Indie Dev Locked Out Of [email protected] For Opting Out Of Exclusivity In The Past

Witch Beam didn’t want to limit platform availability, and in turn, limited platform availability


Nice response from Chris Charla, "I'm about to get on a flight, but thanks for the tweets on @androidcactus. The feedback is really well-taken is all I can say right now!" Hopefully this means they're taking a harder look at the requirements.

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cleft51470d ago

Nice way of supporting the indie developers. No matter what Microsoft seems to do it always has a bunch of strings attached to it and everything has to be on their terms to their advantage. Glad I own a PS4.

Kingthrash3601470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

man this is so true. ms ways are more and more damaging to gaming. trying to strike fear into devs is just wrong. man ..just, god...fu.. can't express words right now. time to play ps4...anybody wanna squad up hit me up.
my psn: kingthrash

nukeitall1470d ago

...or MS is just trying to ensure that gamers on Xbox One get equal treatment like other platforms?

Kayant1470d ago


So you're saying that they should delay the promised finished versions of their game for other platforms because MS were late with their program... In additional you're also saying that if a game has been previously released on another platform they shouldn't be allowed on [email protected]

Why should they need to bend their backs and potential delay their game by a couple of months because MS offered their program late. It's a BS rule that only helps MS and punishes indie devs and is anticompetitive because it kills any advantages other platforms offer just to satisfy MS and their unreadiness with their program.

Charybdis1470d ago

Title of this article is misleading.

This is basicly about the order of releasing games. This is of-course a problem because a dev might not have enough resources to launch simultaneously on multiple platforms, because of this indie devs can and apparently have been locked out.

In the end I believe the choice should be up to developers. Lately Microsoft seems to be listening to complaints so I hope they will do the same this time and adjust their pilot program.

xHeavYx1470d ago

Glad to see that they won't let MS restrictions get in the way.
To show them that they did the right thing, I'll get their game as soon as it is out.
Let's see though if MS goes back to them for a new deal, to avoid bad press

Eonjay1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

No one wants to make everyone wait to comply the whim of a company representing a small minority of entertainment consumers. We already lost Watch Dogs due to release parity. You know, the game that was only ever seen running on a PS4 and was dramatically delayed a week after doctored PS4 footage appeared on a Xbox One ad.

Xbox owners wouldn't like to have to wait on PS4 either.

Neonridr1469d ago

@Kayant - Ubisoft did exactly that to Wii U owners with Rayman.

Not that I agree with this whole [email protected] thing.

mewhy321469d ago

Well i'm sure that Sony will welcome this dev with open arms.

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come_bom1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I hate whinny indies. The indies act like they are special that deserve special privileges. Everybody knows how [email protected] works. There are rules, so take it or leave it and stop whining.

If Microsoft starts giving in to these whining indies, they are f*****. Indies will start releasing their games on all other platforms before releasing on Microsoft platforms...

Even Sony have rules to release games on their platforms... if released previously on another platform, the developer has to work harder to put extra content on the Sony platform.

I may agree or disagree with Microsoft or Sony... but i see these rules as business decisions. Take them or leave them, but please stop whining.

johndoe112111470d ago

People like you are the reason microsoft thought they could cram that DRM sh!t down our throats and get away with it.

strickers1470d ago Show
Whiskeyjacked871470d ago

Keep letting M$ suck the life out of gaming. Ill keep promotinf ps4 where real gamers play.

nukeitall1470d ago

Personally, I didn't mind the DRM, my console is almost always connected anyhow, and as long as I remember, I have not been without internet for 24=hours.

If I did, I likely would have other problems.

There is nothing wrong with wanting launch parity for us Xbox One gamers. I don't want to be treated as second class citizens.

Why should I have to put up with that? If you are a dev that does that, you can go suck it, because I don't want you game!

LordMaim1470d ago

Sony doesn't have that requirement at all. How did you come up with that?

come_bom1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Got to love blind fanboys like @johndoe11211, @strickers or @Whiskeyjacked87 ... not worth my time.

@Lord Maim
"Sony doesn't have that requirement at all. How did you come up with that? "

Yes they do... It has been said by developers. Just take a look at games released on the PS3 that were previously released on the X360. They normally come with extra content... specially games on the PSN store.

DragonKnight1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

@nukeitall: All your pro-MS comments are giving my forehead welts due to the incessant facepalms they induce.

"Personally, I didn't mind the DRM, my console is almost always connected anyhow, and as long as I remember, I have not been without internet for 24=hours."

Of course you didn't mind, but I'm going to ask you a question that I asked another fan of Microsoft today. Where does this idea that because something doesn't happen to you, that means it doesn't happen at all come from?

Here's another question. How does the fact that you have a consistent connection, which I doubt due common sense screaming out at that statement, at all matter as a point? The point is that Microsoft tried to make hardware completely dependent on a network. Not in just delivering content, but in functioning at all. Why don't you ask those people who have an Xbox One just how much they could do with it BEFORE updating it that first time. The answer is nothing. How can you justify a console doing absolutely nothing because it isn't connected to the internet? That's like saying you agree that a toaster shouldn't function unless it has a bagel setting on it.

"There is nothing wrong with wanting launch parity for us Xbox One gamers. I don't want to be treated as second class citizens."

To use a cliched saying, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. Xbox One is one platform, there are 4 others besides it (PS4, WiiU, PC, and mobile devices including handhelds). What you're saying is that it's perfectly fine for 4 platforms totaling millions of consumers should be punished to make Microsoft and 1/5th of the users happy. Looking at it from the Indie's side, explain how that's good for them.

"Why should I have to put up with that? If you are a dev that does that, you can go suck it, because I don't want you game!"

You're the one that made the decision to support Microsoft, that's why you have to put up with that. No developer is going to miss your business, and Microsoft is the one that's going to suffer the most for locking out indie devs. They're just making Sony look better.

Mikeyy1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

@nukeitall (cringe)

Seriously dude, why should YOU have to be treated like a second class citizen? Take a look at last gen 3rd parties, lots of PS3 games where admittedly gimped due to Microsofts parity clauses.

So its not okay for this to be done to you, but its all find and dandy to do it to me?

Why dont we just allow developers to do anything they want, and let the consoles do the talking? are you afraid the xbox would lose in a fair fight?

ipach1470d ago

"If Microsoft starts giving in to these whining indies, they are f*****. Indies will start releasing their games on all other platforms before releasing on Microsoft platforms..."

don't tell me this is what Microsoft's developer relations people are thinking, too. scary combination of ignorance and arrogance if you ask me...

christocolus1469d ago

Just went through the comments and its so pathetic..I'm Loving my xbx one experience at the moment(indies or no indies) and I'm looking forward to more aa titles than indies(personally).its always been that way for me and most I know. Even with the ps3 and xbx 360 era, my friends and i hardly played indies

Its crazy all I'm reading now and i couldn't care less about all the trolling from sony fanboys..they come in here like they are bothered about the dev meanwhile its actually about trolling and looking for a way to pour out their bias and hate..let me ask a question. How many of those bashing ms here have an xbx one?or have even used it?most of you are biased. This is an issue that should in quote affect xbx one gamers but its been flooded by trolls upon trolls upon trolls(xbx gamers can't even make their own comments in peace).and that's why I couldnt care any less. You fanboys keep taking panadol for other peoples guys don't give a shit about this guy, you just hating..The dev and charla are still going to work on stuff hopefully,he loves the reception from the guys at ms so far,and charla has hinted on improving the policy, so what's with all the crap comments..dudes go play your ps4 or something and stop worrying over something that obviously doesn't concern you guys just storm into anythn anti xbox and start gushing crap.can't most of you be reasonable for once?.drm, ms is evil?ea is evil? Xbx gamers are a disgrace?..wth...lmao ..damn guys. Grow up.

ravinash1469d ago

"Everybody knows how [email protected] works. There are rules, so take it or leave it and stop whining".

It looks like they left it.

ravinash1469d ago

Fact of the matter is if your a small Dev, your not making money until the game goes on sale.
So isn't it better that they focus on one platform, finish and get it to marke. So the money can start coming in to finance the cost of porting the game to the other platforms.
Which platform it starts at and then move across to does not matter.... unless your a fanboy.

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Blaze9291470d ago

I don't really see the problem here. MS rules say your game must come out the same time as others and if not, no go - and that's somehow wrong for Microsoft to do? Yeah, which is why none of you own businesses

DragonKnight1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

And it makes business sense not to be rigid and not have the game, than be flexible and have it?

Imalwaysright1470d ago

MS rules? They're only doing this because its an indie dev. If it was Rockstar or Ubisoft they wouldn't have the balls to do this crap.

DragonKnight1470d ago

I should really proofread more than once, I mean to say "And it makes business sense to be rigid and not have the game..."

ipach1470d ago

not wrong. but given that their direct competitors do not make such requirements, it is either arrogant, insecure, or just stupid. there's nothing morally wrong about restrictions. they can do what they want.... but that they wanted to do this, especially in light of the already known policies of their competition, is what's so shocking.

SilentNegotiator1469d ago

"Yeah, which is why none of you own businesses"

By that logic, Sony and Nintendo don't own businesses.

Neonridr1469d ago

@Imalwaysright - they wouldn't pull that, but at the same time, Ubisoft and Rockstar wouldn't miss the opportunity to release their games on as many platforms at the same time. It's not like Rockstar will release GTA VI for the PS4 first and then the Xbox One later. They will launch the same day, fact.

In fact most AAA developers release their games simultaneously.

starfox0791469d ago

And this thing costs £430 wow is all i will say......not getting my money thats for sure...

XboxFun1462d ago

It seems to not benefit Sony users. Which is all I see here in this post complaining about it.

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riceking1470d ago Show
thereapersson1470d ago

pretty much BS the way it happened, but, at least there is hope down the line.

wonderfulmonkeyman1470d ago

Wow, that reminds me of what EA did to Nintendo.
Nintendo: "We don't want Origin, it's too limiting in its current form"
EA: "Then I guess you don't want stuff like our upcoming Battlefield 4, either, so here's Mass Effect 3. Oh, and you'll get it at the same time that we release the collection of the series on other consoles. Have fun with that."

Microsoft, don't be an EA. You can be better than an EA.

curtis921470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

If there's one company I trust less than EA, it's Microsoft. But usually I see them as basically the same company.

MightyNoX1470d ago

Who do you think gave them the idea for the always online DRM?

Deadpoolio1470d ago

Yeah Um it's time to get of the stupid lame conspiracy theory that derp derp EA wont derp derp make Nintendo games because Nintendo didn't want Origin....They don't just like MANY other developers because NOBODY is buying the console, because Nintendo has no desire to support the console on their own without taking their sweet time about making anything....Not some dream vendetta that derps like to make up online

wonderfulmonkeyman1470d ago

EA's fiasco was the starting point of a bunch of coat-tail riders.
Like it or not, EA's say has a significant amount of pull with smaller studios, so of course people are going to turn away when they see EA turn away.
And a big part of that was Origin, amongst other things.

nukeitall1470d ago

If you know the history of video games, and how it practically pushed the original Xbox forward, you would know the importance of EA and their (sport) franchises.

Point being, you need AAA developers.


In Nintendo's defense, although they take their sweet time making games, their first party games are almost always universally acknowledged as great games.

SilentNegotiator1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

"Wow, that reminds me of what EA did to Nintendo"

You mean the rumor that Nintendo fanboys treat as fact?

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