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Playstation 4 in Brushed Steel

The PlayStation 4 is a beautiful looking console. It's unique slanted or "italic" design, small size, light weight and the way it curves makes it a geometrical marvel. I'm probably exaggerating here but that's how much it physically looks better than the Xbox One. The Xbox One, while bulky, has a charm of its own. As nice as the PS4 looks, it's only available in one plain color, black. While we wait for Sony to release more variations, some people have taken the matter into their own hands. (PS4, Sony, Tag Invalid)

TheArabGamer  +   572d ago
Now, that's classy.
crxss  +   572d ago
it's alright, I don't mind the ps4 as is. Maybe more of that reflective plastic quarter of the system wouldn't hurt instead of the black textured case on 3/4 of the system. I like shiny things
miyamoto  +   572d ago
ooh shiny!

Built like a tank!

DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   572d ago
It's horrible IMO, and it's NOT brushed steel.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   572d ago
Yeah, it's not real metal. I can even see the original plastic in the central "deeper" part (around disc slot and USB ports) which are part of the same plastic casing compenent from the botton and top (except, obviously, the HDD lid). It would be crazy to replace the casing with metal, metals are highly thermal and electric conductive, it could be dangerous to touch it. Also it obviously isn't somehow "covered" in real metal because plates would be, even if really thin, a lot thicker than what we see in the photos.

That's probably just a type of contact paper (different types stick to different surfaces, some are also removable), it's an easy enough material to curve around logos for precise etched images and only costs like 1 buck the meter around here (don't know about US, but it must be cheap there too)... If not, it's just one of those skin (basically the same stuff pre-cutted to proper size and shape, but usually with a weaker removable adhesive).
GameSpawn  +   571d ago
I agree. This is most likely a decal or a stupidly good faux paint job.

If I'd do anything like this though I'd like to make the PS4 look like the NES-PS4 render that has popped up on N4G a couple times.
mewhy32  +   572d ago
this thing looks so cool. I want one!!!
Tsar4ever  +   571d ago
Wonder how much it weighs when compared to the regular version? And also how the heat consumption rate fares also?
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RamsesNum1  +   572d ago
That is pretty sweet, modern too.
AgentFlex  +   572d ago
that looks sweet!
Bathyj  +   572d ago
Mother of God. Im throwing money at my screen but nothing happens.

I still prefer the Atari one but.

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8BitSoul  +   572d ago
Mother of god! Probably the most awesome mod I've seen in quite some time. Not sure about the controller, but the system itself looks very kewl! Thanks for sharing!
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Bathyj  +   572d ago
The controller is awesome. Its for oldschool gamers that dont even need the name of the buttons written on them.
Conzul  +   572d ago
oh wow! Such lust I feel!
HighResHero  +   571d ago
The Atari one is sweet.
ZidaneNL  +   572d ago
That has to be the sexiest looking console I have ever seen. I mean, I'm a PC gamer, but this puts even some case mods to shame.
Eonjay  +   572d ago
Very nice would have loved a shoot with it on...
ChrisW  +   572d ago
Beccha it ain't light!
8BitSoul  +   572d ago
Now THAT is sexy!
SolidGear3  +   572d ago
I want! I want!
SpinalRemains138  +   572d ago
Cheap SOBs.

Why not use stainless and go all out?
RamsesNum1  +   572d ago
I bet it's pretty cold. It looks like the kind of steel that you can touch on a hot day and get a nice cooldown from
Shad0wRunner  +   572d ago
Looks nice.

Hell, i sent off for some vinyl skins for my PS4, from Amazon...and it's taken over a week to get here, and I still havent got it yet.

Back OT: Would like to see one of these case mods in solid gold. Real...solid gold. Not no painted on crap.
Nerdmaster  +   572d ago
Nope, it's still horrible. I can't believe how PS4 and XOne are so freaking ugly. I remember when XOne was revealed and everybody made fun of Microsoft because it was terribly ugly. And later Sony revealed PS4 to be almost the same thing.
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Nicaragua  +   572d ago
you need your eyes tested mate
ambientFLIER  +   570d ago
Hmm, I'm not sure about that. Both consoles, and especially the X1, look good in person.
elhebbo16  +   572d ago
are we just ripping everything off from reddit and calling it news?
RamsesNum1  +   572d ago
There's a difference between news and sharing. This is sharing not news. Just a cool looking ps4, no hard-hitting journalism here.
KillrateOmega  +   572d ago
Personally, I preferred the white casing, but this casing is awesome as well :)
mochachino  +   572d ago
My fav is still the old NES one. That was beautiful
bromtown  +   572d ago
This is on Reddit, it's not a decal as such - it's 3M brushed steel vinyl sticker stuff, comes in a roll. It was custom cut so it looks a bit better than usual (PS4 cut out nicely etc and no gaps between faces) but it's still a sticker.

Personally I'd have kept the HDD bay shiny part black, that'd look great.
level 360  +   571d ago
Only downside with this is fingerprints/debris would easily stick-out.

Will be needing extra care and special cleaning products.
modesign  +   571d ago
god only knows what chemicals are in that paint,

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