593d ago


I agree on the point that "I" am tired of current gen, but there are still a number of users whom are still awaiting greatness.

I know one guy, who help off on a PS4 because Gt6 was coming out and he was still playing GTA5 religiously.

Would Gt6 of been a console pusher? Yes, but what's the point if all the consoles are (for the most part) sold out without the game until 2014?

mewhy321593d ago

I agree with come_bom. This should have been a PS4 title. With the release of the PS4 I can see why the sales are down.

mrmarx1593d ago

No more ps3 than Xbox I know in nrasil lots of people still didn't even get a ps3 yet.. Price is expensive everywhere is not like the us and uk

Dee_911593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

What would releasing on ps4 accomplish regarding sales?With a smaller fanbase it more than likely would have sold even less, it would have been impossible to sale more consoles considering ps4's have been sold out for the longest.By the end of gt6 first fiscal year it more than likely will sell more units than the ps4 has sold consoles or extremely close to the same amount worldwide.I don't know why you people think everyone who has a ps4 will automatically buy gt6.Come back to reality please.
Also this doesn't include digital numbers, which is how I bought mines and I think a lot of people did also.
But the thing is I want the folks at PD to get scared honestly.They really need to start looking at other racers like pcars and asseto corsa so that they can see that they have real competition and start making some changes so that the game will feel fresh and not like just another Gran Turismo.Theres so many little things they could do in my opinion to make gran turismo feel fresh, like actually being able to view the sides of your car while driving type of things.

Back-to-Back1593d ago

Nope. If anything it should have been a cross gen title just like all the big titles have done. Ps3 will bring the most sales and ps4 will add a few effects and a higher resolution. Polyphony really missed a golden opportunity to be a AAA system seller at launch for the ps4.

irepbtown1593d ago

Games which are £47-£49 on PS4 are £30 on PS3 (Fifa 14, COD Ghost just to name 2).

For anyone sticking with the PS3 can expect some pretty low prices.

Gamer19821593d ago

To be fair they didn't want two launch title driving games and when they started with developing this Drive Club was still a launch game not a launch window game. Plus they maximize sales making it a PS3 game. Money talks.

ChrisGTR11593d ago

ehh.. i think it has alot to do with gt5 not being very good.

ShinMaster1593d ago

1- GT6 has been in development for years.

2- I'd rather they make a new GT for PS4 from the ground up and not just a port.

3- There are 2 GT games for every PS console.

steve30x1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

@ ShinMaster : The next GT for the PS4 wont be a brand new game. Kazanuri said so in an interview

Were you disappointed at all that you couldn’t launch GT6 on the PlayStation 4?

“We are eventually going to do that anyway, and we really don’t think it’s a hindrance or a bad thing to release on the PS3. We say that because the performance of consoles today are sort of reaching their saturation point, where we’re not jumping up in performance as much as we used to with each new generation.

“And, the data that we use today for the PS3 is the data that we will take directly into the PS4. We created GT6 with that assumption that things are going to be carried over into the future; we’re not in a rush.”

Source :

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NatureOfLogic1593d ago

I was hoping for a PS4 release. It would have sold much better as a PS4 launch title. Sony and PD got what they deserved for trying a quick last second cash grab with the PS3. I'm still buying this in a few days for my PS3, but I really wish they would've released a PS4 version.

specialguest1592d ago

That makes less logical sense. How can it sell better when the ps4 ownership base is tiny right now?

ravinash1593d ago

I did enjoy GT 5, but really not feeling the need to upgrade.
I think this is more for the hardcore GT players.

Blackdeath_6631593d ago

only 2.1mill people own a ps4 and not all of them will buy GT it would have taken an even bigger hit on sales

BuLLDoG9091593d ago

We never would of gotten this as a PS4 launch game either way. At best a rushed prologue. Way too much work to get a full fledged GT game ready on a new system. GT6 on PS3 had already more then half the content ready to go from GT5.

Project cars is coming to next gen, next year. That will do until GT7.

DanielGearSolid1593d ago

The budget was 1/5th of GT5 lol. Same engine, a few additions... They'll probably need like 1million to profit on this one

JasonKCK1593d ago

"Dam, that's quite a hit in sales. Maybe it should have been a PS4 game."

Wait... what?

If it was on the PS4 it would be less not more because there are way more PS3's. 80+ million>>> 2+ million.

tawak1593d ago

most people are holding out until the ps4 version of GT arrives

chazjamie1593d ago

man people are tired of gt. gt 5 was really disappointing. and by the looks of gt 6 isnt really doing anything outside the gt universe. the customization still pales in comparison to forza, the graphics still has that mediocre flare, the damage system is straight up TRASH. I dont give a fuck about the the gt4 cars, its time poly cuts their ties with these ps 2 relics. The premium cars are overshadowed by these ugly fucking relics. I am sorry but you cant have a ps2 experience on a ps3. which is something most Japanese developers could not figure out.

IaMs121592d ago

I didnt even know GT6 was even released let alone happening!

shadowsatey1592d ago

It should have released on both, honestly. There's probably another half a million or so that would have bought it on PS4. Their loss, I guess.

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allformats1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Sony really made a mistake in releasing this on PS3 and not the PlayStation 4. It would have been a system seller.

If it has one area I believe they've been a bit weak in terms of PS4 strategy, it's with the launch titles.

This would have gone up against Forza 4 and easily defeat it.

Bathyj1593d ago

Agreed. I would have been all over this if it was on PS4. As it stands I just cant bear to put the DS4 down, my hand feels naked without it.

I can only assume they wanted to Driveclub its time to shine but GT6 would have been a system seller for sure.

360ICE1593d ago

And we sure know the PS4 needs a system seller right now. It's not like Sony are having huge problems meeting demand.

I'd rather have a PS4 GT in a year or so. Drive Club looks nice too.

Bathyj1593d ago

Ps4 is selling well now because everyone is psyched and weve waiting on this gen long enough but it needs games too. Luckily Driveclub isnt too far away and Second Son is the big one so far.

jjonez181593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

It's almost annoying that Driveclub got delayed while gt6 releases on last gen only within the launch window. It's my opinion that it should have been the other way around. Gt6 a launch title/cross gen while Driveclub gets another year in development. But all in all I bet they regret nothing, who could ask for more than 2million units sold before the major shopping holiday.

solidboss071593d ago

The millions that have, and will, buy it disagree with you, as do I. On PS3 is great.

BABY-JEDI1593d ago

I think Polyphony have a greater ambition for next gen GT. saying that, I hope they don't take 2+ years to get it out.

mhunterjr1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Releasing it on ps4 would have hurt its sales further. There simply aren't enough ps4's to go around. And people aren't going to buy the game if they are having trouble getting their hands on a system. It makes sense to hold your juggernaught titles until there is a larger installed base.

neoMAXMLC1593d ago

How would it be a system seller if the system is already sold out?

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mos61421593d ago

Since GT6's debut is 5 times lower than GT5's

Gran Turismo 6 - between 53,000 and 55,000

what a bomb!

JohnS13131593d ago

This article is dumb. When GT5 came out you could only buy it on Blu-ray. You couldn't download it. GT6 is also a digital download which is how I bought it. But these lists don't include digital copies, just the big stores. Don't believe this story. GT6 definitely sold a lot. And making it on the PS4 wouldn't have helped. PD made it on the PS3 because they already did a lot of the work for GT5. If they made a PS4 version it might have pushed it back a year or two.

jerethdagryphon1593d ago

also gt games have long legs gt6 will sell at least 8 million

JohnS13131593d ago

I guess telling the truth on here now gets you nothing but disagrees. A lot of idiots on N4G who have no idea how these sales numbers are figured out. It's a fact that digital sales aren't included in these sales totals.

Omegasyde1593d ago

GT6 also came in the begining of December which in my opinion was a month to late in Western countries.

GT6 didn't have to just compete with Forza and need for speed but all the other games that came out before in November. This is why there are usually no huge games released in December.

Wallets are still recovering!

...But gt6 has legs.

kenshiro1001592d ago

Thanks for contributing. /s

WeAreLegion1593d ago

Expected that. Look at GT4, compared to GT3. Timing is poor. Marketing is worse. Amazing game though.

Dee_911593d ago

Marketing is worse? They had the hugest gaming release party in the history of gaming release parties.And since the game got announced in May, every month since they have been at every major racing event.They released more info at racing events than gaming events,so its easy to see which audience they are targeting.
But everything else you said was true, but I will add that no other Gran Turismo had a digital version and GT5 leaving a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths has a lot to do with the sales taking a hit too.
Hopefully PD takes a step back and actually look at other racing games and bring something most racing games have that no Gran Turismo had to gt7.I can't say that they aren't innovative, because gps functionality and course creator begs to differ, but the game is still missing simple elements that a game should have.

Back-to-Back1593d ago

Marketing is terrible. I have yet to see an add on tv or on any website. I thought Sony was finally understanding the importance of good marketing.

Dee_911592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Commercials and website ads dont = marketing.Thats only a part of it, and not an substantial enough part of marketing to actually blame low sales on.
Plus there are ads on tv just not in the states yet.But like I said they targeted an audience and more than likely if your a car nut, you know about gt6..Kaz got 2 streets names after him because of GT6 for gods sake.I guess the people that needs to know about gt6 will know about gt6. It moves mainstream numbers but its not a mainstream game

WeAreLegion1593d ago

"Super Mario 3D World is still being outsold by Knack." Lol. I love both games though.