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It is probably a silly idea to try to assess the long-term value of a game console right at launch - after all, this is hardware that should be lasting us for five, eight years or more - but it's still an important thing to do considering that these machines are expensive at launch, and nearly everyone that gets at least one of these consoles in the first year will be getting only the one.

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The_Villager1409d ago

Excellent review couldn't agree more. It's gonna take the PS4 about a year (hopefully) for it to be really worth the money. Right now though $400 doesn't cut it for me.

Septic1409d ago

I don't think it will take as long as a year. For me, the PS4 is worth it right now even with Battlefield 4 in its broken state. The console's UI is so much better and I just can't go back to the 360 or PS3.

Once Infamous hits, that will be a great time to pick it up for many.

I think I have eroded the share button. Just how easy it is to stream on Twitch is incredible. I just wished the PS4 had a video editor feature built in so I can mix and edit clips like I can on Upload Studio on X1. Also, upload to Youtube would be useful.

But yeah its early days and there does seem to be a drought in games, depending on what genre you prefer. For many like myself however, the PS4 is a great console.

Oh and I can't believe I can just plug in my Beats headphones into the controller and it works amazingly well and even supports voice chat! (The only problem is I can't adjust the voice volume of other players).

Aery1409d ago

It's only another "review" with the same "conclusion" :

Ok, in the meanwhile I'm enjoying [email protected], [email protected], Killzone Shadowfall (the game with the best graphics right now), BF4 (the diffrence betwewn Ps4 and Ps3 is *HUGE*) NFSRival, etc etc ... on a 400$ of hardware (pad included). I got also 3 free games ...

No, I didn't wait and I'm really happy with my Ps4.

Aery1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )


GarrusVakarian1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

You couldn't agree more but yet you don't own a PS4?, stop trolling.

I didn't wait and im more than happy with my PS4 for £350. Lightning fast UI, share button is great, 1080p is great, BF4 is night and day difference from last gen versions. Killzone literally blows my mind with its graphics, the controller is the most comfortable controller ive ever held (its taken the top spot away from the 360 for me). Im more than happy.

thekhurg1409d ago

I assume you think $500 on a Xbox One is a worthwhile purchase though?

Oh, you can't respond...

1409d ago
Boody-Bandit1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

And I will counter your answer with an honest unbiased opinion of a gamer that has both consoles in my home hooked up side by side on my multi panel setup using the same exact displays with all the processing turned off so both consoles are not being hindered at all.

XBOX ONE is nothing but a gaming console without an XBL Gold subscription so actually it's $560+ tx and not $500. My XBL account expired 2 days ago and I basically don't have access to anything but my games and the store.
YouTube, Netflix, Internet Explorer, etc and so on all say must have xbl gold to use these features.

Forza 5 - less than half a game that Forza 4 was / is and ridiculous over the top micro transactions. Plus they incentivize the gamer to purchase micro transaction because they made it significantly harder to obtain in game coin to purchase new vehicles. That is beyond shady.

Oh and let us not forget that the retail version of Forza 5 looks nothing like what Turn 10 showed at E3 in June. Forza 5 is a mild bump in visuals over it's predecessor from the last generation. I think I would know being that I'm one of the biggest Forza fans you will ever run into. More like "was" 1 of the biggest fans. I have officially washed my hands of Turn 10 and as of right now I don't see my self going back but the wound is still too fresh. I might heel in time and change my mind.

Dead Rising 3 - last gen visuals struggling to maintain 30fps. Over the top arcade game that wears off rapidly. It's only saving grace to even consider it being anything resembling next gen is the amount of characters on screen at once.

Ryse - a soulless tech demo that dips into the teens with it's frame rates. Once you've played the game an hour or 2? You have played the game. There is next to no replay value. Some fin d it a chore to finish because of it's lack luster combat engine / repetitive game play. Rental at best.

^What I wrote above does not equate to graphic fidelity. So forgive me when I say you and I have extremely different opinions as to the definition of unmatched.

Oh and you say the X1 is the smartest smart TV? My Samsung works seamlessly with motion and voice controls. The X1 doesn't and it has been proven in several articles saying that very thing along with my own hands on experience with the X1.

However the UI is seamless on the PS4. It literally moves as fast as you can move it.

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Sony_Fan1409d ago

Excellent review,i agree with ^ i'm a huge sony fan but ps4 just isn't worth it right now, drop the price to about 250$ then i might repurchase one,i'm not willing to pay 400$ for 900p battlefield and subpar framerates.

MasterCornholio1409d ago

Then why did you drop 500$ for an Xbox One?

memots1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Just look at his comment history, just bashing everything sony, " excited about Titan fall " calling gt6 a flop , talking about a supposed meta score of 56 for knack ... "

Total troll

theBAWSE1409d ago

The Worst and saddest of all troll fanboys is one who is soo insecure and sad they put the name of the console/company they hate in their username thinking they are fooling anyone... we have all seen your comment history

you wonder what those kinda people are like behind the keyboard. ... receding hairline, lives with their parents though they are over 40,probably still a virgin... list goes on

GarrusVakarian1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

"i'm a huge sony fan "

No you're not.

"i'm not willing to pay 400$ for 900p battlefield and subpar framerates."

But you were willing to pay $500 for 720p and 30fps? RYSE is 900p and dips into the teens, you were willing to pay for that? Hypocrite troll.

Bennibop1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Your comment history is laughable, are you really so desperate to validate your xbox one purchase! Instead of trolling and bullsh*tting on every PS4 related article go and enjoy your Microsoft products! Check out Sony_Fan comment history guys and stamp this crap out!

Mr-Dude1409d ago

@fake Sony_Fan

You are weird... First you talk about how glad you are about canceling your PS4 pre-order. Then magically you have one at launch, but sold it for a present for your imaginary girlfriend... Most likely bought it in your dreams then? Or LaLa land?

You should remember what you type, or at least check your own history...

Nykamari1409d ago

But you are willing to pay $500.00 for 900p RYSE? Go figure! Trolls will be trolls! But butt hurt trolls are funny!

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Bennibop1409d ago

Couldn't disagree more, I have been having a blast. Everything is a noticeable upgrade including the video streaming (Netflix and Amazon,) the sound quality, ui speed and the games themselves. I have also not noticed any issue with Battlefield 4 frame rate! If anyone is sitting on the wall I suggest diving in and getting PS4.

kiz26941409d ago

Completely agree with you! Well Said.

Kurisu1409d ago

I'm going to be waiting for a year before getting a PS4. Usually I'm always day one with Sony hardware (PSP, PS3 and PS Vita [which got stolen :(] all bought day one) but there's still games I want to play on PS3 before making the jump.

I'm playing Beyond at the moment and I'm loving it. Then I still need to buy GTA V. Lightning Returns is out in February, then FFX is out in March.

By the time I get a PS4 there will be more games, cheaper games (pre owned), and I'm sure there will be more added features by that point.

That's why I'm waiting.

HowarthsNJ1409d ago

I want one, but I have real world bills to pay. Maybe in March 2014.

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