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The Wii U has had a rough time since its launch, with very few games to set it apart. But gamers are finally starting to see more exclusives that could be worth their time. The Wonderful 101 is definitely one of them.

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ape0071385d ago

very very good underrated game, i wish it was on ps4/X1 too so people can appreciate it :(

admiralvic1385d ago

1) It's not underrated. It has a 78 average on Metacritic and I don't think we're at a point where a game you think is a 9 or 10 is instantly underrated because it's 1 point lower than that.
2) Being on the PS4 / XB1 largely defeats the point of the game. Yes, drawing with the thumbstick is faster for the harder parts, but using the touchpad to draw and such is what makes the game unique / interesting.

TheEvilWithin1385d ago

Plus I like how the game shifts from the T.V to the controller when you enter buildings. The camera can get a little crazy sometimes when your in there but over all find it works really well.

I also really enjoy some of the later parts of the game when your fighting some of the crazy huge bosses.

ape0071385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

well i don't disagree with you, i actually agree 100% but want people to check it out, i hate when i have hidden amazing games like W101 and body harvest N64 and others

i hate that feel

oh and i feel 78 is very very underrated, it should've been 88-90

wonderfulmonkeyman1385d ago

People who make a regular habit of bashing Nintendo games for being "kiddy" or "Casual" don't hesitate to include this as a target.

If people wouldn't appreciate it on the Wii U, what makes you think they'd appreciate it on the PS4/XBone when its very art style drives so many of those kinds of gamers to insult it?

If anything, it would sell worse on those systems than it has on the Wii U...
This is one of those games that has legs; it will gain interest over time as Nintendo slowly pulls the Wii U out of its first year or two of sales slumps.

NerfHerder1385d ago

Awesome reason to own a WiiU.

TheEvilWithin1385d ago

Almost finished with Wonderful 101. Every time I go back to playing it though something new comes out and take my attention away lol. From what I have played, the game is AMAZING.

I feel like Platinum Studios has taken advantage of the gamepad the most with this awesome tittle. I would love to see a sequel to this game in the future. Would also love to see a port of Bayonetta 1 come to the Wii U in the future as well.

wonderfulmonkeyman1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

So would Kamiya, actually.
I wish there was a way to get in touch with Nintendo in Tokyo so that we could tell them directly, in droves that this is what we want to see happen...

But I digress; TW101 has a huge amount of replayability.
I'm only on Hard Mode and I'm still struggling to get high scores, let alone find all the secret missions. I dunno how I'm ever going to earn Bayonetta as one of my team...XD