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Biggest announcements from the VGX 2013 video game awards

Here are the biggest trailers, announcements, and awards from the VGX video game awards. (Dev, Mobile, PS3, PS4, VGX, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Destrania  +   217d ago
I was a little dissapointed that no new AAA games were announced.
Vegetarianshark  +   217d ago
No man's sky is proof that some indie games can reach AAA quality. What is with people and their big boners for AAA games anyway? I'm personally more excited to see more Indie developers make it big, to add more variety and innovations to the AAA industry.
-Foxtrot  +   217d ago
Indie games are good but they don't have the big wow factor like AAA games do

Mass Effect 4, Uncharted 4, Sony Santa Monicas new game, Epics new game, Fallout 4, New IPs....I'd choose then over an Indie game reveal.

To put it nicley an AAA reveal is what would keep me watching the VGA's, if I knew it was just going to be indie games it's something I would read up on the next day once the show is over
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Destrania  +   217d ago
I said a little. I love a lot of indies as well. Overall though, I was hoping for bigger announcements/showings for both big-budget titles AND indie titles. The most exciting moments for me was the reveal for 'No Mans Sky', and the two new trailers for 'The Division' and 'The Witcher 3'.
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voodoopickle  +   217d ago
i like some indie games but I really don't like the ones that are art house style. theres nothing wrong with wanting to see both indie and AAA games as well though. keep in mind that indies are not console sellers, AAA is. and the more consoles that sell, the more indies you will get on that console as well. they help each other
XXXL  +   217d ago
I woundn't call any of these "announcements" big
Metallox  +   217d ago
Cranky Kong (sarcasm)
BattleReach  +   217d ago
I was about to comment the same.
DarkBlood  +   217d ago
probably saving crash bandicoot, uncharted 4, zelda, metriod etc etc for E3
Vegetarianshark  +   217d ago
Before VGX, people are saying that those titles are goin to be revealed at VGX. Look where that got them. I'm telling you, you better not get too hyped about these events because it will mostly dissapoint.
DarkBlood  +   217d ago
well i dont need to be hyped for what i know is already happening, except for crash everyone seems to mysteriously point out.

but yeah usually people getting themselves abit too excited over hintss which doesnt mean it will come to fruition
DarkBlood  +   217d ago
not seeing how that implys im thinking too much about the games which i know is going to come one way or another since there first annoucement one way or the other.

not like i can forget they dont exist :P
Vegetarianshark  +   217d ago
You're better off not thinking too much about those games. They'll show more when its ready. Trying to predict the future is pointless and a waste of time.
Maninja  +   217d ago
The biggest was definitely No Man's Sky
MasterCornholio  +   217d ago

And the worse was Diaperman.

AKA McHale
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Goro  +   217d ago
I think we can all agree that this was by far the worst VGA/VGX since it began 10 years ago.
Relientk77  +   217d ago
Guelly0209  +   217d ago
This was the worst thing ever... I will never get them 3 hrs I wasted watching that... And that host was horrible
medman  +   216d ago
I never watch the vga's or vgx. When it was on spike tv I would dvr it so I could fast forward past the foolishness. Take away that ability for me and I don't have the patience to sit through the stupid jokes and inane banter. No thanks. I'll watch the reveal clips on youtube when they're posted.

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