Can Wii U be successful without the game pad?

Chris Kohler talks with Wired editor Peter Rubin over the Wii U in Wired's Game|Life podcast

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sinncross1564d ago

I think the big problem for me when considering the Gamepad is that outside of a small number of titles (and even less I would want from that small group) there are barely any games that me feel I NEED to play the game with the game pad, and nintendo themselves have done a poor job of this (and their future games do not seem to suggest that they have improved much).

I think the WiiU is a great idea on paper, but a year in, I do question whether the gamepad is really needed at all. Hopefully things start to upswing for Nintendo in 2014.

UltimateMaster1564d ago

It needs better battery life.

wheresmymonkey1563d ago

Nintendo have already released a higher capacity battery for it which lasts about 8 hours.

I think they come as standard in all the new bundles too.

cesuf1563d ago

With a 6" screen outputting on the controller, your really not going to get a better battery life than 6-7 hours.

Now as to why the ds4 controller gets 6-7 hours life is anyone's guess.

Dunban671563d ago

I m lucky to get 2.5 hours- where can I find the new Nintendo battery w 8 hours cap? Is it difficult to switch out the old battery? How much do they cost?

MEsoJD1563d ago

Nintendo was hoping the controller would sell the console like the Wiimote. It annoys me that they could have had a much more capable console if they focused the money spent on the game pad on power and make the losses up through software. The pro controller is a much better controller than the gamepad IMO. At this point, I think it's pretty safe to say that the game pad is a failure. Would have been better if it were an option. Instead it's forced upon you upon buying the system and it cost around $120 to replace. Finally, while off t.v. play is cool, I don't think it can solely sale any console. Really, tvs are so cheap these days, who doesn't at least have 2 - 3 in their homes to do whatever the hell you want?

MsmackyM1563d ago

The Wii U is no slouch when it comes to specs, but it may look that way if you don't know what you're looking at. Personally I really enjoy the Gamepad and it's true not every game requires it, but I do feel it's essential for the Wii U.

The problem with the Wii U in the eyes many gamers IMHO is it's perception of being a sub par console. Granted Nintendo was also willing to take a risk with their setup that Sony couldn't afford to with the PS4, according to Mark Cerny. It will unfortunately take years for developers to learn how to optimise their code for the Wii U, so it will be awhile for most gamers to see it's potential. The PS4 and Xbox One decided to go with a traditional PC setup to make easier for developers and gamers can see early gains.

So in saying that the Wii U definitely needed something in the moment to distinguish itself in the home console market. It was a combination of Nintendo's first party software and the potential possibilites provided by the Gamepad that secured my purchase.

lilbroRx1563d ago

As always, people attack the things that aren't a problem.

The gamepad funcitonality always has been the most praised feature in Wii U games. Without the gamepad, their would be no reason to buy the console at all.

The gamepad is the reason I prefer the console over either of the other next gen consoles.

McDaygo1563d ago

And it is nice. I just worry they will drop it before they make it GREAT! I would love it if they made it a standard controller going forward with future systems.

Chrischi19881563d ago

I can totally understand what you are saying, but they still sell it like that, because of the same reason, why the Xbox One sells with Kinect. It doesnt need all games to support it, but Nintendo wanted to make sure, that Dev Studios can create games for Wii U, with complete Gamepad support, without risking, only 10% of Wii Us owners are actually able to play that game. With this they can fully implement Gamepad features without the need to find a different solution for people who do not own it. This way, the Devs can be sure, everbody with a Wii U, has a Gamepad and this way, they can create great MMOs for example. I guess that is the only reason why, Off TV Play is a nice added feature to it, but I guess thats the only feature, for normal games, but for more complex games, they can rely on everyone owns one. Take Diablo3 for example, you cannot even chat normal on the console version, only with the special keyboard, which not even half of PS3 owners own.

gazgriff2k121563d ago

hope in future they can make it into an all in one device just the wii u pad without console plus 2ds games and android apps would be epic

cesuf1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

We really don't need another android device. Plus Andriod has tons of Nintendo emulators to play those last gen games free and I don't see Nintendo ever supporting that.

Chrischi19881563d ago

How great would be a Nintendo Android Tablet, which would be the only one to also support all kinds of 3DS games?

3-4-51563d ago

What Nintendo should have done:

* Wii U Game Pad is actually the next Nintendo handheld, but don't release it until 2016-2017

* Make the Pro Controller design/layout like the 360

That right there makes it more appealing and less expensive.

I want a Wii U, but I don't want anybody to use it.

I fear others may screw up my Gamepad somehow and then I'm screwed.

It's too much of a POSSIBLE issue.

It's not too late though. They just need to release a few games that FOCUS on the Pro Pad

clouds51563d ago

Then we have 3 consoles and all of them have the same controller and all of them have the same games with the same gameplay. Really?
The gamepad is the only reason I bought the system and the reason why I bought AC IV on the WiiU. Because I basically never have to open that stupid map! Of course alot of people are used to bad menus/inventories from other consoles, but as a PC gamer I really love the efficiency.
You shouldn't have to cycle through endless lists with a D-Pad in soon 2014... But somehow people are ok with it as long as there are shiny textures :) I don't get it^^ But oh well...

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AKR1564d ago

This is the heart of the system. That's the whole point of the "U".

Taking the Gamepad from the Wii U is like taking the Wiimote from the Wii or the two screens from the DS. It's what defines the system.

mcstorm1563d ago

I agree and I really like the game pad too. I got the pro controller thinking I would not use the game pad and I was so wrong.

Thepcz1563d ago

difference is, the wiimote was an asset. the wiiu controller is a hindrance.

AKR1563d ago

The Wii Remote was a "hindrance" if more than anything.

Many games didn't make proper use of it; mostly sticking to either sub-par motion controls or a whole lot of waggle.

The Wii U Gamepad is a standard controller, with a few extra bells-&-whistles; the biggest of course being the touchscreen. Take that out and you have yourself a sightly more advanced Pro Controller. Even if devs don't use the screen outside of stuff like maps, inventory and Off-TV Play; it still has the feel of a traditional controller.

McDaygo1563d ago

It looks unwieldy but once you use it, and get used to it, it's actually pretty sweet.

RackLug1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Gamepad is awesome its the best control out of the 3 next gen systems in my opinion

clouds51563d ago

I totally agree. It's just sad that soo many people blindly chose better textures and slightly increased resolution over true control and gameplay innovation... Can't imagine playing open world games anymore without having the map/inventory right there in my hands :D

Ninte1563d ago

I have five Wii U games and my nephews have stopped playing it because they never liked the gamepad from the start. I'm not a fan of it either and will be waiting on the next shipment for PS4.

cesuf1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

I know this may come as rocket surgery, but you can switch over to using a WiiU pro controller. Now slap yourself 5 times rapidly for not thinking of that yourself.

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