The Spike VGX Awards Summed Up in One Photo

Worst. (Best?) Host. Ever.

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iGAM3R-VIII1470d ago

LOOOL I remember, Geoff's facial expression killed me.

Lalanana1470d ago

Lol. Classic picture. He looks like he want to hit him so bad..

Nitrowolf21470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

This show was absolutely terrible. I don't blame Joel at all for not being into it either, he was basically representing what we all were thinking.

Honestly, I actually appreciated Joel's sarcasm and trolling it made the show more funnier, especially Geoff reactions.

And I don't blame him as a Host really, I blame this show period. It's always been trash, but this is the format people wanted and this is how it turned out. Even more boring than ever before.

AceBlazer131470d ago

I agree with you nitro Joel looked like he wanted to die.

Sono4211470d ago

No I didn't appreciate Joel at all... taking jabs at the gaming community as a whole.. simply being an arrogant prick... he was just the icing on the cake to a horrible show.

The "reveals" were so laughable.. I now see what people mean by Geoff over hyping things... Not to mention even the awards part of this awards show was also a joke.

Didn't always mention all the nominees, never explained why they won... no dramatic build up.. and after the winner was announced no applause... just awkward silence or some douche remark made by Joel... the whole show was honestly a joke and a waste of everyone's time.

Jughead34161470d ago

Geoff looked irritated the entire time. I know he got tired of the insults on his wardrobe. And they supposedly had just met and the host was insulting him over and over again.

ifistbrowni1470d ago

this show went full retard...

you never go full retard.

smashman981470d ago

This year sucked no big game reveals just a whole bunch of disappointment

ajax171470d ago

I couldn't agree more. As much I hate to say it, they need to bring back the VGA's. Sure they were very flashy, but this was just sad.

spicelicka1469d ago

Yea I agree.

Firstly due to the lack of good announcements. The games that were announced just weren't presented well. A lot of the trailers weren't theatrical and just like your usual videos that get released on the internet, not very well put together.

Secondly, if they wanted to get rid of celebrities who were only being paid to care about the game they were presenting then they should've have had Joel McHale. He did bring some humour in, but he also didn't add anything constructive to the interviews, and seem very uninterested.

Thirdly, I'm not sure where they got all this feedback from to make the show like this, but I always liked the VGA's the way they were. Live stage performances with a live audience had a unique feel and honestly made the video game industry seem big comparatively with the movie and music industries. Sure there are many things they could've changed but they still should've kept it a live show in front of an audience. Audience reactions always make the presentations seem more legitimate.

The one thing i liked though was that this time they didn't hold back on the parody videos. They went straight into ripping whoever they could, MS, Sony, Nintendo, kinect, whatever. And that seemed very genuine instead of the usual fake neutral approach.

Prime1571469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

It's just commercialism at its finest.

Abdu7771470d ago

Imho , this was the worst VGX ever .
Last year version was much much better !

Plagasx1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I thought I was the only one who thought that!!! Man!

I mean, I appreciate change but this was just so damn boring to the point where I wish I had those big time celebrities on stage and bigger dazzles.

Snookies121470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Yeah, I was honestly just running this in the background while browsing the web... Listening and waiting for something interesting to come up. That was a long 3 hour wait...

Tctczach1470d ago

I liked No Man's Sky and the new Witcher trailer

Jughead34161470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

You won't get any disagrees here. I would have preferred the traditional awards show format with an audience, like the one Samuel L. Jackson hosted last year. At least a well put together program can cover up some of the awefulnenss. They shouldn't even air this on Monday.

hockeyglory1470d ago

If they cut out the comedy bits, 20 minutes of gta5 music, a few useless promo videos and cut out half of the back and forth jokes Geoff and Joel did, the show could have been 2 hours.

Sometimes less is more!

JackVagina1470d ago

They should have just gotten matt stone trey parker to host it, they were there so why not?

ajax171470d ago

Yeah, they were very underused. They should've at least stay to talk about the Stick of Truth a little bit.

wolokowoh1469d ago

They have a South Park season finale to do this week. It's better they spend time there then polished this turd.

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