Project CARS Is The Best Looking Racing Game - New Screenshots Put All Other Racers To Shame

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios has released a new batch of screenshots for Project CARS and… oh my God does it look pretty. Project CARS is by far the best looking racing game we ever laid our eyes on, and it will get even better as it’s still in pre-alpha stage."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

It does look amazing but will it look better than Driveclub at $399? It's more less if you have the best hardware it's the best looking game.

pandehz1466d ago

Will drive club look this good at £1k?

FriedGoat1466d ago

Increasing your hardware does not increase the amount of work the developers put into the graphics unfortunately.

Yeah sure, I can add more AA, or increase my resolution, but unfortunately that doesn't increase realism it just makes the image sharper/less jaggie.

Project Cars looks fantastic, it has a very clean look and the texture details on the ground look amazing.

From what i've seen of driveclub, some of the effects on it (that mountain scene) look pretty damn special too.

pandehz1466d ago


Lol I'm discussing the possibility.

Some ppl just want that extra and most are happy with whatever is easily available. That's the difference between the two.

Muffins12231466d ago

Idk,considering how good it looked on a 400 console,if it was made for pc and with that price ratio,2x better looking/800 dollar machine.Then yes it will

inveni01465d ago

At some point, games are supposed to release. Project Cars has been a project for a really long time, and it is always just improving, but never biting the bullet.

Autodidactdystopia1465d ago

omg will it compare to ps4 cause sony?

of course not no way anything can possibly compare. and if it looks better its only because its not 400 dollars.

cause sony

really gets on my nerves man. Ps4 sony crap always an excuse. always a reason not to just give credit where its due.

Maxor1465d ago

Will Drive Club look as good as an iOS game if it only cost $5?? Classic console fanboy logic. Quoting price as if it is somehow relevant to the issue at hand. The irony is that for $60 you get less content in a console games while always paying more per game. Oddly enough doesn't matter to the fanboys too.

Utalkin2me1465d ago

Kind of odd the first screenshot i click on, which was #9. The wall in the back ground has a very very low texture. Plus the car has headlights shining on the handrail that is attached to the wall that is not giving off any shadow.

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Dark_Vendetta1466d ago

Isn't it supposed to be released for PC, XBone and Ps4 ?

el_bandito1466d ago

PC, PS4, XBone, Steam OS and WiiU.

WiiU lol.

KakashiHotake1466d ago

Wow, the Wii U really has become a casulty of war and a butt of all jokes this generation lol

Klad1466d ago

This game was announced for Wii U way before it was announced for PS4 & Xbox One

lilbroRx1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

It is releasing on all 3 next gen console. The last gen console versions were dropped due to the lack of next genfeatures and resources.

Ol_G1466d ago

intentionally leaving the wii u version out even if it was announced first

AKR1466d ago


Yes, to the mindless dude-bro fanboys who I am convinced press their faces to their screens analyzing every individual pixel like it's their job.

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theWB271466d ago

So is this going to be the built in excuse if any game looks better than a PS4 game? What would it look like on a 399 dollar PC?

Hicken1466d ago

You act like that's something new. As if it's honestly sensible to compare what's done on $400 worth of hardware to what can be achieved with twice the budget.

Project CARS is, supposedly, coming to consoles. I suppose we could all play dumb and expect that it'll look as good on the PS4, XB1, and Wii U as it does on PC- on an adequately set up PC, of course. But I'm not too fond of playing dumb, so I'll use my head, reference all the other multiplats that look better on PC, and figure that this game will do the same, that what we've seen is PC-spec, and that what appears on consoles won't look as good.

This game may posses genre-defining graphics, but that's all heavily dependent upon it having powerful enough- and that means costly- hardware to run it. Odds are that this game wouldn't even run on a $400 PC. Chances are also good that it will not look as good on consoles. So whether or not it can outperform a game like Drive Club on comparable hardware is a perfectly fair question.

After all, we could always ask, "Well, how would Drive Club look if it were running on $800+ hardware? Would Project CARS still best it, then?"

SlapHappyJesus1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

I am really getting tired of the "can a PC of the same cost as a console play it as well" argument. It's not a valid one.
When a console is open platform, like PC, and is allowed access to multiple digital download distribution sources - allowing for very competitively priced games - and everything else that is doable on a PC, then it's a valid argument.
Besides, we are now looking at a $500 Steam Machine (ibuypower) with specs (and the benchmarks to back it up) that allows for performance that rivals that which we are seeing from the PS4, though with access to pretty much every game ever released that doesn't happen to be console-exclusive . . . which includes a large list of PC's own exclusives.


All games are available via the streaming service offered. Valve is now in talks with pretty much every publisher about taking on full Linux support with games moving forward.

Kayant1466d ago


Very true apart from this -

"much every game ever released that doesn't happen to be console-exclusive . . . which includes a large list of PC's own exclusives"

The default OS is SteamOS which is only linux games but you can always install Windows luckily for that backlog ;)

OT - In terms of environment DC wins has it's more vibrant & realistic also am not much have a sim fan and track like circuits don't do it for me.

webeblazing1466d ago

people completely missed the point of the post I get what you mean, and yes this is their new goto move because some other platform has better gfx. they cant have their cake and eat it they have to downplay and $hit on anything that doesn't make their preference look superior

starfox0791465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Listen guys Slightly Mad Studio's have been tinkering with wiiu for 2 years constantly updating the wiiu version of ProjectCars and releasing info heres some info....

So WiiU version is basically using all the high end pc assets at 720p native 30fps on 1 core so this is what the game will run at bare minimum.....

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Shnazzyone1466d ago

I'm more concerned that it's been 3 years and it's still not even in beta or has a release date.

BadlyPackedKeebab1466d ago

Its an open development. Those that pledged get updates weekly. Everything is pretty solid bar the AI likes to have huge pile ups from what I have played.

Deividas1466d ago

Its actually indie developed, not a AAA studio that has a huge budget and deadlines to meet.

angelsx1466d ago

Looks amazing but how many years they working on it?

mcstorm1466d ago

I agree they have been working on this game in what feels like forever lol bit distant the developer say they were looking at bring the game out in Feb or march next year?

Looks an interesting game but I'm unsure which console to get it for as I was thinking of the wiiu because I want to see a sim racer on a Nintendo console and see what they do with the game pad but I have a feeling this game will sell better on the Xbox one so more people to play online.

AndrewLB1465d ago

4-5 years is not out of the ordinary for game development. Just look at how long it took to release Half-Life 2 after the original... or how long HL3 is taking. lol.

I've played Project Cars and it's pretty amazing.

Gabenbrah1466d ago

You could purchase the $500 Steambox that would make Driveclub look trash considering the R9 270x GPU in the machine is far more powerful than the PS4 APU. It can run BF4 1080p 60 FPS flawlessly, something PS4 can't do. Not to mention Driveclub is 30 FPS, you'll be able to play Project Cars at 60 FPS when fully optimized, especially considering Mantle API and Steam OS is purely designed for gaming, enhancing performance.

Visiblemarc1466d ago

To me, Driveclub looks better. However, I'm still waiting for the first driving game that looks "real."

hellzsupernova1466d ago

This games cars are amazing but from the videos I have seen the detail in the terrain is terrible, the land is bare and lifeless.

hellzsupernova1466d ago

Just disagree. Look at the Bathurst video on YouTube and you will see what I mean

AndrewLB1465d ago

Watch this and see if you still hold that opinion...

KontryBoy7061466d ago

@the_Infected they said BEST LOOKING RACING GAME. Not... best looking racing game at $399. This game WILL look better than Forza AND Driveclub. That's just factual. Money aside

Knushwood Butt1465d ago

It does look good, but you can't play screenshots.

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BelkingOfSony1466d ago

makes forza 5 look like sh*t

el_bandito1466d ago

Makes my current pc setup look sh*t as well.
Those visuals are stunning, but will require expensive hardware to achieve.

I_am_Batman1466d ago

I'm wondering what the system requirements for this game are/ will be. Racing games can look really great even with mid range hardware if it's optimized well enough. Look at GT5/6. They still look very good on PS3 hardware even though they're not in the same league as this or Driveclub.

AndrewLB1465d ago

Minimum Requirements-
CPU - 3.0GHz Dual-Core, 2.4GHz Quad-Core
GRAPHICS - nVidia 9600 GT 512Mb, ATI Radeon HD 4750 512Mb
MEMORY - 2Gb RAM (3Gb-4Gb recommended)
CONNECTION - Continuous Internet

Now if you were to add an HD7870 ($169 usd) to the minimum system, which is a typical 6-7 year old PC... you should be able to play the game just fine at higher detail than either Xbone or PS4 can do. One could pick up that minimum spec computer on ebay or craigslist for under $200, get that 7870, and for less than a PS4 you can play project cars.

My GTX 680 is not much faster than an HD7870 and it plays Project Cars great at highest detail.

theWB271466d ago

Simply it doesn't.

SlapHappyJesus1466d ago

It's amazing what a head full of bias and squinting your eyes can achieve.

Destrania1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Simply yes, yes it does.

adventureghost1241466d ago

not really, unless you are talking about gameplay, graphically it would of made more sense if you said DriveClub, because that looks incredible

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1466d ago
popup1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

The problem is that you then search Youtube for recent in-game and replay footage and its all pants compared to those screens. It's great what they have achieved but it hardly shats on the competition..

BadlyPackedKeebab1466d ago

I play it maxed out and your right its damn good. But not like those screens. If there were a way I could show you real screens... oh wait I can, ill grab some now. Got to do a 2GB update so once done ill post a link to some real shots and maybe a vid. Keep an eye out.

popup1466d ago

That would be great. Cheers.

Angerfist1466d ago

I don't play Screenshots. But I see the potential even though it probably won't be as good as the Gtr Games from Simbin