Capcom makes new Mega Man character for Sound Rangers, a musical iOS game

Sound Rangers: Rhythm & Battle! is a new IP from Capcom for iOS. It's a traditional RPG with rhythm-based gameplay. The game is getting a special Mega Man-themed event featuring classic series characters and music.

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cleft51600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

The typical screw you to fans curtsey of Capcom. Then this company wonders why it isn't financially successful.

MightyNoX1600d ago

Capcom has elevated trolling to an art form, nay, it has transcended trolling and achieved apotheosis. By jove, this is glorious...

PS3gamer4life1600d ago

Capcom msking this crap wheres Mmx9?

Activemessiah1600d ago

Absolute pisstake! They really are taking the piss aren't they...

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