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PSN content can be activated on 3 portable systems after today’s maintenance

El33tonline writes:

"Sony has announced that the number of activated portable devices which can be used with PlayStation Network content will be increased from two to three after the period of maintenance scheduled for later today." (PS Vita, PSP)

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MegaRay  +   419d ago
Finaly. Now make vita multi account and I will became a ps fanboy as long as Sony exist
mikeslemonade  +   419d ago
They need to hurry up with the update. I borrowed back my PS3 to see what they have on plus for the PS3. I forgot how slow the system is and right now can't download games because of the update. Updating trophies is taking me almost 20 minutes already.
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thereapersson  +   419d ago
I feel your pain! My buddies and I play NBA 2k14 on PS3 and I recently bought it on PS4 but haven't played much of it due to the fact my friends need to buy a few extra controllers. Trying to do anything in game on the PS3 after playing around on the PS4 is an exercise in torture. I've never understood why the PS3 doesn't just sync trophies in the background. Waiting just to view your trophies (if they haven't been synced, you have no choice) is a pain in the ass!
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devwan  +   419d ago
@mikeslemonade If you don't have your ps3 handy, just use the SEN website and add the stuff to your basket there.

@thereapersson Set your trophies to "offline" when you want to play and have them sync over night or when you're do it while you're busy with something else around the house.
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mikeslemonade  +   419d ago
Yea.. it's just crippling slow. I switched to 360 for the past 2 years and just played multiplatform games because of the constant updates and slow UI of the PS3. PS3 has the better games but there's definitely a barrier to entry if you want to spend the first 10 minutes on average just updating.

Glad PS4 UI is actually the faster system this time around.
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rainslacker  +   418d ago
The difference in speed is rather jarring now. lol. My PS3 is only for gaming now though, so I don't really notice it. Keep up to date every Tuesday with PS+ freebies and it's not so bad.
mikeslemonade  +   418d ago
I reformatted the HDD and makes it a bit faster. I just said "screw it" because I don't use any of that data and takes a long time to delete demos and game data utility.
WeAreLegion  +   419d ago
Pointless until we get Vita TV. Just two PS4's would be great.
biglittlesps  +   419d ago
why its pointless? with this same account can be used in three devices so just one PS+ and digital games is enough for three people to play.
WeAreLegion  +   419d ago
You can only have one account on a portable device though.
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leahcim  +   419d ago
multi account for the psVita that would be amazing!
Tidybrutes  +   419d ago
Thank god as my orignal vita was stolen and I have no way of deactivating it. Have replaced it now but I plan on getting a second vita at some point.
Bowzabub  +   419d ago
Go to qriocity.com and sign in with your PSN ID info then go to active systems and deactivate your Vita. Far as I know ou can do it once every 6 months. If for some reason the site won't work for the deactivation call into Sony and they will do it for you if you tell them that it won't work from he site. Hope this helps you dude.
Wakkamole  +   419d ago
You can alwas deactivate a console you don't have anymore at the Sony Entertainment Network Web page....
ruefrak  +   419d ago
I hope this means that they're hurrying up with their plans to bring the VitaTV to the West. This way I can have a game on my Vita, PSP, and VitaTV.
nevin1  +   419d ago
@Bowzabub and Wakkamole

How do you deactivate video from PSP/PS3?
Rikuson1  +   419d ago
They should have set up the Ps3 and Vita like the Ps4 where if your using the the account that the content is from you don't need to be activated
HighResHero  +   419d ago
Excellent news because I was just wondering about something like this.
cell989  +   419d ago
now if only this was allowed with the PS3 and PS4 I would be in heaven, 3 PS3s 3 portable devices and 3 PS4s eventually would be awesome customer service by Sony

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