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Vince Zampella: Titanfall’s Story is “Not Going to Ruin the Multiplayer Experience”

During yesterday’s VGX 2013 live show Respawn Entertainment co-founder had some reassuring words for those competitive online gamers that don’t really care about having the story interfere with Titanfall‘s deathmatches, explaining that it won’t “ruin” the multiplayer experience. (Abbie Heppe, PC, TitanFall, Vince Zampella, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

WeAreLegion  +   378d ago
Will the multi-player experience ruin the story? The campaigns were my favorite part of COD2, MW, and MW2.
Godmars290  +   378d ago
Will the story be worth anything in the first place you mean.
ABizzel1  +   378d ago
Based on what was shown and what's been told thus far my guess is the story is going to be told in an opening cinematic, and the rest will likely be intel briefs that happen before the missions (rounds).
Pintheshadows  +   378d ago
It'll probably do story telling like Brink. By that I mean it will have one and forget about it in 20 minutes.
Bimkoblerutso  +   378d ago
It's a shame too, because they could really do a lot of interesting things with that whole "corporation-run warfare" angle they have in the trailers.

But no...like most shooters these days, it's looking like all the effort is going to be put into letting players throw e-peens around online.
AliTheSnake1  +   378d ago
Really cheap. What I like in call of duty the most is the campaigns , they cost the most to make, really high value production, great story, with outstanding voice acting and Epic musical score.
nukeitall  +   378d ago
The single player campaign in CoD is among the best, and CoD4:MW has some of the most memorable missions. Who doesn't love Ghillies in the Mist?

I trust the creator of CoD: MW series to deliver one of the best campaigns AND multiplayer experience. Hands down!
kiz2694  +   378d ago
Thats exactly my thoughts reading this.
otherZinc  +   378d ago

I agree completely!

I don't play multiplayer anymore. I play for the campaign.
I also play for campaign co-op.

If Titanfall didn't have a singleplayer mode, I'd rent it for myself and buy it for my son. I would normally buy 2 games for us to play together.

That's why I like Rainbow 6, Gears, & Halo so much. Campaign Co-op is so much fun playing with my kids & friends.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   378d ago
Story never ruins multiplayer. It's usually the other way around.
Irishguy95  +   378d ago
It works both ways. For a game where multiplayer is the main component, focusing on single player can take away the quality of it.

Unless you can find some logical fallacy in my statement?
WeAreLegion  +   378d ago
I think he wants examples.
CGI-Quality  +   378d ago
The story takes away the quality of the multiplayer? LOL. Now I've seen/read it all.

OT: I'd prefer a story segment. The reason I have little interest in Titanfall is simply that, lack of a proper story element. I mean sure, if that's not part of the dev's original vision, then keep it mulit-only. However, from the sounds of it, they're dabbling with the idea, so if you include one, go all out.
Irishguy95  +   378d ago
Sorry but you must be joking if you think it doesn't work both ways. Games with good single player often have 'tacked on' multiplayer. Not that I expect any of you retards...to put it kindly...to understand that.

I don't care what you prefer CGI. Nobody cares what anyone prefers. The point is, devs normally focus on either single player or multiplayer. Whichever one isn't focused on suffers. Alot of games have tacked on single player, or tacked on multiplayer. There are only a handful of games that manage to pull off having both a great single player campaign and great multiplayer. Again, it has nothing to do with what anyone prefers. YOu like Single player over multi. Good for you. I like Single player and Multiplayer. I know which games are going to skimp out on Multi for single or single for multi.

Can't believe I have to explain how it works both ways. Well ~ N4G.

Oh right - Multiplayer ruins story right? no. Neither ruin each other. There are multiplayer focused games, and Single player focused games. Then there are the odd few which do both well, an example being Halo. Alot of single players games don't even bother with the Multiplayer aspect because you guessed it, the time taken to create multi would leech off the time given to create a great single player experience. And vice versa.
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MrSwankSinatra  +   378d ago
you do a lot talking but don't name examples of how it goes both ways i see more single-player based games that could of been better if they had didn't have a shoe-horned multiplayer component then i've seen multiplayer games with a shoe horned single-player component.
malokevi  +   378d ago
Reviewers unanimously said that BF4s lackluster, poorly executed pseudo-military campaign dragged down the review scores. Efforts that could have gone into making the multiplayer even more exceptional than it already is were put towards pandering to people who have some inexplicable aversion to all things multiplayer.

So, yes, single player can come at a detriment to the multiplayer experience, whether or not any of you are willing to admit it.
Return_of_the_Mack  +   378d ago
I believe the words he used were "not going to ruin the TRADITIONAL experience"
Batnut00  +   378d ago
Wait, there's a story?
NarooN  +   378d ago
I literally thought the game was MP-only. Guess it'll be like Planetside 2, where they hype up the backstory but it turns out none of it is present in the actual game, lol.
SirBradders  +   378d ago
The stories simple, 2 factions with different perspectives and wanting control over some resource.
christocolus  +   378d ago
Cool there is a story now...this gives even more reason to own the game... I imagine fast and intense action set pieces with high production values just like in the original cod:4 modern warfare but this time with a sci fi twist involving mechs and all that.....awesome
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   378d ago
"cod:4 modern warfare but this time with a sci fi twist involving mechs and all that.....awesome"

Pretty much the perfect combination. Cod4 is one of those games that i think back to and give a sigh of love and remembrance. Combine that with free running, jetpacks and mechs and im going to feel 17 all over again.
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christocolus  +   378d ago
Lol...totally agree.
KingDadXVI  +   378d ago
Sounds like there is nothing to worry about for the competitive players. Just don't play the modes with the story in them.
il-JumperMT  +   378d ago
I would prefer is games focused on 1 aspect. Example Battlefield was MP only, and Battlefield SP is horrible and waste of resources.

Example: In BF4 instead of a crappy campain they could focus more on MP and fixed bugs.

Example 2: Tomb Raider 2013, MP was unneeded and they could move the resources to single player or save money.
KillrateOmega  +   378d ago
I totally agree with those two examples.

Nobody is buying a Battlefield game for the single-player campaign and if they are, then they are very much in the minority. In my opinion, DICE should stop wasting time and money on the SP and should focus all their efforts on the MP.

Equal opposite for games like Tomb Raider.
WeAreLegion  +   378d ago
Absolutely agree. In rare instances, the devs have enough time to get both right. I love that. Think The Last of Us or Gears of War.
coolbeans  +   378d ago
I thought the Bad Company campaigns were pretty fun.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   378d ago
Bf should drop single player and add splitscreen support with bots
Eonjay  +   378d ago
When was having a story "in the way?" Videogames are more than mindless death-matches.
parentsbasement  +   378d ago
WarHawk on PS3 was one of the best ever imo (underrated to I think...still servers out there I bet) and it had NO campaign at all, just online....
DialgaMarine  +   378d ago
You know, usually these statements go the other way around. But then again, I really wasn't expecting much from this game beyond the false CoD fanboy hype. Probably will get the sequel on PS4, but now I'm starting to wonder.
ThichQuangDuck  +   378d ago
But serious question does Titanfall have Co-Op Campaign or is that essentially the same thing as what they are going for with multiplayer?

Is there actually a singleplayer campaign or is it just playing on the various stages featured in multiplayer against bots?
CEOSteveBallmer  +   378d ago
People seem to forget that videogames are made for offline play, stories, and some offline multiplayer like sports games, fighting games and splitscreen. Multiplayer should always be an "add-on" to games, UNLESS the games main focus is online multiplayer which is becoming very popular. its good to have online multiplayer but it should never be implemented in almost all games. mario was acclaimed due to single player, zelda, metal gear, final fantasy series, resident evil, uncharted, god of war, halo and others received awards not because of multiplayer. but because of campaign and single player play.
jay2  +   378d ago
Yeah but their won't be a bloody story, the story won't be able to be told.
Dehnus  +   378d ago
It used to be "Multiplayer won't ruin the story". But that was until the "ESPORT TEEN!" got their hate out on the forums. Now story should shut the heck up and stay out of proper pwnage and nub calling!

PS: Esport teen not to be confused with actual Gaming Athletes. The Esport teen is between 12 and 45 and has nothing better to do then to call for Nerfs on forums. He hates your enjoyment in games and can't have fun unless he ruins yours.
Chapter11  +   378d ago
Um, shouldn't he be saying it the other way around? Damn I hate these guys.
ground_beef  +   378d ago
Again, too much hype for this game. This is a double edged sword. If the game is good, then the quality+all the hype is gonna produce a freakin awesome game that's gonna be remembered for generations to come. Now if the game is mediocre, that+all the hype is gonna produce a major letdown and the game is gonna be seen as an utter failure. Major hype is a double edged sword.
ragincrinz  +   378d ago
I all ready think its hyped to much for what it will be. single player mission that play like deathmatches and multiplayer that's the same but verses people no AI. I bet there will only be 5 maps to play on and it will get boring quick.
ground_beef  +   377d ago
I agree, i mean it really doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary at all, but we'll see how the cookie crumbles I guess.
Toman85  +   378d ago
Will this game have a own singleplayer mode or not?
If the game has one, I will buy it
If it don't have one, I won't spend 85$<---(my currency is norwegian NOK over to dollar "$") on that game just for the multiplayer.
OttoniBastos  +   378d ago
The main question is This shooter will be for hardcores(good quality Single player story and good multiplayer) or just for dudebros(crap campaing but good multiplayer)?
ragincrinz  +   378d ago
theres no point buying a game with no story. look how well shadowrun sold with no story only multiplayer
Section8  +   377d ago
Yes it will. The majority of people who play online games don't give 2 shits for the story. Me on the other hand, I play the story before I go online. There's too many people who don't even touch the campaign and go straight to MP.

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