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PS4 Insider - Resogun Review

German website ps4insider.de reviewed Resogun, stating that the games graphics and gameplay make it one of the few Must Own Next Generation Games (PS4, Resogun) 92.5/100

C-H-E-F  +   571d ago
This game was extremely addictive, I can't lie I had the resogun itch for the first 2 weeks. (Got the Platinum) sitting it down to enjoy my other games, but I still play occasionally PM your PSN and i'll gladly add you 2k limit... why not?? lOl
thorstein  +   571d ago
Nice. I played through to "beat" the game and tried to save as many humans as possible. Now, my mission is to "SAVE ALL THE HUMANS!"

This game really shows how a game can be great fun and not being AAA.
C-H-E-F  +   570d ago
Agreed, brought me back to the Pacman on the in-store Arcade machines, but a tip for you bro. On some stages you can't save the humans by shooting the glowing ships. Some humans have a life span of 2 seconds, you have to use a bomb to save them. uhm, when you see that it says save all humans and then they die 2 seconds later that's a human you have to use the bomb for. Goodluck bro, the hardest trophy for me was beating the whole game without losing all lives on experience difficulty OMG I hated that one. lOl
Ocean  +   571d ago
Really enjoying this game :) very addictive
garos82  +   571d ago
I'm 6th in the world on the 5th stage am not stopping till I hit top 3.damn it feels impossible but everytime I hit a new high score I get a warm feeling inside!

awesome game.I don't see myself deleting it from hhd any time soon
FamilyGuy  +   571d ago

Make videos!

This is me getting 17th place last night on the third stage in Master difficulty.

I'm uploading a few vids from my Facebook to youtube right now.
garos82  +   571d ago
Don't have a PC to do all that. I'm hoping for upload to you tube app to make everyone's life easier!

Just watched the vid! Very well played sir. Would have saved that overdrive for the 3rd set of blocks the boss releases. This would have enabled you to build your multiplier and use it around 15x as apposed to 13 you had. I'm sure you would have ended in the even higher than top10
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FamilyGuy  +   571d ago
At the time that hadn't dawned on me. I just knew that Overdrive on the blocks when they first release = big points at a really fast pace. As soon as I did this I tried to do it over again but couldn't.

We're ALL waiting on youtube uploading, not sure if it's going to happen though because youtube got really strict on video game uploads recently.
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elda  +   571d ago
Resogun is fun.
yezz  +   571d ago
Damn Housemarque! I remember when I first saw Super stardust HD for PS3.. All I could see was an epilepsy mess and now I thought the same thing about Resogun. But when you actually play those games they get so amazingly addictive and play very smoothly :D
Pintheshadows  +   571d ago
My bad. I swore it said 92.5 out of 10.
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