No Man's Sky Got Shahid Wet; Sony already in talks with Hello Games

The Web is bursting with excitement about No Man's Sky and that includes SCEE's Shahid Ahmed, who confirmed to have reached to Hello Games.

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Imp0ssibl31562d ago

No Man's Sky easily stole the show, glad to see Hello Games getting some well deserved recognition.

GarrusVakarian1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

A 4 man team making a game that ambitious is great. I can't imagine a better home than Playstation, PS and indies are a match made in heaven.

cleft51562d ago

I am incredibly hyped for this game at the moment. That trailer put this on the level of Witcher 3 for me. Sony needs to do whatever it takes to ensure that this comes to the PS4.

Sitdown1562d ago

Haha, I bet you couldn't imagine a better home or would want to for that matter. Perhaps I am just crazy in my thinking, but I like to see good/great indie games get maximum exposure as well as profits… that these creative minds can create bigger and better titles they might have in mind.

GarrusVakarian1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )


I didn't say "exclusive home" did i? I was just pointing out that PS loves indies. Great job on interpreting my comment the wrong way.

"Perhaps I am just crazy in my thinking, but I like to see good/great indie games get maximum exposure as well as profits… that these creative minds can create bigger and better titles they might have in mind."

Me too.

Sitdown1562d ago

Haha.... who are you quoting? I didn't say you said "exclusive home" either. So I guess I should congratulate you on interpreting my words as well. Does Sony love indie, or are they just using them for thy their good? Could they love them while using them? Who had the stronger indie support last gen? Something good had to be going down with Microsoft. Is it possible that phone/tablet could be a better platform? That is all I am saying, have you consider all the value of the other platforms?

DigitalRaptor1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

@ Sitdown

I mentioned a few hours ago that this should come to as many platforms as possible, as it's just something that should not be ignored or overlooked.

PS4 is a logical home for it. It is welcome there in the space of a heartbeat, and Sony's attitude right now shows that more than anything else. Of course other people are excited to have that on their platforms, but you son't see Gabe Newell, or Phil Spencer or Reggie tweeting about this game do you? The fact that a Sony rep known for working with indie devs said that the game "made him wet" says it all.

Irishguy951562d ago

Yeah it looks good. I just hope they can account for the fact that everything is procedural. I mean...Everything? Really? The game is an exploration game and that's it. Although even at that, i've been waiting for something like this. I hope it's successful and gets a sequel that has procedural worlds and handcrafted worlds(for a story/Level design/quests etc etc)

Ben Dover1562d ago

@ Sitdown

Right now the best platform for Indie games is the Playstation 4, whether you like it or not. PC is suffering from too much piracy, mobile/tablet is just silly since it's still very limited and Xbox is currently lacking the love as well. Your mindset is very limited.

Muffins12231562d ago

Steam is the best place for indies...end of discussion

dedicatedtogamers1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

The one thing I'm curious about is if there is land destruction/deformation. It seemed so (based on the ship shooting holes into that asteroid) but I wonder if you'll be able to mine into the ground and find stuff.

We need a next-gen Minecraft clone, and digging and minig is a big part of that.

The Killer1562d ago

i personally dont mind a game being multiplatform, but i think at least time exclusive for a console. so the team can put all their energies into that game, then they can worry about porting it.

but each console should have their own defining exclusives. otherwise, there is no point in having different consoles.

brometheos1562d ago

The man sold his house in the past for Joe Danger, that's some serious dedication! I'll definitely be supporting these guys and will buy it on PS4

maddskull1561d ago

them xbox fanboys and their disagrees. LOL

Soc51561d ago

I watched the trailer, what's the big deal about this game? Clue me in cause I was kinda confused comparing what I saw and felt to the hype that's developing about this game.

Utalkin2me1561d ago


Think you have ate one to many muffins.

Azzanation1561d ago

Indies belong on PC where there cheap. Paying for Indie games on a console is just stupid. No offence.

Maxor1561d ago

This looks good but nothing mind blowing. So far the only thing we're seeing is the trailer so take a deep breath. To do an open world space game like this this right takes a lot time, for a four man team it could take years. By then the hype will be gone and everyone will probably be clamoring for Star Citizen instead.

Perjoss1561d ago

yes and these guys are very dedicated, I think one of them sold his house so he could afford to make their last game.

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Alexious1562d ago

This game looks so great, it's almost unbelievable. I really hope it lives up to our collective dream after this reveal.

I'd suggest having a Kickstarter campaign as soon as possible, it could break new records.

Festano1562d ago

I'll be one of the contributors on kickstarter.

Conzul1561d ago

Shoot, their small size and dedication is really inspiring to me. Makes me want to team up with some bros after I finish my programming major and make a game or two that I've always wanted.

Sony still gets a lot of stuff wrong, but the indie love is very redeeming!

CrimsonFox131561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

I don't think it could break Kickstarter records. It'd have to make $4.2 million to beat the highest video game Kickstarter. To beat the highest video game crowd-funding, though, they'd have to beat Star Citizen's $34 million and climbing record.

Besides, much more interesting space games (imo) have had their Kickstarters. The aforementioned Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, Limit Theory, The Mandate, and more. It's going to be a tough market for this game, but that's a good thing (for us).

Monolith1562d ago

Looked amazing. Definently fresh.

TheKayle11562d ago

no man's sky stole the show? hhaha i think u have no idea of what videogame are

GarrusVakarian1562d ago

What? Your comment makes no sense. No Mans Sky is not a videogame now? Is most definitely did steal the show.

Baka-akaB1562d ago

What you prefered watching next gen snow from that boring yet pretty division feed ?

Alexious1562d ago

Trollbait detected. Don't engage.

Rivitur1562d ago

Please enlighten me on what videogames really are..

pyramidshead1562d ago

Let me guess your opinion it was either Titanfall or Quantum Break or some other MS exclusive that got magically announced that only you saw that stole the show?

Are you perma'd from GAF now btw? I remember the huge long melt down post, it was delicious.

SoulSercher6201562d ago

I'm guessing you couldn't tell what's a good game even if someone held it in front of you.

Tatsuya 1561d ago

hmm 'TheKayle1', sounds like an idiotic name. No need to have more discussion with someone who can't even understand what a game actually is.

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come_bom1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Game looked interesting.

Screw Sony with their exclusive policies. I want this game on other platforms, namely PC. I hope Hello Games doesn't give in and release the game to the maximum platforms they can. If they don't, they just going to lose money.

Pogmathoin1562d ago

I believe this will come to most platforms, most indies are more concerned about getting its games into as many homes than being tied into a publisher.

DigitalAnalog1562d ago


Any indie developer can tweet to Shahid if they want their game on the PSN, simple as that. Nothing to do with being "exclusive".

AceBlazer131562d ago

Sony would most likely just get console exclusivity if a deal is made. I don't see it coming to all platforms though, the dude sold his house for the project. So either PC only or PC and 1 of the consoles.

Ravenor1562d ago

Joe Danger came out on everything, even if it's exclusive to PS4 initially chances are high it will end up everywhere.

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3-4-51562d ago

This game looks awesome. On the ground in that beautiful world + flying + in space = awesome

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iRocket1562d ago

This game was easily the highlight of the show. I can't wait to see more of the game!

pyramidshead1562d ago

Game looked brilliant, especially for an indie.

lonewolfjedi1562d ago

incredible and just with a 4 man team

MonChiChi1562d ago

that stood out to me as well, very impressive.

Maxor1562d ago

This game is being developed by a 4 man studio. So I'll look for in 3 years, by then I wonder if I will still even care.

Alexious1562d ago

With this kind of visibility they could get a lot of funding and hire additional members. Also, it looks already fairly stable.

Ravenor1562d ago

How on earth do you know how stable something is from a trailer? Were they going to release a trailer where the game crashed half way through?

"Sorry, sorry just ignore that whoosh, WHOOSH SPACE SHIPS!"

MegaRay1562d ago

After 3 years I dont know if you still care, heck I dont even know if you still exist then