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VGX 2013: Here Are All the Winners So Far, One Xbox One Exclusive Already in the List

The VGX 2013 has come and gone, and the dust has settled, leaving all the winners celebrating. If you missed the show, here’s a list of all the winners announced so far. (PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Relientk77  +   297d ago
Glad Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch won best RPG
Lalanana  +   297d ago
Good for forza 5

I'm drunk posting!!
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   297d ago
lol what? that wasn't even nearly related to his comment.
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majiebeast  +   297d ago
Lalanana your drunk posting go home.
mikeslemonade  +   297d ago
All that matters is GOTY. And GOTY goes to GTA5. Can careless about "best whatever".
vitullo31  +   297d ago
Im drunk too this is awesome
EVILDEAD360  +   296d ago
GTA V deserved the win. It's a shame they didn't do it on the VGA stage with actual fans to cheer them on as Rockstar deserved.

Side note. Love Turn 10 got accolades for the best next gen launch game thus far.

irepbtown  +   296d ago
I'm sorry, The Last of Us deserved GOTY award. GTA V was great, visually stunning and I'm still playing it now. However TLoU has been the best game I've played in a while.

Quite disappointed as others on here that it didn't win anything.
Mr Lahey  +   296d ago
Being drunk is always relevant!
GrandTheftZamboni  +   296d ago
@Mr Lahey

You would know because you are The Liquor.
majiebeast  +   297d ago
All of them deserved to win. There really wasnt a bad game on that list.
bujasem_89  +   297d ago
I don't think tomb raider deserved to be on that list... I enjoyed it... but seriously seriously, not GOTY.

the rest were all contenders yes, but I still think GOTY went to an undeserving winner this year.
xJumpManx  +   296d ago
@bujasem_89, I disagree I beat both TR and TLOU and when i finished Tomb Raider I was sad it was over when I finished The Last of Us I was happy it was over.
wolokowoh  +   296d ago
@xJumpManX that's because Tomb Raider was action and mystery while The Last of Us was gloom and doom. The Last of Us is supposed to be uncomfortable(grim outlook for everyone) while Tomb Raider is supposed to be inspirational(Lara and the survivors overcoming what seems like insurmountable odds). You're supposed to happy when The Last of Us is done because the uncomfortableness is gone.

The Last of Us is like Game of Thrones. When you're reading/watching the events play out the first time you don't know who is off limits as far as being killed.

Ned Stark and the Joel fake out

Tomb Raider is more like... I don't know ... The Hunger Games perhaps. You don't expect Lara to die ever and you know Katniss is off limits. It's unlikely tale of survival against the odds but its expected and predictable to an extent. You expect the main character to have near death experiences but to bounce back and kick ass. Hunger Games has a lot more "characters" die so it's more tragic but you get the point.
Gekko36  +   296d ago
@Wolokowoh - I enjoyed your post but found the idea of comparing prose from talented authors like;

George R.R. Martin
J R.R Tolkein

To the excrement prose produced by the game industry wrong.

The story for the last of us was OK, that all, not great or even brilliant. It was just OK. However because it was aimed at gamers, it was made to become something it wasn't. Kind of like a golden turd, you know pretty but dull.

Now the game was very good, as a game but the story was just DULL, just quite average...

Yes it was the game equivalent of the Twiglet books, dumb, sh!te and very dull. Maybe they could turn TLOU into a film and get that crap actress to star in it. You know the one, she's the one with the emotional range of a cat turd.

OK rant over. As for the rest I'm rather happy with the results of the awards
JackISbacK  +   297d ago
i also voted it ,and i also voted gta 5 for brst game and ac black flag for best action adventure and best shooter for bioshock infinite and best racing for forza ,i'am glad that i maked all right choises.
Abriael  +   297d ago
That was the best surprise of the show for me. I hoped for Final Fantasy XIV, because honestly Yoshida's team deserves all the credit of the world for turning that game around, but Ni No Kuni was awesome as well.
I agree but In spirit FFXIV also won in my opinion. They both are excellent games. I seriously am incredibly proud of Yoshida for what him and his team accomplished to turn that game around. I am very much looking forward to see what other games he directs in the future because have absolute faith in his abilities.
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SWayne  +   297d ago
Awesome point you made there. I was hoping the same for FFXIV and echo your thoughts on Yoshida.
joab777  +   297d ago
Hard to argue with any of the winners!
Jaces  +   297d ago
Congrats on SoTY ND! It's a tough battle for GoTY when you're an exclusive. Especially going up against GTAV, well fought.
showtimefolks  +   297d ago
Ni NU Kuni deserves that honor so much, rightfully won and well deserved

here is hoping for more RPG's like that
Back-to-Back  +   296d ago
How does GTA V win GOTY when Naughty Dog won studio of the year. If you win studio of the year it only makes sense that you also win GOTY. This is just more evidence that the VGX trying to be fair rather than do what's right. No wonder so many developers were tweeting out their disappointment with the show.
Soc5  +   296d ago
Gta5 was technically great and a ton of fun but the TLOU was soo good and had a great story compared to the sillyness of gta
I would say most fun GTA5 and best story TLOU. If I could only have experienced one I'm not sure though. What would u guys pick if u could only play one? Gta does have a lot of replay value
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   297d ago
Glad to see Ni no Kuni won best RPG. I really enjoyed playing that game. I really hope a spiritual successor is made for the PS4.
Relientk77  +   297d ago

I hope its true, but a Ni no Kuni 2 is rumored for PS4
RedDevils  +   297d ago
I would be so damn hype if there ni no kuni 2, I'm freaking bored with all these fps games
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Rynocirator  +   296d ago
And we won't see it for 10 years, the first game took them 5 years to develop, then 3 years to localize in america. Personally I didn't think it was that good to wait that long for a sequel.
pivotplease  +   296d ago
Give me Dark Cloud 3. Ni No Kuni's good, but dark cloud had better gameplay and catered to a more mature audience. I would be happy with either game though honestly...
TheTowelBoy  +   297d ago
That would be tops bloobi man.
AnimeAvenger  +   296d ago
Hard to choose between Ni no Kuni, Fire Emblem and Pokemon. I put so many hours into all of them. Props to Ni no Kuni though.
lonelyplayer  +   297d ago
Where's the last of us?
Austin48  +   297d ago
I agree it's bullshit that the last of us didint get shit screw you vgx you all suck
SNACK_SHARK_TROLL  +   297d ago
Yeah I feel your pain. At least naughty dog got studio of the year and that says a lot about a studio, because it shows that it's one of the best around, it even beat out rockstar in this category. And actor troy baker as joel and actress ashley Johnson as Ellie both won too.
mediate-this  +   297d ago
Honestly i dont think tlou is that good of a game, thats my opinion. I ayed and the story was meh, i did not even finish it. I got the game two months after release and i couldnt keep my mind on the story. Joels partner tough guy lady friend hate her.

Graphics are good, and i know millions love tlou, i think its alright. But thats my op. uncharted is my fave series.
princejb134  +   297d ago
I agree. I would have picked last of us over bio shock infinity
Having beat both games several times I enjoyed last of us a lot more
AndroidVageta  +   297d ago
How did you force your way through Infinite multiple times? I had to push my way through it just the first time around...that is if it didn't put me to sleep first!
princejb134  +   297d ago
@ android

Infinity wasn't a bad game. It was pretty decent
But last of us beat it hands down in my opinion
calis  +   297d ago
GTAV was always going to win. Even if it was the crappest game around.
condemmedman  +   296d ago
looking out for clickers!
Dewitt  +   297d ago
Injustice beating KI.. Just wow..
ShinMaster  +   297d ago
Serious comment?

Injustice was great.
ABizzel1  +   297d ago
KI was good, Injustice was better. Story-wise, Presentation, gameplay is debatable.
SITH  +   296d ago
Totally agree. killer instinct is good and all and I enjoy it, but beyond the point of the game which is fighting, there is absolutely nothing there. It is not a whole package game at all. Injustice clearly is.
noctis_lumia  +   297d ago
ki is crap face it already
its not the good old hardcore fighting it was on nintendo
Sitdown  +   296d ago
So you saying you have not played it? Noted.
RedDevils  +   297d ago
KI is meh
Prime157  +   297d ago
Interesting list for vgx. Little disappointed in the world premier segment, but I think I understand why certain games wouldn't premier at it....cough cough Bethesda.
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thejigisup  +   297d ago
#fact injustice for ps4 it's definitive and that version is exclusive.
SonyNGP  +   297d ago
It's still better on PC.
DCfan  +   296d ago
Dat control scheme.
SonyNGP  +   296d ago
Which one? There's a large number of control schemes available for the PC :)
andibandit  +   296d ago
Hes referring to the "Fail troll control scheme"
Sitdown  +   296d ago
Actually you can get it on the Vita and PC..... nice try though.
Metallox  +   297d ago
Pikmin 3 should have won the best Nintendo game award :/
kidhero99  +   297d ago
He was the viewer, shitting on an already huge shit, just adding to the shit, by making a social commentary about the shit. it was shit. Geoff was about to cry at one point I swear. Joel knew it was a trainwreck and just stopped reading the teleprompter to interrupt people with insults. He certainly did not make it a better show, but nothing could save this.
_FantasmA_  +   297d ago
LOL Forza 5 had no competition. GT6 didn't come out until yesterday so it wasn't even nominated. Xbone fans are really clingy and desperate.
christocolus  +   297d ago
You are an ignorant fanboy...
_FantasmA_  +   297d ago
Says the guy who loves Xbox and only Xbox.
christocolus  +   297d ago
Lol..is that a fact or what you feel? My ps1, ps2 and ps3 beg to differ...lmao.
ToyboxDX  +   296d ago
I like how when someone is being called out as a XBox fanboy and then he countered that argument by saying he own PS1, PS2, PS3 etc, as if this single statement would somehow automatically made his comments accurate.

You are what you posted, period. People can see based on your post history which is nothing but singing praises for MS. A so-called "owner" of PS consoles that keeps rooting for MS? Yeah sure, cows can fly too!
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christocolus  +   296d ago

"Xbone fans are really clingy and desperate"

so says a sony fanboy and you rush in here to defend that?

Lmao...If you went snooping through my comments, you should have tried to spend more time digging through.i respect gamers but i dont go out of my way constituting a nuisance across ps articles and bashing ps fans for no reason so if shutting biased and ignorant gamers like yourself and fantasma up makes me a fanboy then im glad im one .sorry if im not like the rest of your type...dont hate for no reason or just spill out crap cos of bias...i stick more to xbx articles cos its obvious you find more reasonable, less biased and more level headed gamers there esp here on n4g.i love reading comments from reasonable gamers(sony, nintendo and xbx fans alike)...but guys like you cant help yourselves you just keep spilling your bias across xbx articles and supporting trolls..this article gave the xbx one props and what happened? Fanboys attacked as usual..sorry bro..i dont do that crap and i will never.snoop through my comment history again if you wish.i praise sony where it is due, hell i love nd games , looking forward to infamoue and ive stated it on a number of ocassions,bottom line i give props where it is due but i always try to avoid articles which are strictly playstation related cos most fanboys there are childish, unreasonable and insultive ..but i guess you are just like fantasma.so what do you care?
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Evil_Abed  +   297d ago
What about Need For Speed Rivals? And how are Xbox One fans being clingy? Are they the ones who made it racing game f the year?

Also, GT6 is gonna bottom out at sub 80 scores, hardly game of the year material.
moparful99  +   296d ago
200 cars, 14 tracks, no day/night cycle, and no dynamic weather(I wont even get into the down graded visuals over the E3 presentation) isn't racing game of the year material..

GT6 got snubbed because of its release date nothing more.

I know Forza fans love to throw that "Highest rated" label around alot but honestly GT is rated lower because its a game made for enthusiasts and only enthusiasts..

Polyphony doesn't make this game so a non racing fan(looks at IGN) reviews this game high. PD makes GT because they love cars and the fans of the series are perfectly content with the game and whatever Kazunori decided to do with the series.

There's a reason GT sales blow Forza sales out of the water..
DCfan  +   296d ago
The "score and rating" strategy is just desperate.
andibandit  +   296d ago
Kinda like your "Dat control scheme" comment further up....
Evil_Abed  +   296d ago
CoD sales blow Killzone sales out of the water, I suppose that means it is the definitive shooter then?

"200 cars, 14 tracks, no day/night cycle, and no dynamic weather(I wont
even get into the down graded visuals over the E3 presentation) isn't
racing game of the year material.." Actually everything Forza Motorsport 5 does from now on IS racing goty material, since it won racing goty and GT6 didn't.
moparful99  +   296d ago

Why did you even bring COD into this? COD sells so well because its accessible. Its easy for beginners or casuals to pick up a controller get some kills and have fun with it.

Forza is the more accessible game in this scenario, has features like the rewind button and auto braking for people that don't know anything about racing lines, apexing, corner braking etc. Yet Gran Turismo is more beloved and outsells Forza in spades..

Wonder why that is?

Because for racing enthusiasts that want a true to life racing experience GT is the gold standard..

Like I stated before GT gets reviewed lower because sites like IGN let someone who knows nor cares anything about racing review the game. Just like Polygon allowed someone who knowingly despises the Killzone franchise review Shadow Fall and gave it a terrible score.

Kazunori Yamauchi couldn't care less about the mainstream's desire to add body kits to their cars and plaster it with Tenzo R, Billstein, or any custom graphics.. He makes GT for purists and it is often reviewed or looked at from the perspective of casuals.. But I will adamantly stand by my statement that from a techincal standpoint GT is superior. Physics, handling, car behavior under braking or on the throttle etc is a step above in GT games and always has been..

You can keep your "Racing Game of the Year" award because I am playing and loving GT6 on my PS3 and when GT7 releases next year on the PS4 I and millions of others will gladly give Sony our $60.

Just to give perspective I'm not just a pure Sony fanboy that automatically writes off anything Xbox..

In fact I Bought a 360 just to try Forza 4 and I wont lie I had fun with it but the game never came close to scratching that itch that only Gran Turismo has been able to over the years.
MrTrololo  +   297d ago
The only thing i disagree is Gone Home & GTA V. Should had swap to The Last Of Us and The Stanley Parable or Paper Please
AndroidVageta  +   297d ago
I honestly think Gone Home is like an inside joke from the developers or something. $20 for a 2 hour game about some runaway lesbian = best indie game of the year? Especially over the great games you listed...it's gotta be a joke!
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   297d ago
I still don't see what's so special about GTA V...

Played it, beated it, 100% it for the sake of being a completionist... But it's not like I still remembered much from it a week after playing... Seriously, this is more forgetable than summer romantical commedy flicks (specially Franklin stuff). Also there's only so many types of missions that you keep repeating agaisnt a new meningless character over a plot you'll forget before completing the mission itself. Unique missions are good but few (specially Heists, should had been way more). It's still a fun game for the single player, but it fails at being remarkable (or at least in being remarkable by itself, it just goes with the GTA tide), hence missing out on what, for me, it the very thing that makes a game of the year in the first place.

And multiplayer... Wow, R* should be thanking EA to push DICE around, because BF4 multiplayer just saved GTA Online from being the worst multiplayer experience this year. Seriously, the thing I remember the most about GTA Online is not being able to play it or getting random disconnected or whatever, just to be kicked back into single player and the car radio was giving this ad on cloud computing being the future. Yeah right. And that's not even really fixed, people still get randomly disconnected all the time.

And beyond the technical problems, what about content? Missions (of all kinds) are so uninspiring that there's basically no incentive to play beyond being a jackass on free roam (even more so because they can't fix the damn glitches and exploits, so everyone simply go take a tank into their garage and go nuts). And the worst part is that I'm pretty sure almost everyone would trade all the free roam crap for some heists (which were heavily talked about since announcement, yet they had not released).

I wouldn't give this game a GOTY award even if it was the only game out there... I would never reward an unremarkable half broken game.
RedDevils  +   297d ago
even though I love to platinum games, but GTA V unfortunately not one of them
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R0n0rve  +   297d ago
They said the best Xbox game was Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons? Smh.... (-_-)
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r21  +   297d ago
Best shooter being Bioshock Infinite? I gotta disagree there.
Trekster_Gamer  +   297d ago
Agreed! Bioshock Infinitr was not even in the same class as Bioshock!
KingDadXVI  +   297d ago
GTA V was a shoo-in due to sales figures alone. It is also an awesome game. The Last of Us was a great game too, don't get me wrong. It just doesn't have the history of GTA yet.

TitanFall getting Most Anticipated Game of 2014 was not surprising either. This game has not pretensions. It is just a super fast action online FPS that lets people team up with their buddies and kick some ass. A much needed stress reliever these days.
MatrixxGT  +   297d ago
So a game has to have 7 mainstream titles or a history to be GotY?

TLoU doesnt have the sales to compete with GTA5. Both are great games. However, GTA5 has some issues and online rollout comparable to obamacare. Only real issue with TLoU was that ellie would not be spotted by enemy AI. GTA5 kept telling me I could do cool stuff with a app on my phone but yet failed to say it was only for iOS for almost a month.
ND made a new IP and really nailed it. The online was just as great. The game was a huge success for ND and sony. The whole "show" was an embarrassment to vgas and gaming in general.
noctis_lumia  +   297d ago
destiny will OWN titanfall in everysingle aspect

its bungie nuff said
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   296d ago
Apples and oranges
KingDadXVI  +   296d ago
I have to agree with @DesinyHero. It is definitely apples and oranges. Destiny is going to be an awesome game and I can't wait for it. I am a Halo maniac and have high hopes for destiny.

That being said Destiny is a completely different game type from TitanFall.

TitanFall will have an overall broader appeal as a in your face FPS who's only pretention is to get you into action killing others as fast as possible.

Destiny on the other hand is going to be a gorgeous persistent world strategy game. It is the next step in the evolution from games like WoW.

Both will be awesome but TitanFall has a larger market base in the CoD type players.
christocolus  +   297d ago
Wow most anticipated titanfall...yeah..cant wait. Congrats to turn 10 and naughty dog too.
AndroidVageta  +   297d ago
Bioshock Infinite being voted "Best Shooter" AUTOMATICALLY makes this entire awards show a complete and utter joke.

UNLESS the people voting feel that the most generic, run of the mill FPS mechanics with some of the worse A.I. and uninspiring weapons somehow makes it the "Best Shooter" then I have NO idea how in the hell Infinite won this category. NO IDEA!

Also, how in the flying Christ on a tooth pick did Naughty Dog win best developer but yet TLoU didn't win best game...like...what? Did the people like GTA 5 more than TLoU but somehow felt like Naughty Dog did a better job or something? Makes no sense...I mean, really.

So yeah, thanks VGX for the cool videos on some of these next-gen games but as far as everything else goes you can suck a bag of dicks.
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noctis_lumia  +   297d ago
tlou should have won best game of the year but since gta 5 is multi it was expected...
YodaCracker  +   297d ago
What does being multiplatform have to do with it? Both GTA V and TLOU had an equal chance at the award. The winner was not chosen by gamers, but by a panel of game critics who you would assume have played all these games. This was not a popularity contest or an online vote.
Trekster_Gamer  +   297d ago
Tlou was good but not that good. Best cinematic story, gameplay was NOT goty!
moparful99  +   296d ago
@Yoda and Trekster

GTAV had a ton of issues.. You could sit here and argue semantics all day like the scope and scale of GTAV was more ambitious but GTAV failed to excite me like previous games in the series and this is coming from someone who is a HUGE GTA fan..

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the game and had alot of fun with it but after completing the campaign waiting two weeks for the online mode and then experiencing all of the issues and having to wait a month longer for my stimulus package I felt very underwhelmed overall..

The Last of Us is one of those games that 5,10, even 15 years from now I will be able to think back to it and remember all of the emotions and feelings this game created in me. There aren't very many games that sentiment can be said for.

Naughty Dog not only created a brand new IP but they did a masterful job at it.. From writing, to the voice acting, to the animations and everything in between this game will resonate within out industry for years to come.. Very dissapointed that it didn't receive GOTY...
iiwii  +   297d ago
So how in the heck is Titanfall the most anticipated game, when Destiny will be available on 4 different platforms and people are already preordering the heck out of it and chomping at the bit for the beta to start.
#15 (Edited 297d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
KingDadXVI  +   297d ago
Ask the people the viewers, they voted for it. TitanFall is going to sell like mad in March.

This will also move more Xbox Ones.
#15.1 (Edited 297d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
iiwii  +   297d ago
It might sell some, but I doubt it will be a big system mover since it will be available on multiple formats.
Themba76  +   297d ago
ill rent it for my 360
noctis_lumia  +   297d ago
again titanfall is not xbox exclu...stop it already

its a multi and the sequel will come on sony platform
TM333  +   296d ago
I think one of the main reasons people are hyping TitanFall is just because it's not currently signed up for PS4 release. It's like the Xbox camp are trying to use it as exclusive fodder. Personally, I'm really not even that interested in it. I agree with many others... Destiny looks more appealing.
andibandit  +   296d ago

Really...thats your theory?....that xbots all over the world have united in order to hype this game up......whiles the ponies have been sitting on their laurels??????
moparful99  +   296d ago
Personally I'm excited for the Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor game that Game Informer covered..

I've been waiting years for a very well made AAA Lord of the Rings game. Especially one that exists in Middle Earth but kind of tells a story we don't already know..

As someone who has read the books, seen the movies, and knows the history and stories very well this has been my greatest desire.. A new IP within the LOTOR universe.

After reading the feature article and learning how the combat works and the Nemesis system creates new scenarios based on your actions and decisions, I must say I am super hyped for this game..
andibandit  +   296d ago
Cool story bro
Sitdown  +   296d ago
So by your logic, COD should win yearly... Established franchise that continue to get about of sales.
noctis_lumia  +   297d ago
level-5 is the new squaresoft for me glad ni no kuni won
ironmonkey  +   297d ago
This was the worst vga in history i think. Straight boring.
Underworld  +   297d ago
The Last of Us should have won GOTY. It is absolutely amazing. GTAV is a great game but it didn't deserve GOTY, IMO.

Happy that Naughty Dog won studio of the year though.
#18 (Edited 297d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Sathur  +   297d ago
Did anyone else apart from me hate GTA5?
I bought it having played all other grand theft auto games, but I put it back to the shop the next day. disgusted by the violence and swearing and down right disgusting way it portrays woman in the game. Crap through and through.
Maybe I am getting too old.
Flames76  +   296d ago
Didnt care for GTA5 it was garbage.The game sold on its name bottom line.
il-JumperMT  +   297d ago
Lol Saint Rows 4 >>> GTA 5 and both of them are average at best.
Killzoner99  +   296d ago
No GOTY for TLOU? This show is a scam.
TenBensons  +   296d ago
GTAV Best soundtrack??? Since when does having licenced tracks mean great soundtrack? If that's the case then Logic Pro X is the clear winner. Soundtrack should be judged on ORIGINAL score only not how many pop hits from the last four decades you can buy the licence for. This whole awards show reeks of corporate back slapping.
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jacksjus  +   296d ago
Considering TLOU was more original than GTAV it should have won.
thricetold  +   296d ago
Lol @ original
LetoAtreides82  +   296d ago
lol @ Titanfall winning most anticipated game of 2014. It's a mech shooter by the CoD guys, and it's not even a complete package. Temporarily lost internet because of a storm or because some idiot drove into the telephone pole? Good luck playing any Titanfall then.

Plenty of titles for 2014 that i'm more interested in such as Infamous, Witcher 3, Destiny, Watch Dogs, and The Division.
andibandit  +   296d ago
Temporarily lost your ps4 because your dog ate it, or a group of stampeding elephant accidentally thrashed it....well good luck playing any of those games.

Oh btw the division is classed as a massive MULTIPLAYER online third person shooter/action. So I guess all those crazy storms and telephonepole car terrorists are gonna ruin that for you as well
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Dewitt  +   296d ago
They already said you play offline and it won most anticipated because everyone that has played the game almost immediately fell in love with it. So if you haven't played it your opinion means nothing.
Flames76  +   296d ago
Of course Xbox One games are already in the list
Nabbic  +   296d ago
Congratulations to those that won, however as a friend pointed out to me yesterday, the advisory council for VGX is partially potentially biased, therefore I don't trust them anymore.

One Official Xbox Magazine journalist, three Polygon (Microsoft funded site) journalists, yet no Sony or Nintendo sided voters. Considering 90% of the awards are panel decided, we find it that Microsoft have an unfair advantage in this.
iiwii  +   296d ago
LOL... why does that not surprise me? Yeah, a lot of MS minded people there, not just the one's you mentioned. Thanks for the heads up. This instantly makes anything that comes from them non-relevant to me.
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bornsinner  +   296d ago
Naughty dog is pretty much the only devs good at making a game for sony, i can't think of ANY sony game i'd wanna play...
thricetold  +   296d ago
So glad tlou did not win squat! Was so tired of the damn fanboys hyping this game to high heavens. Glad the voters saw it the same way. Now let's all just move along....
Arturo84  +   296d ago
so much anger for the GoTy results in this article I guess some people couldn't reason out the results before the show happened it was clear that GTA was going to win and I think the only thing i couldn't foretell was the Brothers game

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