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Submitted by Muckraker18 796d ago | opinion piece

The Spike VGX Awards Summed Up in One Photo

Worst. (Best?) Host. Ever. (Culture, Industry)

iGAM3R-VIII  +   796d ago
LOOOL I remember, Geoff's facial expression killed me.
Lalanana  +   796d ago
Lol. Classic picture. He looks like he want to hit him so bad..
Nitrowolf2  +   796d ago
This show was absolutely terrible. I don't blame Joel at all for not being into it either, he was basically representing what we all were thinking.

Honestly, I actually appreciated Joel's sarcasm and trolling it made the show more funnier, especially Geoff reactions.

And I don't blame him as a Host really, I blame this show period. It's always been trash, but this is the format people wanted and this is how it turned out. Even more boring than ever before.
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AceBlazer13  +   796d ago
I agree with you nitro Joel looked like he wanted to die.
Sono421  +   796d ago
No I didn't appreciate Joel at all... taking jabs at the gaming community as a whole.. simply being an arrogant prick... he was just the icing on the cake to a horrible show.

The "reveals" were so laughable.. I now see what people mean by Geoff over hyping things... Not to mention even the awards part of this awards show was also a joke.

Didn't always mention all the nominees, never explained why they won... no dramatic build up.. and after the winner was announced no applause... just awkward silence or some douche remark made by Joel... the whole show was honestly a joke and a waste of everyone's time.
badboy776  +   796d ago
I see why it's not on TV anymore.
Jughead3416  +   796d ago
Geoff looked irritated the entire time. I know he got tired of the insults on his wardrobe. And they supposedly had just met and the host was insulting him over and over again.
ifistbrowni  +   796d ago
this show went full retard...

you never go full retard.
smashman98  +   796d ago
This year sucked no big game reveals just a whole bunch of disappointment
ajax17  +   796d ago
I couldn't agree more. As much I hate to say it, they need to bring back the VGA's. Sure they were very flashy, but this was just sad.
spicelicka  +   796d ago
Yea I agree.

Firstly due to the lack of good announcements. The games that were announced just weren't presented well. A lot of the trailers weren't theatrical and just like your usual videos that get released on the internet, not very well put together.

Secondly, if they wanted to get rid of celebrities who were only being paid to care about the game they were presenting then they should've have had Joel McHale. He did bring some humour in, but he also didn't add anything constructive to the interviews, and seem very uninterested.

Thirdly, I'm not sure where they got all this feedback from to make the show like this, but I always liked the VGA's the way they were. Live stage performances with a live audience had a unique feel and honestly made the video game industry seem big comparatively with the movie and music industries. Sure there are many things they could've changed but they still should've kept it a live show in front of an audience. Audience reactions always make the presentations seem more legitimate.

The one thing i liked though was that this time they didn't hold back on the parody videos. They went straight into ripping whoever they could, MS, Sony, Nintendo, kinect, whatever. And that seemed very genuine instead of the usual fake neutral approach.
Prime157  +   795d ago
It's just commercialism at its finest.
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Abdu777  +   796d ago
Imho , this was the worst VGX ever .
Last year version was much much better !
Plagasx  +   796d ago
I thought I was the only one who thought that!!! Man!

I mean, I appreciate change but this was just so damn boring to the point where I wish I had those big time celebrities on stage and bigger dazzles.
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Snookies12  +   796d ago
Yeah, I was honestly just running this in the background while browsing the web... Listening and waiting for something interesting to come up. That was a long 3 hour wait...
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Tctczach  +   796d ago
I liked No Man's Sky and the new Witcher trailer
Jughead3416  +   796d ago
You won't get any disagrees here. I would have preferred the traditional awards show format with an audience, like the one Samuel L. Jackson hosted last year. At least a well put together program can cover up some of the awefulnenss. They shouldn't even air this on Monday.
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hockeyglory  +   796d ago
If they cut out the comedy bits, 20 minutes of gta5 music, a few useless promo videos and cut out half of the back and forth jokes Geoff and Joel did, the show could have been 2 hours.

Sometimes less is more!
JackVagina  +   796d ago
They should have just gotten matt stone trey parker to host it, they were there so why not?
ajax17  +   796d ago
Yeah, they were very underused. They should've at least stay to talk about the Stick of Truth a little bit.
wolokowoh  +   795d ago
They have a South Park season finale to do this week. It's better they spend time there then polished this turd.
solidt12  +   796d ago
Megaton  +   796d ago
Worst VGAs ever, I think. The whole appeal of the VGAs are the "world exclusives", which have typically been new game reveals in the past. This year it was almost entirely footage of games we've seen.
AHall88  +   796d ago
The lack of any real surprises is a bit disheartening.
Is E3 really the only next big thing for announcements?
wolokowoh  +   795d ago
For Sony it's E3, Gamescom, and TGS. For Nintendo its becoming the Nintendo Directs, and Microsoft it's just been E3. Everyone else. Throughout the year and E3.
Rickgrimes95  +   796d ago
Joel just pissed me off the whole time would rather it have been just geoff
BX81  +   796d ago
Who was that guy? I never seen him before. He seemed like he wasn't a gamer and a slight dick.
bobsmith  +   796d ago
The Soup show on E funny clips of TV from the week
N4GDgAPc  +   796d ago
And a tv show called community. I think its funny how people are getting mad about Joel's comments.

I can tell people never watch his shows because thats pretty much how he acts in The Soup and the community. I found him funny and only thing keeping the show alive for me.
cyguration  +   796d ago
He may not have been a gamer but he made me chuckle... that's more than I can say for the Dorito Pope.
BX81  +   795d ago
@ n4g I'm not mad, he just comes off as a dick. I've never seen those shows you mentioned. He must not be that popular ( by no means am I the popular standard, lol). I wish they would stop with these lame hosts and get some gamers in there. Geoff isn't the most entertaining but he's a gamer and he asked the questions we want to know. Joel wasn't top choice but it wasn't an absolute train wreck. It could've been worse like if hip hop gamer was to host. Lol.
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N4GDgAPc  +   795d ago

He is more popular than you think. The community is a well received funny show that runs on NBC. It was canceled after season 4 but demand for season 5 was high because of sales of dvds so there bringing it back. Which will start up in 2014.

The Soup is a old running show that ran on E. He would show high lights of reality shows, talk shows, and tv shows and make fun of them. I don't know if the soup is still running or not.

But community is on hulu. check it out. you will recognize some actors.
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BattleAxe  +   796d ago
This show was a complete disaster. I sat through it until the GTAV music concert, and while I was sitting there listening to the Lounge Crew or Loitering Crew or whatever the hell they were, I was in utter disbelief of the stupid things they were saying.

The choice for co-host was also really bad lol. Looks like in order to reach a broader audience, they thought that they should dumb things down, and in my opinion they achieved that goal far beyond expectation. This is the last VGX awards that I will ever watch. What a complete embarrassment of a show.
hockeyglory  +   796d ago
VGX went with the traditional two man crew. One is kind of serious. The other, the comedic relief. Put both together and watch as they piss off each other and anyone they face.
BX81  +   796d ago
Yeah, who were the retards wearing the stupid outfits? Why would you give them a mic and let them talk? They seemed like 12 year olds jacked up on mt dew.
ajax17  +   796d ago
Yeah, the Loiter Squad was the frosting on this shit cake of a show.
AHall88  +   796d ago
Anyone that gets under Geoff's skin is alright in my book, but the show pretty much sucked... and THEN that stupid GTA5 "concert" happened.

Anything that involves the Dorito Pope/Gametrailers seems to be pretty lackluster.
ajax17  +   796d ago
Yeah, Geoff just doesn't know how to react to someone unless they're being completely serious. At least Joel was trying to bring some comedy/personality to the show. Geoff always acts too serious.
aLucidMind  +   795d ago
Even then, he hardly knows how to react to someone. There's quite a few instances of him acting like a prick towards anyone asking him legitimately good questions as to why this or that hasn't been considered. If it isn't IGN or a reporter from an equally large or popular game reporting site, he tends to act very high-and-mighty towards them.

TL;DR- He's a dick.
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MrBeatdown  +   796d ago
McHale was just trying to stick with the whole trainwreck theme of the show.

Hell, he was probably the only thing entertaining. Mocking everyone beats Geoff's dull questions to devs showing nothing new.
cyguration  +   796d ago
Thank you!

I thought I was the only one tired of Geoff rummaging about the Q&A train like he was asking something important when it was all fluff... especially that wasteful bit about Game of Thrones.

"Yeah uh.... we've got nothing, but keep asking questions, guys"

That was pitiful.
Fairchild Channel F  +   795d ago
Believe me, you are not alone. Geoff Keighley is such a shill. It's nauseating.
kingmushroom  +   796d ago
super retarded
RandomDude655  +   796d ago
What an embarrassment to human kind that show was.
XXXL   796d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
Indo  +   796d ago
This was just a teaser. Literally. Thought their be more gameplay trailers, but I was stupid to believe the hype. Love the gameplay trailers that did show though.
aaronobst  +   796d ago
It's just as well nobody takes this joke of a show seriously.
Tyre  +   796d ago
Geoff shouldn't have asked Joel, period. Joel behaved like an out of place badly raised moronic hipster. I never want to hear from this guy again. I feel sorry for all the developers and Geoff for having to endure such a F-up. Joel is exactly why Hollywood and gamers don't mix. All the cliches in his behavior, Hollywood will never understand games. pathetic. Next do not invite someone from Hollywood ever again...they are so outdated and full of old cliché.
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Rzep  +   796d ago
Mmmm oh the tasty tasty irony. Your post make you look like the moronic hipster...
Tyre  +   795d ago
It seems you all like hipsters then. Sorry, but his show tries to associate gaming with loud mouthed ignorance, cliché comedy and has a low esteem of it's audience (personified by Joel). I do not want to see this ever again. I'm only interested in the new game footage and i could care less about self-centered bad jesters. Again, Joel clearly wasn't up to speed. Don't fall for the backwards logic of Hollywood hipsters. They still think they are the center of the universe. This kind of pop-culture is so cliché and outdated it is laughable. Hollywood clearly needs a big overhaul. This show should get with the times or stop. You make it look we need to adapt to Hollywood, it is the other way around.
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colonel179  +   796d ago
I really like Joel, but he really went over the line this time. I don't know how Geoff didn't remember the fiasco that happened when Joel hosted Ubisoft conference.

The show was lame overall, but Geoff had to host alone. Joel was a poor choice in my opinion, because even if he play games, he would be the most casual gamer ever, so he didn't fit at all. Worst of all, were his stupid comments every single time he opened his mouth. It was like twice when he actually asked a serious question. Geoff should've gotten someone that knows the industry, like Sessler or someone like that (if you get my point).

Putting the show aside, which has been bad for a long time, the reveals were horrible this year. There was not surprises whatsoever, and even though No man's land look great, it's not as bug a surprise. There were no big unannounced titles. Every single title was already known, and those that weren't, were just indie games. This time was a big let down in every front.

Nintendo really blew by showing Donkey Kong. This is the first time they were at VGX and since the reveals sucked, this was the opportunity to steal the show and put themselves on the spot. Had they announce a new Zelda/Metroid/Star Fox etc ( a AAA first party) they would have nailed it, but well, they have been on the low for a while.

Also, there were no Sony announcements this time. Too bad the trailer for The Order wasn't ready. however, GDC will be great this time, since they most likely show a lot of games there.

So, they made a lot of mistakes this time, and they should have called most of the reveals "exclusive look" instead of "world premier", and the real "world premiers" were a big let down.
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Scatpants  +   796d ago
I liked how Joel kept clowning Geoff about how many layers he had on.
Heisenburger  +   796d ago
I didn't realize how out of touch I was with pop culture until I was subjected to this program. Idk what any of this stuff is, and it makes me feel like a cranky elderly war vet.

I'm twenty-five.
Gh05t  +   796d ago
Could not have said it better myself!
HappyWithOneBubble  +   796d ago
Now I see why Spike didn't air it on TV.
shotgun_ps3  +   796d ago
From the looks of it I'm the only person that actually liked the show.

These types of things are always so fake. The host smiles and tells devs how great their games are while being polite in that meeting you girlfriend's parents for the first time way. It was quite refreshing for a host to turn round to Reggie and ask him how much money they made from Mario or ask Tim Shaffer if he was high when he came up with Broken Age. I'm prob in the minority but I like that type of relaxed, lets josh with the guests type of stuff (even though some of it was awkward).

Yes, there were a lot of games not announced that people thought where going to be announced but between No Man's Sky and Tales of the Borderlands I'm as happy as can be.
DanielGearSolid  +   796d ago
Some Gamers are getting way too sensitive man...

Like he was supposed to be the ambassador of gaming... Just chill
shotgun_ps3  +   796d ago
Word brother.
Dlacy13g  +   796d ago
All these reactions I am reading are exactly why I am recording the 1hr highlight show on Monday and didn't bother wasting 3 hrs of my life.
solidt12  +   796d ago
The VGX's sucked BasketBalls
Rzep  +   796d ago
I actually grew to like the host when I noticed the rest of the show and people involved were all part of some god damn circle jerk.

If they want to make the show better they should drop Geoff all together and stop using the awards shows as a giant fucking commercial.

Geoff in general should never be allowed to pretend he is interesting. He also should not be allowed to interview anyone.

Geoff: "This new banana, it's yellow. Why did you make it yellow, what went behind this decision?"
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MasterCornholio  +   796d ago
Not diaper man he was horrific.
RockmanII7  +   795d ago
Joel was horrible, Geoff was horrible, the announcements were horrible, the winners were horrible, the presentation was horrible, the interviews were horrible. Everything sucked besides the Mega64 and RoosterTeeth bits.
#27 (Edited 795d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Dee_Cazo  +   795d ago
I loved Joel McHale. He made it his job to insult all the true gamer stereotypes. Mountain Dew, Cheeto-ridden fingers and then calling out annoying fans for being complete jerks to developers.

I think everyone hated him because it hit too close to the annoying fanboys. Makes me incredibly happy to see as the way gamers act is something that really holds the industry back.

The last riot that occurred in a major art form was Ben Affleck as Batman. That was nothing compared to the arrogant self-entitlement that video game players feel on every decision a developer makes.

I love video games more than anything, so I will happily watch nerds get made fun of in hopes that some of them will realize they should stop being so annoying.

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