Xbox One Review: Microsoft Delivers Revolutionary Potential

The Xbox one, upon its unveiling, set the bar high for a gaming console. So, high in fact that it no longer is a gaming console, it is a media hub; much like your cell phone is more of a mini computer with a phone application. Don't misunderstand this point as the Xbox One is still a fine gaming beast capable and intent on delivering some of the best gaming experiences of this generation. It’s just that at this early stage in the Xbox One Lifecycle, the focus is clearly on the other functionality offered by the Xbox one. So, what exactly is the Xbox one trying to accomplish and how does it fare trying to be so many things while attempting to earn the title All-In One Entertainment System?

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donnieboy1137d ago

Loving my ONE, looking forward to the future...

Dewitt1137d ago

Apparently, Sony kids think you don't.. Sigh.

hazardman1137d ago

I got one today and i like it!!

MorePowerOfGreen1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

The One changed how I use my Home Theater and most likely what the masses will expect of electronics in general, forever.

The cloud stuff and the way the XB1 was built from the ground up for cloud compute will be a even bigger jump than the XB1 and Kinect 2.0 was.

WeAreLegion1137d ago

In fact, MorePowerOfGreen decided to cut off the "Input" button on all his remotes.

DoesUs1137d ago

No it wasn't and no it won't.

towelie12881137d ago

Loving mine aswell
Love bf4 and NFS and DR3 is really fun also

Belking1137d ago

The true next gen console with awesome features.

hotbeef1137d ago

Is anyone else's home screen navigation super choppy? I swear it wasn't like that at first and now it feels clunky.

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