‘Gran Turismo 6’ producer compares PS3 and PS4 processing power

Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi, producer of Gran Turismo 6, has provided a comparison between the processing power of the PS3 and PS4.

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jamz41381d ago

...put in that extra hard work anyway and make GT7 something really special

VforVideogames1381d ago

I stop playing gt since gt3 they are all the same no innovation just graphics so here's hope for gt7

PygmelionHunter1381d ago

I would've agreed, had you spoken about another franchise that wasn't in this genre, I mean, how much innovation can you get from a driving simulator?

That's not saying improvements can't be made, though, but don't expect game changing innovations from this genre any time soon.

Animal Mutha 761381d ago

@ Pygmelion

The dravatar thing Forza 5 uses is quite innovative. It's surprising good. You feel like you are racing other human ai and not bots.

For me that's an innovation but agree there isn't a lot of scope in a driving game.

mcstorm1381d ago

@Animal Mutha 76 I have to agree with you on dravatar. For me it has really changed the look and feel of sp on Forza 5 and I'm loving it being a challenge now even with the slower class cars and I hope more games start to look at this type of Ai this new generation as it can really change the way we play games. I'm missing out on gt6 as I've now sold my ps3 as have a back log of wiiu games as well as Xbox one games to get through but I look forward to seeing what pd can do with gt7 and I do hope they change a few things with the sp side as it did feel a bit dated in gt5.

Hope that who ever has gt6 is loving it though as from the videos I've seen it looks like they have fixed the issues in 5.

miyamoto1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

maybe GT has achieved "realness" by GT3?
how can GT get more real, then?
real or ultra real handling, physics, or graphics?

gman_moose1380d ago

The problem was GT6 just wasn't needed on PS3. They should have focused their efforts on making GT6 a launch window game for PS4 to compete with Forza. Now you see a once proud franchise with poor review scores and horrendous sales figures. I'll probably get some disagrees here from the die hard GT fans, but even they must agree this was a wasted effort from PD.

qu1ckset1380d ago

I agree GT3 was the last amazing one in the series , hated 4 and 5 , especially after playing forza which is much better IMO , never played gt6 and don't plan on it as I have a ps4.

Honestly what would be a big improvement for GT7 would be customization or engine swaps , body kits, custom decals and paint like forza and it would be a home run , that was one of the main reasons I preferred forza or gt

Utalkin2me1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )


Well Gt usually goes for content and focuses on racing instead of "body kits, decals and paint". I mean i would much rather have upwards of 70+ plus tracks and 750+ cars and have weather and day and night time cycle, then to have 14 tracks and 200+ cars with no weather and just have baked lighting and to have "body kits, decals and paint". Which does nothing for the game really.

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Felonycarclub81381d ago

I can't wait to see what he and polyphony do on the ps4 because they did an amazing job on the PS3. Loving GT6

Irishguy951381d ago

They will have 85% of the game at the same quality as GT4(in HD of course) and then 15% next gen stuff. They need to completely overhaul the sounds of cars and Ai Imo. At the moment the sounds are dreadful and the Ai is only adequet. They don't need to even bother with physics or car handling anymore as far as im concerned, they've had that spot on since GT5

VforVideogames1381d ago

what's to love on gt6 that you haven't play before? the moon kart? lol

edgeofsins1381d ago

So you're insulting an extra feature in a game that doesn't get in the way?

Hicken1381d ago

Oh, I don't know. 120 new cars. New tracks like Bathhurst and Silverstone. Improved dynamic lighting and weather. Improved physics and handling models. GPS-enabled course maker.

What's not to love?

PX541381d ago

I'm a fan of the series, however I've come to the realization that it's more about the differences between the cars than an actual racing game - this is why they have 5-6-7 etc versions of the same cars in the game, and don't just have one or two which you can sup-up yourself.
The AI is awful, and provides no real challenge until the later series - and even then if you get the right car they're pretty easy too. there's no defense and very little offense from them.
Also it may have a good number of tracks, but i would again prefer to see more tracks than additional variations.

colonel1791381d ago

I can't comment on the article because examiner is the worst designed website ever.

orakle441381d ago

agreed, ad city.....ridiculous.

HighResHero1381d ago

I get too many pop ups when I go there. Also, involuntary video/audio ads should be banned from the internet.

slimeybrainboy1381d ago

They are so rude. It's always something so shit like washing up liquid too. I lose complete respect for any website that would be that much of a total cunt to it's readers.

Makes me so mad aha

Hicken1381d ago

If it weren't for such ads, I wouldn't even bother with ad blockers.

Not much of an article, by the way.

Matt6661381d ago

IF they make GT7 I want the following things
1)All the cars have full interior view,
2)Proper and full damage on cars,
3)No more rolling starts,
4)Bring qualifying back (but make it an option),
5)The races to be more even (so if you have a fully modded car so does the AI)

Apart from that I enjoy GT

SaveFerris1381d ago

Spot on. May want to add an overhaul of the engine sounds.

Matt6661381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

good point I forgot to add that.
6)improved sounds.

kneon1381d ago

I don't understand why people complain about the engine sounds.

You do realize that it should sound like what you would hear sitting in the car while wearing a helmet don't you?

Knushwood Butt1381d ago

If you have some decent audio gear, try changing the audio settings from the default to Small Theater or even Large Theater (can't remember what the names are, but something like that).

Once activated, you'll need to boost the volume on whatever you are listening with, but the change makes quite a difference.

Blackdeath_6631381d ago

can you explain why everyone has an issue with rolling starts??

paul-p19881381d ago

It's not too much of an issue for me, but some of us like the idea of grid starts so you can try to get the jump on the competition by getting a good start.

With rolling starts it tends to be very even as everyone is already driving at about 50kph, so you need to battle through the pack a bit more.

Depends on your play style really, but i would like a mix of both.

kneon1381d ago

I want some sort of bonus for winning races with under powered cars.

It's easy to win if you max out the tuning and choose the best tires permitted. So far I'm about a quarter of the way into national A and I've yet to buy a car or tune a car, I've been using everything as is. The only thing I've bought is one set of sports hard tires on one car. So when I win a 550pp/SH race with a 350pp/CS car I would like to get something extra, like more credits or something.

paul-p19881381d ago

They added that on the seasonal events of GT5, i think you get almost double the reward for winning e.g. a 550pp race with a 450pp car.

jerethdagryphon1381d ago

i dont see why damage is such a big deal, i only want damage if it affects the handling and aero of the car and you have to pay to have it fixed

otherwise its just a gimick this isnt nfs
so you shouldnt take damage otehr then scrapes.

also interestingly enough meta for gt6 is 80
meta for forza 5 is 81
difference is forza has 18 more reviews
gt6 already has more 9 scores then forza 5...

Matt6661381d ago

but it's a racing simulator so therefore the damage should be a lot more realistic but no instead you can still continue after a 150mph crash. No offensive but if people have problem with damage they probably can't drive very well in the first place

jerethdagryphon1381d ago

matt yea its a racing simulator but most people i know if they make a big error restart the race damage only matters if its a penelty, and the main reason gts damage is low is due to aero physics modeling,

resistance is a known fact for each car, to keep there realistic physics they would have to either make damage cosmetic or have a way to run a wind tunnel in the back ground recalculating downforce on the fly based off of damage.

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