VGX 2013 Second Round of Winners Is in: Titanfall is Most Anticipated Game for 2014

Not all of the winners for this year's VGX have been announced during the live show. More have been announced afterwards, including the most interesting categories, those voted by viewers instead of a jury of industry professionals and journalists.

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lastofgen1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

It definitely is in my top 3 for next year.
2014 is going to be titanic.

Lalanana1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Standby for Titanfall..

Most Anticipated indeed!..

@Foxtrot lol inFAMOUS ? Nope..nice try though.

mikeslemonade1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Quantam Break should be the most anticipated. Titanfall just because it's online, I guess that's what gives you the edge.

X1 gamers actually something to brag about now. But standby, cause Sony held their cards back for bigger venues like TGS, GDC, and E3. Come Q4 there's gonna be a couple of exclusives out on PS4 that you know will squander the competition.

TomShoe1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Titanfall: The Call of Duty that's not Call of Duty.


Eonjay1687d ago

I was really disappointed with the choices. They only nominated a few games. I don't want to be forced into liking Titan Fall. They only nominated 5 games as though those five games are all people should want.

PoSTedUP1687d ago

weird choice. 2014 is gonna be dope though, no doubt.

joab7771687d ago

The difference this gen is that its MS early that will be dependent on exclusives to hold their ground...and they will. Titanfall will be huge and will sell tons of consoles. I actually think MS isn't worried if they aren't many gamers launch console as long as they give gamers enough reason to eventually buy one. I bought a ps4 and I love it but I will grab an xbone at some point.

NewMonday1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Watch Dogs and Destiny are the most wanted at #1&#2.

as far as new gen exclusives inFamous is the most wanted, only being multi-platform gives Titanfall the nudge ahead.

mikeslemonade1687d ago

Yes you're correct "Titanfall will sell tons of consoles" Which tons isn't that much. It's not a system seller. Seems to me that the systems are selling themselves. Rather it's the entire game collection of both systems too that are making the system compelling. The first true system seller is gonna be MGS.

And actually the first true system sellers were BF and COD. You have to appeal to casual gamers if you're gonna be a system seller.

guyman1687d ago

Infamous is an outstanding franchise and looks amazing. Personally, games like unchartered and infamous interest me far more than titanfall, that's mine and many other's opinion, respect it and i'll respect yours

GarrusVakarian1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Im much more looking forward to The Witcher 3, Driveclub, QD,Infamous SS and even No Mans Sky, Titanfall looks like a lot of fun though. But most anticipated? No way. It's all pure opinion and individual taste though. Although we all know how much mass appeal shooters get.

By your comment, something tells me you are only excited because it's an MS exclusive.

"@Foxtrot lol inFAMOUS ? Nope..nice try though."

Infamous is already a successful and established franchise. Infamous SS will be the better game imo, as i said, shooters have mass appeal.

JokesOnYou1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Yeah this is what I call n4g talk, the attitude here is to always downplay something when it doesn't fit your agenda. No, I got no problem if you are simply saying Titanfall isn't your most anticipated or it just doesn't interest you but saying you are being forced to like Titanfall because your favorite game wasn't nominated is just silly.

It's their nominations based on feedback they have and to deny that Titanfall hasn't grabbed some massive hype from gamers and media with awards since E3 is just blatant tunnel vision.

It may not be for you but that literally changes nothing= Titanfall is the hottest game due to what has been shown so far carries more mass appeal than most other games. NOTE I said "mass appeal", that doesn't mean it's the best game it just simply means while infamous SS or Quantum Break may be better in some areas than Titanfall and you or I may like them more than Titanfall but so what? E3 Titanfall was the big winner, then following events Titanfall was praised more so than any other 1 game, and here VGX has Titanfall as THE MOST anticipated....come on bro its not blind luck, alot of people want this game, it is what it is, crying about it again changes nothing.

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medman1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

There is no way an online only experience is more anticipated than The Division, or Destiny, or The Order:1886, or Infamous Second Son, or The Witcher 3, or MGSV, or Mass Effect, or Uncharted, or Halo 5, or Watch_Dogs, or....see where I'm going with this? I could give a rip about Titanfall, and I'm far from alone in that sentiment. Multiplayer only games hold little appeal to me, and tens of millions of others feel the same way. With no story, it becomes very repetitive, very quickly. And that doesn't take into account cheaters, glitchers, matchmaking problems, or any of the other myriad problems that affect online gaming. Titanfall isn't close to being the most anticipated game. It's getting alot of hype, we will see if it indeed moves people to buy the xbone. I know one thing for sure, Respawn is not happy with the exclusivity deal. That kills half their potential sales, at least half considering the PS4 is outselling the bone. A sequel may come to competing consoles, but by then it will be too late for Titanfall as there will be so many other franchises to compete with and it will probably suffer a similar fate for Sony's system that the Mass Effect franchise did on the PS3, never reaching the success or popularity of the console on which it first launched and garnered a devoted fanbase.

mediate-this1686d ago

You understand that non gamers want this game right? Its the casual audience, the cod audience that grabs these. Why is it so hard to understand.

1687d ago
-Foxtrot1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Really...out of all the better looking games coming next year

WatchDogs or inFAMOUS SS for example

"Best Nintendo Game: Super Mario 3D World"

Gee Whizz you don't say haha :)

"Best Voice Actor: Troy Baker as Joel (from The Last of Us)"

"Best Voice Actress: Ashley Johnson as Ellie (from The Last of Us)"


Why wern't most of these shown off at the actual Award show. We had 20 minutes left that went to that stupid GTA music thing

Abriael1687d ago

You'll be surprised, but infamous wasn't even nominated.

-Foxtrot1687d ago

GET OUT....really

I thought it was :O

Such a shame

punisher991687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Whats even more shocking is that Metal Gear Solid V wasn't either. It really makes me wonder if someone paid off someone, just to generate even more hype for Titanfall.

Swiggins1687d ago

I just can't get excited for Second Sun, I'm sure it will be fun just like the previous 2 games, but that's just's another inFamous with a beautiful coat of paint and some destruction mechanics.

As pretentious as it sounds, I'm more excited for Titanfall simply because it's a new IP and it looks like it's going to shake up the largely stagnant shooter genre.

-Foxtrot1687d ago

"'m more excited for Titanfall simply because it's a new IP and it looks like it's going to shake up the largely stagnant shooter genre."

Oh come on Titanfall is just a standard generic FPS at it's core shrouded with new elements from other games like Jetpacks from Halo Reach, Wall running from BRINK and Mechs from Lost Planet for example.

Nothing breath taking so I don't think you can call inFAMOUS for being more or less the same with a new lick of paint when Titanfall is the same

hazardman1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

@punisher, i honestly think if certain games were there it wouldnt have made a difference. It didnt make a difference at e3 or gamescon. Titanfall has been receiving good buzz since it premiered. Its looking good. Not saying it gonna be the best game but def deserves most anticipated title for right now.

Ducky1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )


You pretty much proved his point.

No game like TitanFall exists yet, unless if you can somehow play four different games at the same time.
Whereas, Infamous has similar gameplay to its previous iterations with better visuals.

So no, the two aren't the same, and this isn't the first time Titanfall has won a 'most anticipated' award.

HammadTheBeast1687d ago


Starhawk was like Titanfall, but more.

NBT911687d ago

I can understand MGSV not being nominated because only GZ is confirmed for next year, we might not get MGSV in its entirety until 2015.

But infamous?! I'm surprised it wasn't nominated... Well I'd rather have that than Titanfall because I prefer the genre
. That said, Titanfall looks like an amazing FPS and will be the best console FPS probably until the sequel comes along.
I mean I can't imagine it being much worse than Killzone SF.

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lastofgen1687d ago

"out of all the better looking games coming next year."

looks don't always make a game.

-Foxtrot1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

....Are you serious

I meant it "in general"....better looking as in they are both better looking games...IN GENERAL

If I was going to talk about Graphics I would of said "better graphics"


LOL disagree's....REALLY

What the hell, thats what I else can I put it.

drsfinest721687d ago

Graphics isn't everything.. oh should know this by now..look at ryse. I take gameplay over graphics

WeAreLegion1687d ago

He meant game play, too. Looks good can mean an overall thing, too.

Bigpappy1687d ago

He doesn't know anything about Ryse, he is a PlayStation Fanboy. You should use KILLZONE (Nice coat of pain but lack luster gameplay).

Mystogan1687d ago

Here's a shocker for you.

Games are not all about graphics...

-Foxtrot1687d ago

Heres a shocker for you

Learn to read....because thats not what I meant....for the second time

DigitalRaptor1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

@ Foxtrot

Dude. Xbox fanboys... do you expect them to comprehend logic?

I don't see how Titanfall is the most anticipated game, when the nominations weren't even chosen by gamers who have a vast, VAST range of interests. And after all, it's the Spike VGX, probaby the most embarrassing representation of gaming to the wider public that exists.

They didn't list MGSV, inFamous Second Son, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Quantum Break, Elder Scrolls Online or Battlefront III, which are all larger and more original games than a multiplayer-only mech game with a bland art style.

mediate-this1686d ago

You say titanfall is a generic shooter at its core... Thats cool thats your perception you got from the trailers. But i ask you, whats infamous second son? Is it a fresh coat over the same gameplay mechanics type game at its core??

Get off your high horse and realize all games borrow from others to set up their core. ( as you like to put it)

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JediDiah1687d ago

Pc....Greatness Awaits!!

shysun1687d ago

I've been following this game for years....I Wish it was on PS4! :(

danny8181687d ago

For years? It was barely announce in may

JackVagina1687d ago

To be fair its always been said that ex-infinity ward devs left after MW2 to join up with EA to create a new FPS game

shysun1687d ago

Like I said...for years!!! Zap has been Tweeting about the game for years!! Ever since he left Infinity ward!

Just to let you know...the same thing happened when he left MOH(medal of honor) to start work on COD....but im sure you knew that.

Agheil1687d ago

Years? Wasn't Titan Fall announced at this year's E3?

shysun1687d ago

Read above post^^^^^ you guys disappoint me by only learning of this game at E3 :(

Brix901686d ago

I'm with you bro I been anticipating this game for a long time since they left IW, been following Respawn since they made the company.

WeAreLegion1687d ago

Titanfall looks great, but it's not my most anticipated. It definitely won the bro-vote though.

Abriael1687d ago

Yep. But that was expected. I was 100% sure it would have won.

DigitalRaptor1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Isn't the bro-vote still the only vote that matters as far as VGAs are concerned?

I thought things had changed this time, but it's clear the foundations are still in place. Needs some dynamite followed by some expert gamer re-construction for 2014.

YodaCracker1687d ago

There are only a couple of winners, including Most Anticipated Game, that are chosen by the viewers. The rest is chosen by their panel of "expert" game critics.