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Submitted by cyguration 721d ago | opinion piece

Yes, Joel McHale Saved The Train Wreck That Was Spike's VGX Awards

Gaming Blend "No one can consistently say what the exact problem was, but everyone knows that every part of it was a problem. One of the bigger issues of debate was whether the Dorito Pope and the Dorito Bishop made the show better or worse. Well, I have to say that Joel McHale working sidekick duty with Geoff Keighley was the best worst thing to happen for the Spike VGX Awards show." (Culture, VGX)

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HolyDuck  +   721d ago
No, no he did not.

Totally agree with you, Lukas.

The whole running Geoff layers joke coupled with the diaper jokes were just unbearable.

On another note, totally not related to Joel but those rappers were abysmal.
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GarrusVakarian  +   721d ago
Wtf is this article talking about?! Joel Mchale was cringeworthy to the max with his "jokes". Is that what passes for comedy these days? Every time the camera went back on him i dreaded it, he was one of the reasons why the VGX show sucked so much. Why can't it be hosted by some genuine gamers?
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NewMonday  +   721d ago
Joel McHale mad it crash harder

I would really love to see Angry Joe, Jim Sterling(with the hitman suit) Frances(in-character) and HipHopGamer in a round table.
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I_am_Batman  +   721d ago
I agree. He made the show almost unwatchable for me. He didn't seem interessted in the games at all. The only thing he did was making the show feel like a 3 hours long awkward moment.
Septic  +   721d ago
I thought he was brilliant. I love the awkward comedy like that. I do have a really immature sense of humour, as do my mates, I just loved that he was trolling so much and made things so awkward.

Like the Dying Light walkthrough, he goes "oh wow, right through the concrete" as the enemy glitches through it. Lol that made me laugh or how he was bold enough to ask Reggie about the Xbox and PlayStation.
Rzep  +   721d ago

The sad thing is that Joel did what a game journalist should do. He wasn't there to suck the proverbial dick of the developers unlike Geoff. He saw something stupid or off and he pointed to it, not acted as if there was nothing wrong.
inveni0  +   721d ago
He was horrid. You could even tell that he was driving Geoff crazy. I've never seen someone this unfunny. He even made Chuck Nice look good.
aiBreeze  +   721d ago
I liked Joe tbh, Geoff is so high energy and excitable, you needed someone like him to make it work. If they had someone else who was as enthusiastic as Geoff, it would have been far far worse. Some of Joe's jokes like the layers and diaper were definitely pretty poor but for the most part, he done a good job offering comic relief when needed.
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gaffyh  +   721d ago
"No one can say consistently what was wrong..."

Erm...I can.

1. World premiere now some how means showing different stuff from already announced games. That's just a blatant lie IMO, and is the main reason why VGX was terrible. I said a few days back, Geoff overhyped everything.
2. No audience meant everything felt awkward.
3. No build up to award announcements means there is nothing special when people get the award, and the fact that most of the Devs weren't there to collect shows how little they respected the show.
4. Nintendo's appearance was, as always, underwhelming.
5. None of the new game announcements were exciting.
6. Joel McHale was completely disinterested and was almost pointless, apart from a few jokes, Geoff was a far better host. I think part of the reason for this was probably because McHale expected the show to have much higher production values, and it was shit to be honest.
FriedGoat  +   721d ago
Geoff Keighley is EVERYTHING I hate about Gaming media. I hate the Americanised bull**** that we keep getting.

Joel made it more bearable for me, I enjoyed him constantly pointing out how retarded the format was.
Baka-akaB  +   721d ago
Personally i'm glad he was here . The show was simply awful , and would have been worse without him .

He went overboard many times , but other than that , he pretty much highlighted how much of a bootlicker Geoff was , and how boring it was to have guest happy to speak for 5 mins about their tech instead of showing their game and gameplay , and unable to give even an approximative date or coming with teasers .

Had someone from Ubisoft been onstage , he'd probably make fun of the division trailer literally showing nothing but pretty walls with a voice over , and it would be much warranted .

He reacted just fine , when someone actually had a game to show , like Techland with Dying lights , and went straight to it . Instead of throwing tons of tech babble that only appeal to people truly invested in that area , and empty PR crap .

He also raised an interested eyebrow over Telltales' Game of Throne . And yet they had nothing to show .
In the end , did put Regis and Nintendo on the spot , and in an (deserved) awkward position , but in the end , DK tropical freeze , was one of the only games he liked yesterday
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nirwanda  +   721d ago
I think they should get rid of all this celeb stuff, and Greg miller to host as at least he says what he thinks and get marcus beer as hes another that has a bit of personality and ties in gametrailers, also they should have someone within the industry who is respected like Jaffe, molyneux, carmack etc.
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Pintheshadows  +   721d ago
I think Geoff should ask Charlie Brooker.
ABizzel1  +   721d ago
I would have rather had Geoff host the show by himself (says a lot), if I had known Joel would be this awful. I liked that Geoff got the digs on everything and was asking GOOD question about all the games, but that may have just been the huge contrast between Geoff being a gamer and Joel being an idiot on stage. But 1 thing I'll give Geoff is that he keep it professional through all of the intimidation Joel and Reggie were giving him. Geoff didn't let Reggie off one bit, and it's what he needed to do...

You see this is what I'm talking about, I would read Reggie like a children's book. Reggie catching a case, because Geoff's trying to ask about what NIntendo's doing and what they have planned. I wouldn't have been nice once Reggie caught an attitude. Geoff should have said, have you seen your sales in the last year, this is one of the few chances you get to address your audience that's not only streamed across the world but will be broadcasted on TV, you need all the press time you can get and your here showing Cranky Kong. Ooh, Oooooh I would have read Reggie big goofy looking...... Stay calm, stay calm.

And Joel did nothing, but make everything awkward. He was nothing but an energy vampire, or a good time leech draining the little bit of good that they did have.

*Joel was AWFUL
*The Comedy was AWFUL
*Skits were AWFUL and offensive to many of the companies (even if true :)
*The Loiter Sqaud (whoever) were AWFUL and awkward
*The concert was AWFUL (EVERYBODY looked like people off the street got asked to perform)
*The announcements were Average at best (No Man's Sky was the only surprise and it was surprising to me simply because that game is pushing AAA studio features by a team of 4 indie developers)

It was just an AWFUL event, and a waste of 3 hours. I don't even want to watch the highlights on Spyke.
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static5245  +   721d ago
Does anybody here know who Joel McHale is? His whole comedy thing is making fun of basically what is in front of him. He makes fun of Pop culture and video games fall under that category. And he isn't really into video games. Would you have him host the Emmys? No. Why? Cause he would make fun of everything and everyone. He's a dick, thats why he's funny

Me? I would've gotten Chris Hardwick to host. Cause I know he would've been funny and been happy there
ABizzel1  +   721d ago

Yes Chris Hardwick should have did it. He has the experience on G4 and Talking Dead, and he's actually funny and brings a good energy to the set. The VGX was already a mess with the low budget, and mediocre content, but Joel, the awful concert, and the awful skits just buried it.
nnotdead  +   721d ago
Who gives a fuck. No one ever seems to like or care about this show, so why are there so much discussion about it. There are dozens of websites that will be doing their own GOTY. Watch the ones you like.

Maybe before, when this was on tv, i could see people wanting a better representation of the gamer community,(we really don't deserve one) but now that the VGX is just another web show there is no need to care.
BattleAxe  +   721d ago
Cinemablend is dumb, article is's because of dumb people who write articles like these that human kind is going to hell in a hand basket....
aiBreeze  +   721d ago
Articles like this are an indication of human kind's doom? I'd say the idiots who lap up and defend the micro transactions in games are a better indicator.. at least why gaming will go to hell.
TheTwelve  +   721d ago
One of the best written articles I've seen in quite awhile, even if I didn't agree with the content.
Snookies12  +   721d ago
Agreed. He was awful.
omi25p  +   721d ago
i still think roosterteeth should do a proper award show rather than just the Podcast awards. Its so much better than all the other award shows.

Their appearance on the VGA's this year was the highlight of the show for me.
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OverPaperSkies  +   721d ago
The North Korea joke was gold hahahaha!
ErryK  +   721d ago
He didn't save the wreck, he was a part of it.
dansdooz  +   721d ago
Its not what i expected tbh, thought joel was quite funny and witty, geoff was layered to the max lol.
mike32UK  +   721d ago
I literally fell to sleep watching this garbage
ar00043  +   721d ago
I actually did, glad I didn't miss anything :D
HighResHero  +   721d ago
I nodded out half way through, bumped my head on the table, then went to sleep.

I actually that it was funny how Joel pointed out how full of $#@% the whole show was and even though some(a lot) of the humor was a bit odd and out of place, it was better than a lot of the vapid, disingenuous nonsense I'm used to seeing.
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MestreRothN4G  +   721d ago
I was at cinema watching Hunger Games 2 with my girl.

Nice trade. A very great movie instead of a crap exposition of the worst USA has to offer.

But I couldn't avoid watching it later. Or trying to watch.
Prime157  +   721d ago
I remembered last year's and remembered not to watch it.
Rzep  +   721d ago
He made the thing watchable. Still this is the last time I give the VGAs the benefit of doubt. Untill they drop Geoff and hide him in some deep dark basement I am done. Never have I seen anyone so souless.

Joels additude reflected mine to be honest. The show was shit, it was going to be shit and it deserved all the shit it got.

Spike and Gametrailers need to shut down because they are doing a disservice to my favorite part of the entertainment industry, gaming.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   721d ago
I enjoyed the way he made Geoff sweat a little.
The guy was a massive douche bag though.
Not sure why people are defending him on GAF, all he did was insult gamers and make a mockery of the show.
Whether the show deserved to be mocked though wasn't his call when he's probably taken a nice big pay cheque for his trouble.
Rzep  +   721d ago
The show was a mockery of gamers and gaming in general yet you have something against a co host?
HighResHero  +   721d ago
The show deserves to be mocked but not gamers IMO.
It is just full of it in general and he pointed some if it out while Geoff cringed.
The show does a terrible job protecting/representing the interests of gamers anyway so no harm done.
I wouldn't say he saved the show though.
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Orbilator  +   721d ago
I stayed up to watch it in UK ........ Such a waste of 3 hours of my life.
Destiny looked good as did wit her and titanfall but I could have caught them videos on YouTube today rather than wasting my life lol.
Parasyte  +   721d ago
No, Joel was part of the problem. That "layers" joke he kept using got old after the third or fourth iteration. The adult diaper jokes weren't funny at all, and he came off as kind of a douche bag.

They need to get someone like Jay Mohr, Angry Joe, or Jim Sterling to host this thing. Not some pseudo celebrity that no one hardly gives a damn about.
Baka-akaB  +   721d ago
I'm all for a video game only related "co hosts" but only if it doesnt just become a "i love it / it's amazing" circle jerk fest .

Nope not everything shown was ever going to be amazing . And while some politeness and civil attitude is due , going for the throat of studios and publishers showing crap and talking crap should happen .

Wich has yet to happens in such shows , unless the celeb co host goes crazy like yesterday
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EXVirtual  +   721d ago
No. He was terrible. His jokes were crusty, he made stupid suggestions and it doesn't seem like he really cares about games.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   721d ago
If you ask me, I say he made it worst.
pyramidshead  +   721d ago
I agree to a certain extent. The show was in it self awful, so instead of just listing to Geoff, who was boring to watch, we got to see himself rethink his life through his eyes by choosing the completely wrong co-host lol.
Jawgasim  +   721d ago
I love watching this guy on Community but he made the whole thing a lot more awkward. He also was very abrupt to the game developers that they had during the awards show.
MasterCornholio  +   721d ago
Diaper man?

No way in heck did he save it.
I couldnt watch it because of him.
MasterCornholio  +   721d ago
I only lasted an hour.

showtimefolks  +   721d ago
Just when spike TV and GT were starring to get real with awards they be this kind of show

I still remember when madden won GOTY

ND got robbed and RS didn't deserve GOTY, GTA 5 was amazing but TLOU was perfection or as close to perfection as possible
Goro  +   721d ago
Samuel L Jackson was a much better host.
linkenski  +   721d ago
Joel McHale should be right on top of those "most embarassing moments of VGX 2013" lists. I wanted to punch him, and so did those guys from Nintendo.
MasterCornholio  +   721d ago
Your wrong about that.

Cranky Reggie wanted to beat him with a stick.
CapsLocke  +   721d ago
I thought he was pretty much a d*ck and asshat.
esemce  +   721d ago
The guy was a cu*t and the reason I stopped watching.
AshleeEmerson  +   721d ago
I really, really hope the person who has taken their precious time to write this article was very stoned when writing this article. Joel made me feel bad to be a gamer, this whole show reminded me why the game industry isn't taken seriously by some and was he drunk? I meant to say, "he was surely drunk". This show was less than a joke and I hope to never see it again, low production and very cheap feeling. I'm definitely not a fan or Geoff but I felt really bad for him, he wanted to beat the Donkey Kong out of Joel.

We need a much more serious show for gamers and here's a personal complaint that no one cares about; The Last Of Us... First of all, I love Assassin's Creed and Grand Theft Auto and happily beat them both they were absolutely wonderful games but when it comes to quality and emotion nothing I've ever played has come close to The Last of Us and it not winning game of the year was almost as painful as watching the show itself... Never mind, nothing was that painful but the saving grace is that I'm sure Naughty Dog is beyond the VGX's.

Now that was a horrible waste of my time back to Killzone -
Grave  +   721d ago
I agree. The Last of Us was amazing. It did more than most games could ever hope for. It was a visceral, emotional experience and will go down as one of the greatest, if not the best, games of the last generation. The Last of Us should have been GOTY without question.
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Grave  +   721d ago
P.S. At least we got to see Joel do the "Banderas" which was easily the best thing about the entire show! Congrats to Naughty Dog!!
AshleeEmerson  +   721d ago
Oh, I fully agree.
Sugreev2001  +   721d ago
I'm a fan of Joel's,but he was absolutely awful.
Rockstar  +   721d ago
2 words would have made this infinitely better

Victor Lucas!
iMaim  +   721d ago
Games deserve a good game award ceremony but we don't need hosts that are as deadpan and uninterested as McHale.
SynestheticRoar  +   721d ago
Joel was the conductor of that train wreck.
MikeGdaGod  +   721d ago
the whole show was trash, but at least Joel made it entertaining

#1 - the setup and sound were horrible. it was like they never bothered to do a sound check prior to broadcast.

#2 - the hype about new game announcement and previews were a lie. we're in a new generation of games and they showed barely nothing.

#3 - the awards themselves were a are GTAV, TLOU, AC:BF up for best action game AC:BF wins, but GTV:5 wins game of the year, and Naughty Dog wins studio of the year for what world does that make sense????

#4 - the lack of a real audience hurt the show. awards are being handed out, and there's almost no applause BESIDES Joel. at least he clearly understood how weird that was.

#5 - i'm all for hip hop, but Tyler the Creator and his buddies are lame as hell. i cringed the entire time they were on screen. this was by far the weakest parts of the show.

no wonder they cut it from tv....wasted 3 hours of my life
Playstationologist  +   721d ago
You hated it enough to write that 32 paragraph essay and still watched all 3 hours??

MikeGdaGod  +   721d ago
ha! yup...when i feel passionately about a subject my thoughts pour out through my fingers....took less time than you think, trust me.

but seriously, the show would have been horrible if it weren't for Joel. people want to talk about his jokes being awkward, but nothing was more awkward than announcing award winners and getting no response at all from the audience.

edit: i didn't disagree with you btw...i'm one of the few people on N4G that can take a joke
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Landquake  +   721d ago
As did several other N4G members... your point? Criticism is not equal to hating something. Anyway, I agree with the points that were made above. The show was lame and some of us stuck through the whole 3 hours hoping that some incredible game announcement would be shown.

Joel's joke's were at times cringeworthy, and maybe he was a bit on the douchebag side, but I think his attitude reflected the overall atmosphere of VGX: aloof and uninterested.

On another note, regarding his behavior, some people are a bit on the melodramatic side... his behavior made you "embarrassed to be a gamer"? Really?
Playstationologist  +   721d ago
I enjoyed him busting on about Geoff's layers, guy deserves it for the constant "WE'LL REVEAL MIND BLOWING EARTH SHATTERING NEWS"
e-p-ayeaH  +   721d ago
The guy was anoying and stupid gametrailers is still trying to be cool lmao.
kingmushroom  +   721d ago
Lame nerds are lame
Ashunderfire86  +   721d ago
Joel made it worst. And WTF is Joel McHale!
Rockstar  +   721d ago
He's actually pretty good in Community IMO
But he's no Troy and Abed
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kingmushroom  +   721d ago
He was a a guy cracking jokes as the shlip was sinking, last years vgas where ab8t better, what a fail of ashow this has become, they're aming to reach the abyss.
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