How To Get An Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Before The Holidays

If you're determined to pick up an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 in time for a holiday gift, don't expect the process to be all that easy or affordable,unless the holiday you're thinking of is Easter. Microsoft and Sony's latest video-game consoles just went on sale in November, and stock is likely to remain spotty to scarce through Christmas and beyond.

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MultiConsoleGamer1412d ago

Walk into a store, pick one up. I've seen both consoles several times in the past week.

TRD4L1fe1411d ago

Same here, walked into target the other day and 3 PS4's were in the shelves

Killzoner991411d ago

Wow that was pretty stupid of you to pass on those PS4s. You could have sold them for $1000 each on EBay.

TRD4L1fe1410d ago

@Killzoner99 kinda hard to buy something when i cant afford it. That was pretty ignorant of you to make that comment

Killzoner991411d ago

You may have seen piles of Xbones but there's no way you saw a single PS4.You can't find them anywhere. Glad I got mine day one.

MultiConsoleGamer1411d ago

I have seen the PS4 many times in the past week.

AnotherGamer1171411d ago

I can't find any PS4s or Xbox Ones in my area. So I am not sure where you live - want to pick one of those up for me?

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Sony_Fan1412d ago

Almost Makes me feel bad for selling my ps4 since thats one someone couldve had day one.But i just couldn't keep it, i'm not one of those people that are happy with just more Killzones and uncharteds i need new experiences Sony, Not rehashes and supar framerates.

admiralvic1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Well, everyone knows launch titles are perfect indicators of what kind of games the console will get. I think we all knew, given the quality of the PlayStation 3's launch, with titles like Call of Duty 3 and sports across the boards, that it would be a console with interesting titles like The Last of Us at some point.

BluP1411d ago

Don't feed the troll.

admiralvic1411d ago

@ SonyPony

I knew he was trolling, but I still wanted to make a sarcastic post.

Neonridr1411d ago

I lucked out getting my PS4 two weeks ago. But if you really, really want one, either be prepared to pay for one through ebay, or frequently check the stores online stock indicator (if they have one). If any pop up, contact the store immediately and then be prepared to drive over right away.

That's what I had to do. Even though I wasn't planning on purchasing a PS4/XB1 until early next year, I couldn't resist the opportunity.

On a side note, check some of the other selling sites out there (Craigslist, Kijiji, etc). Sometimes you can find them at more reasonable prices and then you can physically go pick it up instead of paying some ridiculous shipping and/or import charges.

BelkingOfSony1411d ago

There are loads of xbones in GAME stores across the UK, but no PS4's

SmartassesCreed1411d ago

Man i'm glad I managed to get my PS4 on Thanksgiving at Wal-mart.

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